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Found 57 results

  1. Assemblato da me con le seguenti componenti tutte acquistate rispettando la lista compatibilità. Usato poco, principalmente per qualche ora serale tornando a casa dal lavoro per video editing (fluido in 4K con Premiere Pro). Mai un problema, sostituita pasta termica 2 mesi fa. Sempre tenuto in condizioni di pulizia interna. Vendo per cambio lavoro. - i7 6700K - NVIDIA GTX 970 G1 Gaming Edition - 32GB RAM Ballistix Sport (Aumentabili a 64GB) - Gigabyte GA-Z170X-UD5 TH Scheda Madre - RAM Corsair vengeance PRO DDR4 16GB 2666 MHz - Corsair CX750M - Corsair Hydro H60 - Corsair Mid-Tower Carbide 300R - Fenvi 802.11AC Desktop Wifi Card 802.11 A/B/G/N/AC Bluetooth 4.0 - Samsung 850 EVO SSD - Seagate 3TB Fornisco anche i kext per renderlo stabile. Appena preso ho realizzato questo video in YT, che ha un po' di visualizzazioni. per spiegare come sistemare i 3 bug di installazione e renderlo stabile. PREZZO 1.400 euro (Spedizione inclusa.) Regalo la tastiera Apple Magic Keyboard originale. Regalo pasta termica nuova per processore. Spedisco nel case originale
  2. It's alive! Thx to the master MaLd0n and two good friends, Lucas David and Giesteira Paulo my new machine it's running the MacOS Sierra 10.12.4 PERFECT! SCREENSHOTS AT THE END OF THE POST. First of all I want to say THANK YOU A LOT to Daniel (MaLd0n) da Insanely Mac (esse cara é um gênio), Giesteira Paulo, Samuel Cabral e Lucas David do Hackintosh Brasil. GeekBench CPU Result: https://browser.geekbench.com/v4/cpu/2737610 THIS IS ONLY FOR THIS MOTHERBOARD: Gigabyte z270X Aorus Gaming 5 IT WILL NOT WORK IN ANY OTHER MOTHER BOARD!!! DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK! MOBO: z270X Aoros Gigabyte Gaming 5 PROC: i7 7700k + Cooler Master Hyper X212 GPU: MSI GTX 1070 8GB DDR5 RAM: 32GB Ram Crucial Elite STORAGE 1: SSD 480GB Kingston STORAGE 2: SSD 128GB Samdisk <- Place where I installed my MacOS STORAGE 3: SSHD Seagate 1TB + Cooler HD STORAGE 4: HD Seagate 2TB FONT: EVGA 600W BQ So, this is what we did: 1 - Download this archive, you gonna use it during all the install. z270x - i7700k - GTX 1070 - MacOS.zip 2 - Get a Sierra 10.12 image. 3 - Create a boot pendrive with WinDiskImage. 4 - Go to EFI partition on the pendrive, replace the “CLOVER” folder for the one inside the "Pendrive Boot Clover folder" from the archive on the step 1. Delete the original one and replace with the one inside the archive from step 1. 5 - Go to your bios and set these options (*really important ones): - Bios First boot - Pendrive * Fast boot - disabled * Windows 8/10 features - other os * Lan pxe boot option ROM - disabled Storage boot control - UEFI * Other PCI devices - UEFI - Peripherals Onboard lan Controller - enabled Intel platform thrust technology ptt - disabled * SW guard extension - software controlled USB 3.0 dac-up 2 - normal Front USB 3.0_1 - normal Intel bios guard technology - disabled * - Peripherals - USB configuration Legacy USB support - enabled * Xhci hand off - enabled * USB mass storage driver support - enabled - Peripherals - Sata and RST configuration Sata controllers - enabled Sata mode selection - AHCI * Aggressive LPM support - enabled - Chipset VT-d - disabled * Internal graphics - auto All the other options - enabled - Power Platform Power management - disabled * Ac back - always off Power on by keyboard - disabled Power on by mouse - disabled Erp - disabled Soft off by power button - instant off Power loading - auto Resume by alarm - disabled Rc6 render standby - enabled 6 - Boot your pendrive and on the Clover boot screen choose the option "Boot Mac OS Install MacOS". 7 - In the first screen choose the language and than at the top menu open the application DISK UTILITY. 8 - Select the HD where you gonna install the OS and click on ERASE button. Use these options: - Name: Any name you want - Format: Mac OS Extended (Journaled) - Scheme: GUID 9 - Click on erase and wait for the formating. 10 - Close the disk utility and back to the install follow the steps, select the HD you already formated and perform the install. 11 - After the install, DON'T remove the pendrive yet. You need it to boot the system for now. Boot from pendrive and now on the Clover boot screen choose the HD you already installed the system, "Boot from MacOS". 