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    [pre-release] macOS Catalina

    HP 250 G5/Skylake/I5/520 graphics/sunrise point Insyde H20 updated with TPM, virtualizaton and secure boot disabled. 19A546d USB boots -v cpus=1 and begins install ok. After first reboot installer hangs at 14 minutes remaining with high CPU/fan use and no HDD write activity. Same after 4-5 hours. First reboot apparently creates the volume group and writes the installer files to the Data volume ok. Clover shows preboot/installer installer and Recovery icons. It appears that there are no system files being written to the System volume. The reboot USB verbose output screen indicates 'assertion failed 19A546d'. Mojave boots/runs ok on its own partition same HDD. Anyone with similar installer issue on HP notebook and/or Insyde BIOS? Any help appreciated. Essentials.zip