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  1. Hervé

    Restart Problem

    You could try the Clover "FixShutdown" and/or "Halt Enabler" ACPI fixes. Post your system's specs + a compressed copy of your Clover EFI folder if you want further assistance; otherwise we're all in the dark.
  2. The process you describe is perfectly normal. What you may ignore is that, once system restarts, you're supposed to reboot the "install macOS from ..." partition. It's been like that since High Sierra... If you reboot the Mojave partition, the update will not complete and you'll just be back where you started from.
  3. Hervé

    AR9462 Not BuiltIn on DPCIManager

    Built-in would normally mean that the associated piece of hardware is an integral part of the motherboard... DW1601, being an add-on card fitted to a mini-PCIe expansion slot, would not fall into that category like, say, an Ethernet port or a card reader. This being said, in what way would it be a problem, if at all?
  4. Hervé

    Concern over trim

    If the "sudo trimforce enable" does not do the trick, you can try the Clover binary patch of the ACHIBlockStorage kext. With regards to "safety", there is no fear to have whether Trim is enabled or not right now.
  5. But of course it was ! I couldn't even understand how people advised you to play with audio kexts in macOS to fix an audio problem in Win10 !!!
  6. Hervé

    Asus K55A build

    No, forget it, Samsung 860 is SATA SSD, so no issue. You can Google for guides...
  7. Hervé

    Asus K55A build

    You can upgrade to 8GB DDR3 1600MHz if you so wish but OS X/macOS will run just fine with 4GB. Samsung 860 EVO SSD should be fully and natively supported too afaik but double check. The specs you listed certainly are compatible with all OS X/macOS version supported on Ivy Bridge platforms (including laptops) and that extends to latest Catalina 10.15 version. I'm also pretty sure you should find existing Hackintosh guides for this particular Asus laptop model.
  8. Erm... clearly the kexts you use to get audio in Catalina can have no impact in Windows. So switching from one to another is not going to change anything... If you only lose audio in Windows when booting through Clover, it's obviously a Cover-related matter and you need to look into the Clover modules you've installed; I must admit it's very strange because what you describes leads to think that audio device is disabled in Windows and I've never heard of such impact from booting through Clover. This being said, I suggest you state the version of Clover you use and the options/modules you installed so that we all know what you currently have.
  9. Hervé

    Freezes Aple Logo

    I'm afraid I cannot help you further; you'll have to look up the documentation for your motherboard and the section related to BIOS settings.
  10. Hervé

    Freezes Aple Logo

    If you meant your CMOS battery, I guess, yes, your BIOS settings did reset to default values when you replaced the battery. Reconfigure your BIOS parameters to what they were before. You may find that HDD mode requires to be set back to AHCI or things like that. There would be no files to re-install...
  11. 1/ Yes, FakePCIID still works in macOS versions Mojave and Catalina. 2/ I tested Atheros cards in Catalina and found that the method of simply adding the Atheros40 kext from High Sierra no longer worked. I had to replace the entire IO80211Family kext in /S/L/E. Afaik, you simply cannot inject a replacement kext through Clover, especially if it's an older version of a vanilla one... What you could do is install the replacement kext in /L/E, increase its version to say 999 (or whatever is bugger than the vanilla kext's version), repair permissions and rebuild your cache. That normally supercede any vanilla kext found in /S/L/E. It did not work for me when I experimented with Atheros cards under Catalina but you've got nithing to lose at trying by yourself. 3/ Most probably yes, you will still need to patch the kext.
  12. Tu peux acheter l'adaptateur d'un côté (l'offre est en général assez fournie) et une vraie carte Apple de l'autre (BCM94360xxx, BCM94331xx, etc.). Tu peux regarder sur LE site de vente aux enchères bien connu en évitant les produits de provenance d'un certain pays d'Asie et qui sont connus pour pouvoir être douteux... https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/7554-apple-broadcom-bcm4360cd-80211-ac-wifi-and-bluetooth-combo-card/?do=findComment&comment=70990 Je ne sais pas ce que tu appelles un prix "correct", mais tu dois pouvoir t'en tirer dans les 50 à 60€ ce qui, pour moi, est tout à fait normal et correct pour ce type de produit. De mémoire, j'avais payé mes BCM94360CD dans les 40 à 50€ en faisant bien mon marché. C'est le modèle que je recommande mais il requiert 4 antennes (3 x wifi + 1 x BT). On peu réduire le nombre d'antennes wifi aux dépends du débit mais ce serait dommage...
  13. Hervé

    Mojave on Dell Latitude E6410 With Working Sleep

    The necessary tricks necessary to obtain support and OpenGL-only graphics acceleration on unsupported nVidia Tesla GPUs (and others) differ between individual versions of Mojave. What worked up to 10.14.3 was no longer sufficient in 10.14.4 which requires additional replacement of frameworks and same again in 10.14.5/.6. So, what's essential after each Mojave update is to apply the necessary and appropriate replacements, especially the frameworks ones. Of course, rebuilding cache should systematically be performed too. Plenty of threads on the matter on this forum and others (here for instance) and tools also exist that apply the necessary mods according to Mojave's target version.
  14. Hervé

    dell m6700 usb 3.0 intel seen as 2.0

    Let's avoid the off-topic and I'm not the right person to teach you ACPI coding, I hardly know it myself! It's very low-level stuff for people with advanced programming skills and hardware knowledge. With regards to Clover's fixes, you can consult the Clover documentation available on the Web; you can Google for it (Clover wiki for instance). One method is not really better than the other... Clover's method is on-the-fly and therefore can be applied to systems that do not use a patched DSDT. If you already use a patched DSDT, obviously use the 2nd one. This thread can now be closed.