12 - Now you have the system on, install the latest version of Clover boot (the install pkg is inside the archive from step 1). At the “INSTALLATION TYPE” screen, click on the “CUSTOMIZE” button and check the boxes only for these options: - Install for UEFI Boot Only - Install Clover in the ESP - Bootloader -> Don’t update MBR and PBR Sectors - Themes (any you want) - Drivers64UEFI -> Fat-64 - Drivers64UEFI -> PartitionDxe-64 - Install Clover Preference Pane (optional) 13 - Click on install and finish the installation. Now you can remove your Boot Pendrive. 14 - Open the Clover Configurator and goes to the “MOUNT EFI”. At the right column theres a “EFI Partitions” box with all the EFI partitions. Look for the one of the mac and click on “MOUNT PARTITION” and then click on “OPEN PARTITION”. 15 - Inside the folder EFI there’s a folder called “CLOVER”. Repleace this folder with the one inside the “System Boot Clover Folder” which you can find in the archives you downloaded at the step 1. Just delete the original one on EFI partition and paste the other one in the same place. 16 - Run the Olarila.command inside the archives of the step 1 and wait for the “completed” message. 17 - Restart the system WITHOUT the boot pendrive. Go to the BIOS Settings and change the first option boot to the HD where u installed the MacOS. Save and reboot. 18 - Download this DMG and install the update from 10.12 to 10.12.4. THIS IS IMPORTANT! THE NVIDIA 10xx VIDEO CARD SERIES ONLY WORKS ON THIS OS VERSION! https://support.apple.com/kb/DL1910?locale=en_US 19 - Now the last step, install NVidia Driver. Download the latest version of the NVidia Web Driver and install it. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/312525-nvidia-web-driver-updates-for-macos-sierra-update-04192017/(choose the latest version for your system - 10.12.4 in this case). 20 - Download and install NVidia Cuda Drivers: http://www.nvidia.com/object/mac-driver-archive.html YOU ARE READY TO GO!!! Patches used by Daniel (MaLd0n) in the DSDT.aml: - FIX ERRORS AND WARNINGS - HPET - SATA - DTGP - DMAC - SLPB - DARWIN - LPC - XHCI - PLUGIN TYPE - HDAS to HDEF - HDEF - RTC - IRQs - SBUS - BUS1 - MCHC - ALS0 - SHUTDOWN - LAN - USBX - PMCR - EC - PNLF - HDMI NVIDIA / ATI What works: - Intel i7 7700k - OK - Intel HD Graphics 630 - OK - NVidia GTX Video Cards (with pascal, series 10xx) and Cuda Drivers - OK - Memory RAM - OK - Realtek ALC1220 Audio Controller - OK - All back panel audio ports (Internal speakers, 2 line outs, digital output) - OK - DisplayPort Audio output from NVidia GTX - THERE’s ONLY AUDIO THROUGH THE DISPLAYPORT, NO AUDIO THROUGH THE HDMI. But you can easily use a DP - HDMI cable. - Intel PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Controller RJ45 Port - OK - Qualcomm Atheros Killer E2500 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Controller RJ45 Port - OK - All USB Ports, including 3.0 USB - OK - System Power Settings - OK - All the hard drives from my computer, including the ones formmated for windows working - OK (of course the ones formmated on windows, only for read, no write) What doesn’t work: - Boot windows from Clover Boot Screen. But you can use the F12 key to go to BIOS Boot Screen and select the Windows HD to boot. It’s fine - Front panel audio ports So, resuming the system is working PERFECT! Like a charm! Everything works and the machine is CRAZY fast now! Hope it goes fine for everyone too. Cya! SCREENSHOTS:
  3. Hello to everyone, couple days ago i try to install OS X10.9.1 on My PC and something don't work properly if somebody can help please, my spec : Motherboard : Intel DH77KC CPU : i7 3770 RAM : 12 GB Crucial HDD : 500 GB (for mac only) Video : ATI 5770 1GB so then i try to install system in normal mode, installation process stops then i see on the white(gray) screen mouse i can move mouse but nothing else try to wait 1H and nothing Then i try to install system with -x -v everything works it took me almost one day to driver for LAN card but i founded from ##### intel1000 works perfectly video only its show like they see driver but video don't work my be because is safe mode Sound don't work and i can't start-it (((( when i try to start system in normal mode after installed in safe mode system freeze, like i see apple and spinning flower under and nothing else wait 2h and nothing so may be some one can help me with some right way how to install and make everything work here is some pictures: Please HELP who can and sorry for my english
