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  1. Hervé

    [GUIDE] 1st Generation Intel HD Graphics QE/CI

    "it" means exactly what was referenced right before: hardware acceleration in apps (not macOS graphics acceleration per sé). In Chrome, you'll find it under Preferences->Settings->System...
  2. Hervé

    Laptop graphic cards

    Of course there are! OS X/macOS includes a set of drivers that support ranges/families of nVidia and/or ATI/AMD cards. Many cards that belong to those families will be supported OOB. I would not be able to give much in terms of a list but you can start looking at the wiki even though it's not very up-to-date these days. But you'll find plenty of references. It's not exactly clear what you mean by laptops by the way... Do you mean discrete cards that are fitted inside the laptop or were you referring to eGPU?
  3. Not a good card for a Hackintosh; better replace it by a fully supported model. https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/2120-inventory-of-supported-and-unsupported-wireless-cards/
  4. Erm... remind us again, what does the link you posted above offer? If you somehow doubt it and are reluctant to try (can't see why you would though), you may also Google for Windows-based guides. There are some on this forum and on the Net.
  5. Why do you quote my post of Sept 2017? What's the relevance with your issue? Instead, it'd be more useful to state how you updated and how your system is set-up (bootloader, bootpack, settings, etc.).
  6. Hervé

    Epson Error Code 0x97

    What's that got to do with Apple Computers and Hardware ??? Printer's goosed, go to Epson for support!
  7. Intel Broadwell i7-5500U CPU + HD 5500 iGPU are compatible with latest versions of macOS. For the rest, you'll have to post the hardware specs of that HP laptop (exact model/PCI ids of LAN card, audio codec, wireless card, SD card reader, etc.)...
  8. No, not supported.
  9. Partitions not mounted, owners disabled. It's quite explicitly indicated... Ever tried to rip off a page of a closed book?
  10. Hervé

    RealtekRTL8100 Working but not properly

    No, I meant that you're not getting any IP v4 address. An address in 169.254 means your DHCP server (usually local router) did not assign any IP address to your interface. You should probably check if you have IP v4 enabled on your router.
  11. Hervé

    RealtekRTL8100 Working but not properly

    Seems you're running on IP v6 only, not good old IP v4... Is that desired?
  12. Hervé


    Try and re-install the package. If it still does not work, lookup the 4K sector fix. If you want to extract the various boot files, yes, use Pacifist; look for the i386 folder, all will be inside.
  13. Hervé

    Carte GFX compatible Sierra 10.12.6 ! ^^

    Elle l'est.
  14. Hervé

    gma x4500 clover

    Nope, no support for GMA X4500...