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That's quite a statement to make, but a "carbon copy" it ain't! You may consult the Clover discussion topic to educate yourself re: recent versions of Clover and its developments regarding Big Sur.

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Differences between Clover and OpenCore: https://dortania.github.io/OpenCore-Install-Guide/why-oc.html


Clover has not really become a copy of OpenCore but the OpenRuntime.efi which is configurable through the Quirks section is replacing the AptioMemoryFixes which are not working for Big Sur.


Clover still has some features which OpenCore doesn't have. Like TGT bridge which is really useful on Laptops and a lot of other features where you just have to tick one box whereas in OpenCore, you have to create an SSDT for it. Clover also has a Powerful Boot Menu with a lot of features which like changing boot-args on the fly or selecting from various config files. OpenCore doesn't have since it tries to be Vanilla as possible. And booting windows from within Clover is less problematic than with OC since it doesn't pass patches through to Windows.


On the other hand, a system based on OpenCore feels snappier and smoother than the same one configured with Clover. Especially on lower end machines you can feel it. And most important: OpenCore has an incredible Documentation and Configuration Guides for almost every CPU Family which is supported by macOS and even AMD CPUs. For Clover, the current documentation is completely in russian with no official guides at all.

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