  4. Apple MacBook Pro 15" (Early 2011) Price: $1710 USD - EDIT 29 August: Now $1610 Condition: Used Warranty: Yes, expires: June 2014 Reason for sale: Need to pay for college Payment: I'll email you a PayPal invoice, and when I receive payment I'll ship it out to you ASAP via UPS, tracking number and all. Item location: Sacramento, California, United States Shipping: UPS International shipping: No Handling time: Ships within 2 business days of receiving cleared payment Feedback:Amazon Feedback Profile Specifications: Originally released February 2011 15.4-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit Hi-Res widescreen display, 1680-by-1050 resolution 8GB (2 x 4GB) of 1333MHz DDR3 SDRAM 256GB SSD 8x double-layer SuperDrive (DVD±R DL/DVD±RW/CD-RW) Intel HD Graphics 3000 and AMD Radeon HD 6750M Minor wear, good condition (scruff marks on bottom, small dent on front right corner.) Includes charger and original box. Should be a pleasure to use for years to come! Brutally honest photos: http://imgur.com/hpp...G7r,s96p5,nqC1l
  6. Hi! Years ago I was very happy with my "Supermarket-Computer-Hackintosh" running perfectly with Tiger 10.4.3. I loved being a part of the hackintosh community and reading in this forum. But then I decided to finally buy an Apple mac an ended up with the first unibody (Late 2008) MBP. It works well until this day but I want something new. And it has to be very powerful, good value for money and NOT WINDOWS! That means of course I need a new Hackintosh! Unfortunately my knowledge about setting up a good hackintosh system died slowly over the past years and I really need your help with that now. So please take a look at my desired system configuration and tell me if and where I could run into trouble or incompatibilities: Board: Asus Sabertooth Z77 RAM: 16GB (4x4) Corsair Dominator 1600Mhz - Could you give me any information about this board? Its fairly new and I couldn't find anything about it on osx86project.org. CPU: Intel i7 3770K GPU: EVGA Geforce GTX 680 2GB - The Ivy Bridge CPUs aren't released yet but I guess I shouldn't have any problem with it, also not with the GTX 680, what do you think? SSD: 2x120GB Corsair Force GT in RAID 0 - My biggest concern. Will I be able to run OSX Lion on a RAID 0 configuration with a small windows partition in dual boot? LG Blueray RW Drive - Does OSX support Blueray read and write? Maybe with a little workaround? I hope you can help me. Thanks!
  7. I finished my hackintosh a couple of days ago. I am a gamer, but I'm also a web programmer. For years i've struggled with the dilemma of running 2 different (and sometimes more) computers for work and for play. Anyone who's gone through this understands that pulling all your monitor cables, mouse, keyboard, headset and other peripherals out of one computer and into another is a gigantic pain. So my goal here was to build a bad ass gaming PC that would allow me to push the limits of my Acer 144hz gaming monitor (so 140 - 160fps @ 2560x1440 resolution), but also have FULL native compatibility with Mac osX with as little hacking as possible. I can say after having used this for several days for web development and all of my routine mac osX tasks, it is an absolute dream mac. It's by far the fastest, most awesome mac computer I've ever used. The windows 10 gaming side is just as bad ass and I'm achieving 125 - 150fps in Battlefield one on high settings at max resolution. It's a beauty. You just restart and choose your OS and you're on your way. As far as the install goes, I didn't have to do anything special except use the nvidia web drivers flag when booting. The bluetooth on the ASUS rog Maximus Viii Formula works out of the box, the tp-link n900 wifi card works out of the box and all other hardware, so this was a completely painless osx install and so far I have not crashed or had a kernel panic even once. Hardware: Motherboard - ASUS ROG Maximus VIII Formula Motherboard Processor - Intel i7 6700K @ 4.0Ghz RAM - G.Skill DDR4 PC2133 64GB (4 x 16GB) GFX - Gigabyte Aorus Nvidia GTX 1080 TI 11GB WI-FI - PCI-E TP-Link N900 Wireless Card Cooling - Thermaltake Pacific Liquid Cooling with Thermaltake RGB Waterblock and Dual Radiator with RGB 120 Fans PSU - 850 Watt Thermaltake RGB Power Supply - Gold Certified USB 3.0 - Working! USB C - Working! SSD - Samsung 850 Pro 256GB SSD HDD - Western Digital Hybrid 3TB / Flash HDD X 2 Made a video about this here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyEqpFR12KE
