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How to install Mac os high Sierra on a 10th gen Intel build

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Hi :)

I want to install "Mac os high Sierra" on a "10th gen Intel build" please help me out here, I'm newbie in hackintosh, I don't want to install Catalina, there are some particular reason why I want to install high Sierra on this build.

Specifications of my pc build are as of following -

CPU - Intel core i7 10700k

Motherboard - Gigabyte Z490 Aorus Pro AX

Graphics card - Sapphire pulse Radeon RX 580 LITE  8Gb

Audio - ALC 1220 - VB

Ethernet -

RAM - 2 × 8 Gb G.skill Ripjaws ddr4 3200mhz

SSD - 2 × 500 Gb WD nvme m.2

HDD - 2TB Seagate barracuda

PSU - Gigabyte B700H

Cooler - Deepcool 360mm AIO

( P.S. - I know my specs are new and high Sierra is old OS but I still want to install Mac os high Sierra on my 10th gen build and not Mojave Catalina or any new version of macos )


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10th gen Comet Lake platforms are only supported from Catalina 10.15.3 if memory serves me right. High Sierra carries no support for 10th gen hardware, i.e. no support for 10th gen CPUs/chipsets/iGPUs.


Last Intel platforms to be supported by High Sierra are 8th gen Kaby Lake R/Coffee Lake. Later 8th gen platforms such Amber Lake or 9th gen platforms such as Coffee Lake R & Whiskey Lake require Mojave minimum.


You would need to engage in various tricks to try and run High Sierra; things like modded kernel or CPU id faking and not everything may work due to lack of supporting drivers. Good luck if you pursue in that direction.

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@Ashutosh2425 @MaLd0n @HervéI'm also interested in this topic. I saw someone on github was able to run High Sierra with an i5-10400: https://github.com/SchmockLord/Hackintosh-Intel-i9-10900k-Gigabyte-Z490-Vision-D/issues/43


I think it has something to do with the use of Emulate,Cpuid1Data, and Cpuid1Mask options in OpenCore:




Let me know if you are able to boot into High Sierra!

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You would do well to forget about installing anything less than Catalina or Big Sur if your hardware supports them.  If I recall correctly, even Mojave is not fully compatible with the newest  Big Sur APFS container disk/slice/snpshot structure.  Even Catalina's Disk Utility was not able to replicate a Big Sur container to backup when tested. 


Recently Big Sur's ASR was able to replicate to a backup medium in recovery mode, but the backup was not bootable with the same open core config as the source.


With the recent changes, at this point anything less than Catalina doesn't have a significant advantage unless you need that particular version for some reason(s).

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