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High Sierra on Asus n53SV laptop (Sandy Bridge)

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hi guys,


Im hoping some one can help me out of this jam. maybe this is an easy fix but im lost.


I've been running yosemite for years on my asus N53SV but i figured its time to upgrade.. and since i was told mojave its too much trouble im fine with going to High Sierra.

my issue is this:


I created a usb boot and grabbed a clover folder from a website that claimed everything worked out of the box. i was able to boot in to the setup screen, however my image looks all distorted. im guessing it has something to do with the fact that i replaced the panel on  my laptop from a 720P to a 1080p display. i was able to solve this same issue when i was on yosemite by using a patched DSDT but if i use that same old patch DSDT then i get issues/conflicts like my internal keyboard and trackpad not working.


This are my specs:


HD3000 1080p

i7 2670qm

512 GB SSD

8GB Ram


maybe someone can point me in the right direction.. 


Im attaching aa picture in case someone has seen this issue before.





IMG_1482 (1).JPG

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Enable DualLink in your config. Assuming you currently use SNB layout-id 0x00010000 and MBP8,1 SMBIOS, you may also try layout-id 0x00020000 and MBP8,3 SMBIOS.

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waoh !!

and just like that Herve' has gotten through yet another jam. thanks a lot man, you have been helping me since my first hackingtosh my old Dell D630 :)

I did as you said. went on to clover configurator and enable DualLink and also on SMBIOS choose MBP8,2 and now i got full 1080p picture.


Thanks again man, you are genius !!

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Im back with yet another  issue.

i was able install high sierra.

then installed clover on the SSD and replaced the clover folder with the one from my usb stick installer.


but now when trying to boot from SSD i get 

boot0af: error


tried following the guides in the internet to fix this problem and i get operation not supported.


any ideas ?




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I just found my own mistake.

i realized that I wrote “identifier” on the command instead of the disk number for my os installation.  :(

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Hi there, 

Looking for a little help here.


Just updated to high sierra 10.13.6 and now all i get is black screen after boot up.

Have read much about it, and all i can find is that i need the intelfixup kext. however that kext its already part of whatevergreen and lilu, both of those kexts are already on my efi folder.

Any ideas whats causing the black screen after upgrading from 10.13.2 to 10.13.6 ?

sandy bridge ASUS N53SV i7 

HD3000 intel graphics / GT540M Discrete graphics



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I've got your exact laptop except that my display is only 13x7 so you need DualLink and I do not. I have 10.13.6 running perfectly and 10.12 was as well, except that I KP on wake. Does your unit sleep and wake OK ?


Upload your EFI folder and I'll do the same with mine. You are welcome to my DSDT but you need to be updated to the latest Asus  BIOS v215.


I do not use IntelFixup or WhateverGreen.


Let's collaborate & figure this out :)

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Yep, but my problem is that I reboot/freeze on wake. This is a dual GPU system where I believe that I have disabled the dedicated NVidia GT540M correctly as there is no sign of it in the registry. I probably should start a new topic for this, eh ?

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