  8. ASRock Fatal1ty Z68 Professional Gen3 SSD 120GB Corsair SATA 2.5", Force 3 Series Corsair 8GB (KIT) DDR3 VENGEANCE 1,5V CL9 RED ATI HD4850 RADEON 1024MB I've been trying for days to find the right version to install on my PC but failed. Therefore I'm turning here to find help with it. I'd really appreciate exact links to specific .isos or download that you know from experience works with the hardware I've attached. The latet try was the iPC 10.5.6 iso which froze in the installation at this part: "USBF: 0,454 Attempting to get EHCI Controller from BIOS USBF 0.454 Attempting to get EHCI Controller from BIOS USBF 0.454 USBLEGCTLSTS value c0082007 USBF 0.454 Found USBLEGSUP_ID - value 0x10001 - writing OSOwned USBF 0.566 acquireOSOwnership done - value 0x1000001 USBF 0.579 USBLETCTLSTS value c0082007 " I also tried the Hazard 10.6.6 version and the problem with this one was that first of all the Apple logo appeared and it starte loading, but after a while the no symbol (the red ring with a line diagonally through it) appeared over the apple logo and it froze there. Help is really appreciated! Regards (I'm sorry if I've posted this in the wrong category or something, I'm new to this forum and new to the hackingtosh thing)
  9. robi101012981

    Installation not working

    Hello! I put a raw image on an USB stick and tried to boot OS X vanilla installation on my Acer Aspire VX15. The problem is that it's always showing ,,This version of Mac OS X is not supported on this platform Reason: Mac-F22788AA". I tried to change the SMBios to iMac15,1 but still doesn t work...what can I do? Thanks!
  10. so I was able to install Lion 10.7.4 on my new system but have run into a small problem with iTunes when trying to download my music from iTunes match to my NAS drive iTunes gets one or two songs then crashes not sure why... I can do it on my 2012 MBA with no issues but not from my hackintosh.... Second question, my specs are in my sig.. but what system definition should i set my computer to its currently showing up as a Mac Pro 3,1 can i change that to the 5,1 or something else or will that break iCloud etc.... more curiosity then anything thanks
  11. momoassassin

    Hackintosh Potente CompatibilitÃ

    Salve a tutti, avrei intenzione di assemblarmi un pc da gaming che mi regga tutto in ultra per 3-4 anni, ma in più vorrei fare un dual boot con hackintosh per far funzionare tutti quei programmi di Apple come Finalcut pro e iMovie, ma anche xCode che non sono disponibili su windows.. Ho fatto questa configurazione, cosa ne pensate? Funzionerà? Inoltre vorrei che si potesse aggiornare bene a tutti i futuri osx tra i quali ovviamente Yosemite. Configurazione: Case Corsair Carbide 500R Alimentatore Corsair RM650 Processore Intel Core i7-4770K Scheda Madre GA-Z97X-GAMING 5 RAM Kingston Technology HyperX Beast 16GB DDR3-2400MHz Kit SSD Samsung 840 Evo Basic 120gb Hard Disk 2tb Scheda Video MSI NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 2GB Masterizzatore LG Dissipatore: ARCTIC Freezer 7 Pro Rev. 2 Il tutto con un budget di 1000-1500 euro
  12. marco473

    Asus X73SD-TY086V

    Hey everyone, I have been trying to install Mac on my laptop without succes. I am a complete noob at this part so i'm pretty sure i need help. Let's start with my specifications: Intel core I7 2670QM 4 GB of ram DDR3-1333 500GB HDD. The goal is to install mac on a different partition. Nvidia GeForce GT 610M I have been trying to install snow leopard for a while, trying different startup options, but it would instantly reboot. I tried both the official DVD and a snowleo iso, but they wouldn't work. Do i need a different version? I wouldn't mind buying a Lion dvd if you think that that would work. I hope that i can get some basic help with installing mac os on a different partition, since i want both windows 7 and mac to be availible. I'm willing to try everything, and i got plenty of DVD's in case i need to burn stuff like NawComs ModCD (which didn't help either) Just to clear things up, i was able to install mac os without any errors, but it would never boot. Thanks in advance, Marco P.s. I'm from the Netherlands so excuse my english.
  13. Salve a tutti , dopo non poche peripezie sono riuscito ad installare Mavericks sul mio portatile asus x550l Una delle cose più fastidiose che ho notato peró é un errato funzionamento delle gestione della cpu. ho seguito alcune guide ma senza risultati creando un SSDT con ProBook Installer modificando il file org.chameleon.Boot.plist cosí - set GenerateCStates=No - set GeneratePStates=No - add DropSSDT=Yes modificato il file smbios.plist con chamelon wizard ma nulla da fare il processore é il seguente : Mobile DualCore Intel Core i7-4500U, 3000 MHz (30 x 100) qualcuno ha qualche idea ? grazie mille !
