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[KEXT] Tired of low Geekbench scores? Use RadeonBoost!

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This made no difference with my ASUS ROG STRIX RX 580 TOP.

Scores are still around 28000 when they should be around 44000.

Don't know if it makes any difference for real world performance though?

My FCPX BruceX bench is 13-14 sec.

On 11/5/2020 at 9:16 PM, rvilbert said:

Hi @CMMChris thanks the work.

I have not tried yet but can I confirm whether the RadeonBoot will work on Big Sur (I’m on 11.0.1 with opencore) and whether the kext supports Radeon RX570?



@CMMChris hello - sorry to chase but I’m interested by RadeonBoot. Could you let me know if it works on Big Sur and with Radeon RX 570 please.

thanks a lot.

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Hi there, using the kext with my Asrock RX580 OC made no difference. Benchs are 42k-44k on average, while on Windows I can reach 47k. IDK if  the kext needs some tuning. 

Anyway, thanks for sharing.

Edit : Using Big Sur 11.1

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Can confirm that mentioned kext is working in Big Sur with RX560. Any improvement is welcome - not extreme but, hey....

Thanks for pointing out the SMU issue and making the kext which resolves it.

Hmm - bit puzzled - I have a RX580 Nitro+ and I get reasonable Metal scores (53084) but crappy OpenCL scores (36821) the latter being some 10,000 points lower than comparable cards. Would the kext help in my case or is it probably more to do with it being run on a ryzentosh? I don't mind playing with kexts if it makes sense to give it a try but the decent Metal score leaves me puzzled?



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