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  1. About to set up a Hackintosh with the Aorus 390 Pro and Mojave 10.14.6.
    Any recommendations beyond what you have said already for 10.14.5?

    There isn't a new, open thread is there?



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      BTW, any chance you could fix some links in your guide?


      OPTIONAL: System Information - PCI

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      OPTIONAL:  Dual Boot macOS Mojave & Windows 10 

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      OPTIONAL USB PORTS FIX  – Create your own SSDT or USBPorts.kext


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      Or could you provide alternate links?

      Please and thank you SO much for your work!

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      thanks for the headsup! 

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      I hope you can get back here soon my man. You're needed to guide noobs like me with future build.

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  4. To decompile your own DSDT first download install iasl ( ensure you have SIP disabled or you will be unable to copy iasl to usr/bin/ ) Follow Rehabman's instructions
  5. Look through both EFI folders, you will see the difference. Did you apply the Clover PXSX to ARPT with correct device ACPI path using IOregExplorer. Your hack does seem in very close proximity to 24 wireless routers with strong signals ( noise ). I'm not a wireless networking expert, but maybe you could try changing to a different channel on your router. Ha Ha " Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi " love it
  6. Anyone looking to study ( the curious ) and compare DSDT, a good tool to use is DiffMerge and can be downloaded ==>here DSDT must be decompiled from .aml to .dsl when using tool. Here attached are two DSDT decompiled to .dsl DSDT.dsl DSDT.dsl To decompile your own DSDT Follow Rehabman's instructions Change directory to folder where DSDT or SSDT file is and then use following command to decompile all DSDT and SSDT files ( you may have to create a refs.txt if decompiling from Clover F4 extract, instructions in link above ) iasl -dl DSDT.aml SSDT*.aml
  7. Hi @ainsleyclark Go with ==>Aorus Pro Z390 EFI.zip you may get a kernel panic on first boot, if so then just reboot. If mouse is still an issue, then follow: WIFI – Clover Hotpatch PXSX to ARPT in the guide.
  8. 17/07/2019 Reverted back to the non DSDT EFI folder within guide as an EFI fit for all, it seems that a DSDT extracted from one specific setup does not greatly transfer to majority of Aorus Pro Z390 configs with different memory, graphics cards, BIOS configuration. For those looking for DSDT fix it's best to extract your own ACPI files and source your own patched DSDT @MaLd0n can possible assist with DSDT Patch.
  9. I also tried clearing NVRAM using -c and restart and still iMessages activation remains unsuccessful. The sip is not an issue, as I can use another EFI to boot and make changes that require SIP to be disabled. Airdrop is most likely my card, I have HS14 disabled when creating USBPorts.kext. I cant use the uia_exclude=HS14 bootflag as it would require me to use USBPInjectAll.kext.
  10. For the last week I been using my non DSDT EFI as I can easily disable SIP when needed. When using both EFI folders with DSDT ( AptioMemoryFix.efi - native nvram ) it's virtually impossible to disable SIP even when using recovery OS and via Clover. Only way I could disable SIP was to revert back to my older EFI. Weirdly I can activate iMessages using my last known EFI folder without DSDT but now not with Original DSDT EFI or latest that you posted. Native USB by ports limit patch in Kernel and Kext Patches, was aware of that in past, but could not find enough information regarding if it was safe to use, though it's possible a mac update could stop the port limit patch working, that said, I don't think Mojave 10.14.6 will have anymore updates. Another issue I found with DSDT EFI attached to guide and the one you attached is that my Airdrop is not functioning correctly, transfers often fail. Another weird thing is that Airdrop works with previous non DSDT EFI. ( but that could be down to my wifi card and DSDT )
  11. So far looking good, though i'm unable to activate messages.
  12. From AMD9500Controller.kext and can be found in System/Library/Extensions.
  13. Both achieve the same results, but as far as I know Device / Audio / Inject is legacy method. Developers are working on an alternative/ possible replacement for Clover named OC, in OC is seems that device ID's are injected via Device Properties via OC's config.plist ( unless defined within an SSDT or DSDT ). I assume it might be the preferred way for the Lilu patching engine, AppleALC is a plugin to the Lilu patching engine. So my preferred way is via injection in Device Properties, So Injecting Audio layout ID via devices Properties, is also the same alternative method used for Injecting CPU ig-platform-id, framebuffers. You will notice that CPU ig-platform-id is now rarely injected via Graphics and is specified within Devices Properties. And the preferred method is injecting Properties Key information via Devices / Properties, This Properties Key Info is exactly what you would find inside a SSDT / DSDT ( maybe from an ACPI side, it's a more efficient way of providing device information ) Device Info Injected via config.plist in OC
  14. I'm not sure about the keyboard and mouse. I attached the old intel EFI to bottom of guide, see if mouse and keyboard lag persists. If a wireless keyboard and mouse, are mac drivers available from vendor. ( I know Logitech provide drivers for keyboard and mouse )
  15. Keep platform power management enabled. I have experimented with it on and off and it seems not to make any noticeable difference. I now have enabled. Will update guide sn.