  14. the Problem: I am trying to enable Power Management & Speedstep in i7-720QM CPU Speed stepping used to work in previous versions of OS X, using old ver of ssdtPRGen.sh but after Mavericks it don't work i tried to use the newest ver of ssdtPRGen.sh but it don't support my processor, i even tried to contact with Piker but he confirmed that he don't support this CPU My DSDT & SSDT: DSDT & SSDT for i7-720QM.zip I would greatly appreciate any help
  15. Let me start off by saying that I am willing to pay for some extra help if necessary. I love Yosemite and I've been struggling with this for a couple weekends, so if someone does a great job of helping out I can definitely recognize that via PayPal. I have an HP DV6t-6100 with Insyde f1.b BIOS, i7 2820QM, Intel HD 3000 graphics and a Radeon HD 6770m 2gb on 16gb RAM and a hybrid 1tb drive partitioned 872gb Windows 7 / 128gb OS X Yosemite (hopefully). I also have a 1920x1080 resolution screen that I don't care about getting working correctly, I just want to at least install. I currently am attempting a ##### boot (so if I understand correctly, Chimera/Chameleon). Previously, I've gotten as far as to run the installer in Yosemite Zone and even had a bootable Yosemite with -x and CPUs=1. I would go back to Yosemite Zone(at least I knew it could work) but for the life of me I cannot get the installer to run again. I can't get the bootloader to boot past the forward slash symbol in the upper left corner, and I don't know which version I had that was running. I've tried 3 out that I've found to each have different file sizes from various torrent networks and google searched - none of them work. I get the bootloader to run - I select the USB drive of my four options to boot into, and using the boot flags -v, and CPUs=1 I get this screen here: Notice that I have a lapic_kernel panic, on an HP laptop, which is typical. But look at my boot flags!! I have CPUs=1 set. I normally use -x as well, but I forgot here and it creates the same message regardless. I have a quad core It's common knowledge that HP Laptops have local APIC issues, well documented, and there is already a KernelPatcher.dylib fix for the issue(shouts out to donovan6000? I think). Supposedly you can use CPUs=1 as a short term fix for the issue. Obviously this isn't the case for me. Regardless of the fact that CPUs=1 didn't resolve the issue in my case, I tried to use KernelPatcher.dylib, installed it in the Extra/modules folder using TransMac, and after I did that I got even less far in the bootloader process. I don't care about working audio, working high resolution graphics, or anything else. If I can get to barely crawl through the boot and install process and get to a functioning Finder window I will be 100% happy. I can do the rest of the playing around with kext files stuff later, right now I just want it to boot. Aside from the KernelPatcher.dylib I threw into Extra/modules (and then took out) I am using a completely virgin copy of ##### on a 64gb SanDisk USB drive. My ##### options: Yosemite 10.10.1 downloaded from Mac App Store on a real copy of Yosemite Laptop Support On Legacy USB On (didn't think I would need this one but without it I can't seem to load Chimera) I don't have a DSDT file, and I'm not sure if I need one. I've looked at tonymacs DSDT section and they have HP ProBook but that's the closest thing I could find - didn't seem like quite a good fit. Was I wrong? My motherboard, as typical of Insyde f1.b, is locked. It is using BIOS. The options I have from memory are.. Virtualization(enabled) action keys(enabled) changes Fx keys to require holding fn+Fx key, don't think this matters switchable graphics fixed/dynamic(set to fixed.) this controls how the dual graphics switch, all the guides I've read have said to stick with Fixed so I haven't experimented too much out side of this setting. fan always on(disabled) I think this lets the fan turn off if the CPU is cool enough. Don't think this matters, but my fan doesn't turn off during bootloader anyways lol My hard drive is a fusion 20gb flash 980gb HDD. I don't know how this correlates to the bootloader - I've tried dropssdt=yes a couple times but it doesn't seem to do anything different. But like I said I did get Yosemite Zone running ONCE but I cannot(and believe me I have tried) get it to run again. I am definitely doing something wrong. I'd like to stick with ##### if possible, but I'm open to whatever, I'm even going to buy a second USB stick in a couple days here to test out two easily. SO right now KernelPatcher.dylib is not installed, but it can be in a second. LET ME KNOW if there is ANY more information I can provide, I will be happy too. I tried to put everything I could think of in here. I've seen videos and posts of people with my same model of laptop, DV6t-6100, running Yosemite(more commonly mavericks) showing off that they have like 99% of the laptop working, so I know it's possible, I just don't know how they got there. I would be ecstatic if I could get this working tonight. Any help is so, so appreciated.
