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    OpenCore Discussion

    I recently acquired a Lenovo T530 Laptop and it's running fine with dual boot on one Drive (macOS and Windows 10) using Clover 5119. But I noticed it's running snappier using OpenCore 0.6.0. The problem with OpenCore is, though, that I can't boot Windows from within OpenCore. It gives me a Blue screen and an "ACPI BIOS ERROR", due to the fact that it applies ACPI Patches System wide and not only to MacOS. As a workaround I've activated Bootstrap and can Boot Windows fine through the BIOS Bootmenu. But it would be fine to be able to boot from within OC. Now, I saw that there is a Fork of OC from N-D-K which includes an extra command to bypass the ACPI Patching for any other OS that is not "Darwin", so I tried it. And it does not recognize the windows partition. Although I copied over the "Microsoft" Folder from Clover over to the EFI folder containing OS which. So now I don't know what else to do. Any tipps would be highly appriciated. Thank you.
  2. Latest refined (and probably the last version) of my OC EFI Folder. It boots really fast and feels really snappy • iGPU working (computational tasks only) • ACPI patches included • USB mapped • OpenCanopy Boot Picker included • Apple ALC included but not tested since I use an external Audio Interface. But it should work Enjoy EFI GA-Z170-Gaming 5 (OC 0.6.0).zip
  3. 5T33Z0

    help with opencore

    Follow the OpenCore Vanilla Step by Step Guide which can be found here: OpenCore Desktop Guide You can check your config using this online Tool: https://opencore.slowgeek.com/
  4. Oh, of course I've seen that already. LOL. Great picks
  5. That's great news! I am waiting unti july, since a new AMD Ryzen Variant (XT) is supposed to drop until I finally decide if I make the move to AMD. But good to see that someone who actually knows what he is doing creating an AMD Build!
  6. I've updated OpemCore and fixed some issues along the way. OC Version: 0.6.0 USB 3.0: mapped and working. It's using a USBMap.kext specifically generated for this board that I've found during research. One of the USB 2.0 ports on the back is not mapped, though. But you can use this guide to map that USB Port using USBmap tool, if you need it. iGPU: working. But it's curently configured to be used for computing tasks only. To use it to drive a display, you need to change one digit in the plist: In ACPI > Device Properties > Add > PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x2,0x0) >AAPL,ig-platform-id: change 01001219 to 00001219. As always, you need to copy over your SMBIOS settings (ROM, MLB, UUID and System Serial Number) from your existing config.plist or create them using GenSMBIOS PS: as always backup your existing EFI folder and don't use your current config.plist since OC's config file adds, removes and renames parameters all the time, so that your machine might not boot. For example, between 0.5.8 and 0.5.9 the parameter "block" was renamed to "delete", so if you use your old plist, you get an error during boot that some arguement was not found. Z170X_Gaming5_EFI_OC_0.6.0.zip
  7. Nevermind. It seems that I only had to click the refresh button next to the entried *doe*.
  8. Does someone know how to Enable HEVC and H264 Hardware Acceleration? Afer following the OC Dektop Guide it said to install this app called "VideoProc" to check if Hardware GPU Acceleration was working. In my case it isn't. I tested it in Catalina booting from OC and HighSierra which still is running Clover. It says unavailable for both systems. Do I have to enable th iGPU for it to work or is this for newer GPUs only? I think the GTX 760 supports it, though. Does this setting rely on specfic platforminfo settings as well? Thanks.
  9. 5T33Z0

    RELEASE 10.5.5 is online....

    Uhh, is this for OpenCore? I've gotta test this for my HD530 iGPU then. EDIT: Could you share the RAW text for the HD530. I am too lazy to do it all by hand Updatet last night. I#ve gotta say, this update went a lot smoother now since I'm on OpenCore than it did when I was still using Clover!
  10. 5T33Z0

    Dual Screen with 560Ti

    I've been using an 560 TI for years and never witnessed these issues. Maybe it's a hardware-related issue? Anyway, here are the settings which are important: Add "ndda_drv1" to bootargs: DON'T INJECT NVIDIA if you use Webdrivers: Enable NVIDIA Here: Good Luck!
  11. 5T33Z0

    VirtualSMC — SMC Emulator

    I recently changed from Clover to OpenCore and in the process changed from FakeSMC to Virtual SMC I noticed the the old HWMonitor from the Rehabman form I used for years dis no longer show Fan Speeds among other things. As of now I am using HWMonitor SMC but I am interested which other options there are that you would recommend. Thank you
  12. You can check your config with this sanity checker and you'll see a some major errors. There is no UEFI Section in your config and the Driver APFSDriverLoader.efi is no longer necessary since version 0.5.8. https://opencore.slowgeek.com/ Errors: • UEFI - APFS section is missing • UEFI - ProtocolOverrides section is missing • UEFI - ReservedMemory section is missing TODOs Download OC 0.5.8 Copy all the updated files from OC 0.5.8 it contains o your EFI Folder replacing the old ones in your EFI Folder (BOOTx64.efi, Drivers and OpenCore.efi) Delete APFSDriverLoader.efi from your EFI > Drivers Folder (no loger necessary, because its included in OpenCore.efi) Replace IntelMausiEthernet with IntelMausi (newer Kext, includes Ethernet) Generate a new snapshot of your config using ProperTree and save it Finally, fix the UEFI section using the entries of the sample config fron the 0.5.8. Copy and paste the entries relevant to your system to your plist and save it. Refer to the OC Vanilla Desktop Guide for more help Good Luck
  13. Okay, I found a Kernel Patch on Reddit for making Intel 530 Graphics work (last Patch in the Kernel Section of the plist). So here is the the updated zip. I don't think this is the optimal way because the boot process stops half way through for 15 seconds and the the display comes on and then booting continues. Remember that you have to add your SMBIOS settings. BIOS Settings: Chipset > Internal Graphics = Enabled, Size: 64 MB, Gfx Mem = Max Changes: Kexts updated to latest versions OpenCanopy.efi Driver added for Boot GUI, added Resources for Drive Icons Picker changed from "Builtin" to "External" to change the look of the GUI from text list to Apple GUI showing drive icons on light grey background Hidden Auxiliary Entries in Boot Picker (Like Recovery and Tools) EFI_OC_0.5.8_IntelHD530.zip
  14. In the OpenCorePkg from github there's a PDF called "Differences" which explains the changes between versions and what has to be changed to make it work with newer Versions. If the issue is iGPU releated, this might be helpful: https://dortania.github.io/OpenCore-Desktop-Guide/config.plist/skylake.html#deviceproperties There's a link to a guide in there for Framebuffer Patching for Intel HD 530 Graphis for Skylake Processors.