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My first Hackintosh...only installations boot freeze

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I wanna to install High Sierra on my desktop (personal project).

I tried to follow tutorials but I always stuck. First I installed Mojave successfully but because NVIDIA didn't release any driver for GTX 1070, I reprofiled to High Sierra.


My Configurations is:


Motherboard: Asus B250F

Processor: Intel I5-7400

RAM: 16 GB Corsair

SSD Sata: Kingston 240GB

Graphics: Asus GTX 1070


What Clover Configurations I need to do and kextd files did i need?


With no modifications, the boot installation stuck at the kextd stall appleacpicpu and ioconsoleusers gioscreenlockstate 3 hs 0 bs 0 now 0 sm 0x0.


Please help me...

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Hi and welcome to InsanelyMac.


When you got any errors in your screen, you need post here a pic, so we can have a better idea.


Choose and download the proper Clover folder to your chipset here: https://olarila.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=8222

Put it in your USB device, and teste if your macOS boot without problems.


If yes, replace the entire EFI folder at your EFI partition with the one downloaded, after that run this app: RunMe

And post the file result here, then, @MaLd0n can patch the DSDT for you.

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Your Pascal graphics card is not natively supported in any macOS version, so your system is hung on graphics. You would probably need to boot with option nv_disable=1 to temporarily ignore your GTX 1070 and, once system has booted up, install the nVidia Web Driver for your High Sierra version. You'll then be Ok.

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19 minutes ago, onlyonekill said:

I tried @Cyberdevs link but no success. How can I find my version to get the driver?



open About This Mac and click on macOS version and you’ll see the build number and based on the build number you can determine which version of web drivers you need to install

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