  16. Hey peeps, I've recently upgraded my pc with the idea that I will create a hackintosh that runs Mountain Lion, and have tried to buy compatible hardware. With the Mountain Lion release date soon, I guess I could have waited another 10 days or so to find out exactly what would work. But I'm inpatient. After reading around, I determined that the Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H would be a pretty compatible motherboard (Doesn't even need a DSDT for sleep/reboot etc) along with the new Ivy Bridge i7 3770 (And integrated Intel HD4000 graphics). I will run it with the HD4000 to begin with, but I would like to upgrade and get a supported graphics card for my three monitors. So here's my base components: - GA-Z77X-UD5H - i7 3770 - 16GB G-Skill 1600 ram - 120GB Vertex 3 SSD Install I found this great guide by Lofen here that I pretty much followed. 1. Download the MtnLion Installer Kit ver 1.0.zip from here 2. Open the mkboot script and uncomment the Realtek ALC889a installation, Power Management plist, AppleRTCpatch.txt, and the Realtek NIC pkg 3. Open the finalize script and uncomment the same things as above. 4. Copy the install folder to your desktop, along with the installESD.dmg (From the ML app/download) 5. Format your 8GB+ USB/HDD to GUID, HFS+ and name it 'ML' 6. Open a terminal at your desktop and run 'sudo install/mkboot /Volumes/ML' and watch the show/make a cup of tea, this amazing script will do all the work (20 minutes or so) ​7. Once that completed successfully, boot it and the Mac OSX Mountain Lion installer should appear, follow the instructions and install 8. Once complete, restart and boot off of the install USB/HDD again, we need to open terminal and run the './finalize' command to install the bootloader+extras on the main 9. With a little luck, we should be booting into a fresh installation of Mountain Lion! At this point, it will look a bit {censored}, No Sound, No HD4000 acceleration, No network. But not to fear. Network + Sound Pretty simple, probably not the best way to do it, but I downloaded the latest Multi Be ast (4.6.1) and check the following: Full QE/CI HD4000 Support I found this awesome thread by proteinshake that describes a way to get the HD4000 working properly here. I'm sure you can play around with DSDT's or some other method, but I managed to create myself an EFI String that I put in my org.chameleon.Boot.plist's device-properties. This excellent post details on how to find your own EFI String OR you could try the one I generated (same as someone else's in that thread) <key>device-properties</key> <string>8800000001000000010000007c0000000200000002010c00d041030a000000000101060000027fff0400100000006d006f00640065006c0000001a000000496e74656c20484420477261706869637320343030302c0000004100410050004c002c00690067002d0070006c006100740066006f0072006d002d006900640000000800000005006201</string> The Problems - The sound quality is average, no DD/DTS streams out of Optical, only stereo. Front and rear mic's work, two outputs on the back work (and a line in?) as well as Optical Out. If anyone has a better method of getting the Realtek 898 to work, please comment! - I've only managed to get one display running off of the HD4000 so far. UPDATE: (I've now added an ATI5850 and can run two off the card, and one off of the internal HD4000, the HD5850 was plug and play, worked OTB) - Forward and Back buttons on my mouse don't work! (Razer DeathAdder) Help!?1 Hope this helps someone, and no doubt, in the next month or so more things will become working as more people get Mountain Lion when it gets released. Cheers. 1. Fixed this by installing the OSX Razer driver and assigning the CMD+[, CMD+] keyboard hotkeys to each mouse button.
