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Hackintosh Mojave Help!!


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Hey everyone,


I have a brand new build every part is brand new specs are:


Motherboard: Gigabyte Z390 Designare 

CPU: I7-9700k(Coffee Lake)

GPU: Sapphire Pulse Rx 580 4gb

Ram: 32gb Trident 3000mhz

PSU: 750W bronze


All parts were checked on QVL list. So they are compatiable. I can install Mojave 10.14.3 without a problem on my 1tb ssd. 


Now the problem is once i boot up after install and log into mac os Mojave system. After like 5 mins it freezes up and just get stuck and i cant do anything. I have to reset my hackintosh and try again but still after 2-5 mins upon boot up it freezes!(Also bios is set correctly)20190323_124907.thumb.jpg.5182bb0acfc2f4e340c177fc68372835.jpg


If anyone has a fix for this, can yall help me out i need Mac os for video production machine but cant get it to stop freezing!


Help plz thanks for all problems in advance!!





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@steve3d @Cobie1990

Do you dual boot with Windows, and does it freeze in Windows or at (BIOS screen after some time has passed ) ? If no dual boot you could try testing PC with Linux Live USB distro to see if system freeze persists. You could also try removing some of the memory modules and see if problem persists, and check CPU cooler / heatsink is seated correctly. 








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