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  1. Hi, I updated to Catalina today (clean installl on new SSD) after upgrading my GPU to a MSI GTX 760 so I can upgrade. Graphics work fine, but I get random reboots when the system is under stress. I still have High Sierra as my main OS on an M2 Drive and there are no issues so far. So I am thinking it's a config problem. I just installed Catalina from USB and copied over my old EFI folder with all latest kexts. I guess maybe there are som outdated patches in the config. Anybody updated to Catalina yet who would share his config? There was some tool to have a look into the system logs right? Thanks
  2. I just did a clean install of Mojave 10.14.4 on a secondary SSD because my previous install didn't feel right. Initially I wanted to stay on HFS+, but when you do that combo updates don't work. Apple forces you into APFS this way… However, I got my Nvidia GPU to work using this terminal scrip from Benjamin Dobell: https://github.com/Benjamin-Dobell/nvidia-update It installs the latest Webdriver available and patches it so it works with Mojave. Dual Screen is working fine as well.
  3. I am thinking about switching to a Thunderbolt Interface by Universal Audio. Maybe an Apollo Twin. But I am a bit confused about whether or not the port on the back panel actually is Thunderbolt or not. In the manual it says: Does this mean that this is Thunderbolt now, or not? There's also a connector for an add-in card on the board, but I would prefer using the connector on the back panel if it is compatible. Thanks.
  4. So, I finally managed to upgrade to Mojave from 10.14 to 10.14.3 which took some time. I had to update to 10.14.2 first. That didn't work at first. I had to change language to english, then reboot twice from the update partition with NVDISABLE=1. The first time it always crashed durin the progress dialog. When updating to 10.14.3 it was the same: change language to english, reboot from update partition (twice) and then it worked. The funny thing is: with 10.14. my GPU worked with disabled metal, now it doesn't any longer. Is Apple holding back Nvidia from relesing the drivers for Mojave??? Is there an alternative GPU you would recommend? I don't need it for gaming. Just producing Music and Sounddesign with occasional video editing (cutting and putting audio into it).
  5. A few days ago I updated Safari to version 12 on Sierra. After that, the Finder crashes everytimre I highlight a .webloc File (Link). Only right clicking works for now to open it. I have seen people having the sam issue in the comments of this article: https://tidbits.com/2018/10/01/safari-12-crashes-spotlight-in-sierra-heres-the-fix/ But I haven't found any solution or workaround to fix this. Anybody else experiencing the same issue?
  6. I see. I think they are trying to force more and more users into getting apps from app store. Because the unverified author thing even comes up after setting "The Unarchiver" up as the primary file unpacker. For me, this is digital disenfranchisement – all under the guise of "security". This is my computer, I tell it what to do and not the other way around! So annyong. For now this is the main reason of not switching over to Mojave as my main system.
  7. Mojave is playing dirty if it cannot go online to verify apps you install! So, the first thing I always do when I setup a new System is installing Little snitch, then I disable Gatekeeper and DMG Verification. Then I install my apps and everything is fine. Usuallly… But in Mojave, even though gatekeeper is disabled the system wants to verify instatalled apps online first. And since I told Little Snitch "No, you don't go online to verify my apps you little peasant!", system Replies, "I think this app is broken, shall I move it to the trash bin for you" in other words it's telling me "Okay a**hole, if you don't let me go online to check thiss s*** you can't use it – go ef yourself". Did I miss something about the gatekeeper or is there some terminal wizardry I have to do to bypass this block?
  8. Thanks. Somehow I can't get it to work. But it's not important so I just leave it at that. Concerning nvidia web drivers. Has anybody tried this yet? It's supposed to be able to to run High Sierra Web Drivers on Mojave but hardware acceleration is missing. https://github.com/Benjamin-Dobell/nvidia-update
  9. I have a question concerning the GUI section of Clover Configurator. I am trying to hide every partition from the Bootmenu that does not start OSX or Windows. Now, the hide volume function is working fine for the mac partitions like Preboot and Recovery, but for windows not so much. I understand that I can tell clover to only display custom entries only and I know that I have to assign these with the proper Disk UUIDs in order to make them work. Because although I created custom entries, all the other windows entries are still visible on boot. So which options do I have to enable/disable in the Scan section to make it work? I've searched the web but didn't find a good tutorial yet
  10. Ahhh, I wonder why it wasn't working at first. Then I had a look at the config file from my old backcup and it seems that for Sierra you just type "AppleUSBXHCIPCI" without the "URL". Now now it's working again. Yay.
  11. Sorry to bother you again, but I just now realized that USB 3 is now no loger working in Sierra. "USBInject" all is present and theres also an Entry in the KextsToPach List in Clover Configirator: com.apple.driver.usb.AppleUSBXHCI Find: 837D880F 0F83A704 0000 Replace: 837D880F 90909090 9090
  12. Replacing the Drivers and kexts in the Sierra EFI did not work. So I ended up Replacing it with the Mojave EFI Folder and a modified version of the Config with the Old System Info (RT Vars, SMBIOS, etc). That worked and I can now boot into Sierra (even faster than before) and into Mojave from the Sierra Drive. But the iLok Licenser still recognizes it as a new machine, so I had to contact the plugi vendors to have them reset the old activations. Thanks a lot for your help (again and again).
  13. Okay, I'll try that. In the meantime I managed to get Mojave working again just by disabling the nvidia web inject and removing nvdriv=1 bootfag (I enabled it to boot into Sierra).
  14. I can boot into Sierra now using Mojaves Clover but now grafics don't really work. Sometimes the do, sometimes don't (I use vesa bootflag at the moment). Now, Mojave no longer boots which I don't care about really, because this was a test. When I remove the mojave disk, the sierra disk does not boot. I would just overwrite the Sierra EFI with the Mojave EFI but in order for my iLok audio plugin activations to be accessible (to activate/deavtivate) I need to have the System to have the same ID as before (RT Varibles, SMBIOS, System info). Otherwise it would register as a new machine and I'd lose activations. Can I duplicate the mojave plist and just paste the old RT Variables and System Info from the Sierra config.plist into that and save it as the new config.plist for sierra? Then I could overwrite the Sierra EFI Folder and drop in the new config with the old system ID. Or is that a bad idea?
  15. Damn, I messed up my Sierra install by installing the latest security update. Now it doesn't boot again. I trief safe mode, vesa for graphics and it just crashes. This drives me nuts. What can I do?