  17. Hardware * Asus Maximus VII Hero (Z97) * i7- 4790K (Manually clocked at 4.4GHZ @ 1.1V) * G.Skill Sniper 16GB 1866MHZ * MSI GTX 970 4G Gaming Summary After a post on reddit a while back about which SMBIOS people are using I got into a discussion about my setup and using iMac 15,1 instead of MacPro 5,1. In short apparently it doesn't even really matter at least from my testing. Below you will see I tested on the two mentioned and MacPro 6,1 for added {censored} and giggles. I passed on 14,2 because I initially started with it but it was missing P-States that are again missing in 15,1. Surprise! I am now using MacPro 6,1. I wanted to post here with what I did and get feedback and thoughts from this great community. I generated my SSDT with Pikers tool, ssdtPRGen. The same SSDT is used in all 3 SMBIOS. Everything remained the same on my board and setup. All USB, sound, wake/sleep functions did not change and worked. For graphics to work though and not to boot into a black screen I had to edit deep inside AppleGraphicsControl.kext to make it work on iMac 15,1 and MacPro 6,1. I made both adjustments and no ill effects. You can see only the MacPro takes advantage of additional P-States 41-43. iMac does not use these. I assume in reality that means very little but ideally and this may be my overclockers mentality kick why would you want to use more when you can use less if it's available. Another thing I noticed (placebo effect?) is that using as iMac 15,1 and MacPro 6,1 is that the UI seemed a bit snappier in real time use. The benchmarks reveal the SMBIOS doesn't mean much between my hardware and these options. Screenshots Geekbench Cinebench iMac 15,1 Console/AICPUPMI All C-States recognized P-States not recognized (9-11) DPCIManager P States used (8,40,44) Geekbench 3.3.4 (64 bit) Single 4517 Multi 17985 Cinebench R15 OpenGL 113.62fps CPU 884 cb MacPro5,1 Console/AICPUPMI All C-States and P-States recognized DPCIManager P States used (8,40,41,42,43,44) Geekbench 3.3.4 (64 bit) Single 4529 Multi 17939 Cinebench R15 OpenGL 114.35 fps CPU 880 cb MacPro 6,1 Console/AICPUPMI All C-States and P-States recognized DPCIManager P States used (8,40,41,42,43,44) Geekbench 3.3.4 (64 bit) Single 4542 Multi 17931 Cinebench R15 OpenGL 114.04 fps CPU 883 cb Edit: I totally forgot to mention. Switching back and forth between SMBIOS is really easy with Clover. The additional plists are saved in the same location as the original but named config0.plist and config1.plist. It is as easy as going into options in the boot screen, then add a 0 or 1 to the first option which will already say config. Very handy if you guys are going to test around and try to find your best compatible SMBIOS. Also make sure you sign out of iCloud, Messages, Appstore, and Facetime when your switching back and forth.
  18. So i got my HD5870 working now, i think its fully working to but there are a few oddities... I set the system definition to 3,1 but wanted to know if there is a way to get it to show 5,1 also under my listed video card it shows AMD Radeon 5000 series... it isn't showing it as a 5870.... Thanks for any input
  19. I've searched in a few places, and it may just be my wording, but I can't find anything telling me exactly what I want to know. So forgive me if this has been asked before! I am mostly curious if running on Mountain Lion, my desktop will still have it's temperature safety features? I know Windows machines use the BIOS for fan controls right? So if I was in Windows 7, and the temps ever got too hot, the machine would shut itself off before causing damage? If I understand right, real macs use SMC for this? I never really checked my temps running under Windows. I could always hear the fans kick up if I ever did anything really processor/graphics intensive, so I just never thought about it. But I've noticed under OS X, my machine never turns the fans up at all really. I've attached a photo of what my temps are under normal circumstances/idle. But every once in a while when I do something fairly intensive, the temps shoot up very high, and the fans never seem to change speed. So what I am wondering, is if first of all, should they ever get dangerously high on the processor or graphics card, will the normal safeguards keep things from getting damaged? And second, is there something I can do to make it so that the fans come on as they should? I've read about people working on the DSDT but I don't have one (or at least if all hacks have one, I never modified it) so I am not sure how to proceed. Thanks!
  20. Hey all, I'm new to the OSx86 community. I'm a recording engineer and I'm looking to get a solid OSX rig to run ProTools on and eventually upgrade to a HD system with some PCI Cards. I have a good amount of experience working and troubleshooting computers, even built a few windows systems myself. I found a custom built server a friend was running linux on and I was wondering if I could buy it and turn it into a solid OSx86 system. Here are the parts.... 1 x XCLIO Windtunnel Fully Black Finish 1.0 mm SECC Chassis ATX Full Tower Computer Case 1 x GIGABYTE GA-EX58-UD3R LGA 1366 Intel X58 ATX Intel Motherboard 1 x Rosewill RP550-2 550W ATX12V v2.01 Power Supply 1 x Intel Core i7-920 Bloomfield 2.66GHz LGA 1366 130W Quad-Core Processor BX80601920 1 x OCZ ReaperX HPC 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 (PC3 10666) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model OCZ3RPX1333EB4GK 1 x Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 ST3250410AS 250GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive 1 x LITE-ON 22X DVD Burner Black SATA Model iHAS322-08 1 x PowerColor AX3870 512MD3-PH Radeon HD 3870 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card For ProTools compatibility I NEED to run the latest Version of SNOW LEOPARD 10.6.8 is $400 a fair price for the system as of April 2012 ? From the forum lurking I've done, I think the CPU and the motherboard will work, and I know I have the ability to upgrade CPU in the future due to the motherboard. I'm questionable about the graphics card, I'm thinking about upgrading it and getting some more ram. I'm not using this computer for gaming, so I don't need any real graphics power, my goal is shear CPU processing power for an AVID ProTools Native system. I know a lot of audio enthusiasts out their crave an OSX system an the $2k+ entry price of Mac Pro is money you'd rather spend on speakers or mics, Thanks for the help, I'll post updates of the processes as I go to those who are interested.
  21. Hello, Motherboard: Maximus VII Hero Processor: 4790K Graphics: 980 Ti HDD: Sandisk 120GB SSD I've successfully installed El Capitan but without any sound! I used the kext ALC1150 within multicast but to no avail. I installed the clover UEFI boot loader, fakeSMC along with the plugins. In clover, my SMBIOS is currently set to a iMac 14.2. I have attempted to use the audio_cloverALC-110 but still failed I then resorted to install audio_realtekALC-110 but got no where also. Ive been going round in circles and wanted someones expertise. On a side note, when i go to install the audio_cloverALC-110 file i get: File: audio_cloverALC-110.command_v1.0o10 EFI partition is mounted System Integrity Protection status: enabled (Custom Configuration). Configuration: Apple Internal: disabled Kext Signing: disabled Filesystem Protections: disabled Debugging Restrictions: enabled DTrace Restrictions: enabled NVRAM Protections: enabled This is an unsupported configuration, likely to break in the future and leave your machine in an unknown state. Could someone also explain this to me and if its a problem, how do i go about rectifying this? Kind Regards WackyBacky187
  22. Hi, i'm getting crazy, since a week i'm trying to install OS X on My computer (i need it for develop) My configuration is: CPU: i7 4790k (for now i use integrated gpu HD4600) Motherboard: MSI Gaming 7 RAM: Corsair Vengeance 2400 MHz 4x2 GB Kit Now, i have tryied a such of ALL of that is possible to try, from niresh realase, to clover install by mac app store (on virtual machine), i have tryied to install the esd file by disk utility and terminal but EVER problems. Only one time i had getting on mac by after Niresh install (maybe, i'm not shure, sorry but too many tryies) putting on terminal for install this: xpcm-free -v and on first boot: -x -f -F -v but without anything work, crappy animations, no internet connection, no usb. After with a 8 gb usb drive with clover i getting on a black screen that say error after loading a lot of astherics and xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx i have tryed myHack too, i'm really getting sad and down... I'm waisting like 7 hours in a day for make this works but i don't know how to make it..... PLEASE HELP Thanks Guys.
  23. Hi All ! (Excuse my poor english, i'm French !) I'm asking your opinion. My plan: Get the most powerful Osx86 configuration available on the market today, with an unlimited budget, to vidéo editing (2000$ - 8000$). The reason: Latest Mac Pro are beginning to be less efficient and are still not equipped with Thunderbolt. In addition, Apple announced the probable end of this model in europe. use: - Video editing (Final Cut 7 & 10) - Sound editing (ProTools etc.) - Music- Not to play game.Prerequisites: - Thunderbolt- Firewire 800 or 400. - At least 16 GB of RAM.- A maximum of Silence (100% passive?) - A config equivalent or more powerful than a Mac Pro (config max - http://store.apple.c.../family/mac_pro) - 100% functional with latest version of Mac OS and latest update. I've not found a motherboard with 2011 socket AND Thunderbolt, I will probably have to fall back on a motherboard in 1155. Ditto for the Firewire 800, which does not fit all motherboards. I am convinced that this place is where I could get the best advice / quote for this kind of machine. For the moment, I move into i7-3930K + MB with X79 + 32GO @2133Mz + 4 SSD Disks. but you probably even better idea! When choosing the config will be done, I will send you news about the construction of this great hackintosh. Thank you all in advance ! P.S.: if a nice moderator wants to correct my grammar, he does not hesitate!
  24. Hi there, I have no experience with Hackintosh, only that I have an old 2009 iMac. I recently realized that I want another Mac, however I don't really have the money and realized that it was actually just the OS I was missing, because there's not really anything to love about Apple or their hardware prices. Anyway, I have a Samsung NP350E7C laptop which I don't really use, and I'd ideally like to install macOS on there, however it's kind of confusing looking for compatible parts, and there's nothing to say that Hackintosh is compatible with the actual model of the laptop. An alternate option would be to build a new PC on the cheap, however I'd much prefer to do it on my laptop as it'd obviously cost a lot less. Would my laptop be suitable to install macOS on? I'd really appreciate any help I can get. Thanks, Seán
  25. Hey, i've recently tried to setup an Hackintosh on a friend's computer. It's a desktop Dell Vostro 460 with a core I7 inside. Ran the "run_me.zip" program. Any idea what dsdt I could/use to make this work? Main issue atm is no network. Thanks a lot! send_me.zip