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  1. Hi guys. I have a serious problem with Yosemite. in installing section, the Installer says that 'OS X cannot be installed on your computer' with 'error 0' can anyone help me please? I'm using ML 10.8.2 right now, on GPT, EFI thank you.
  2. this script patches my AppleHDA "ALC269" but there is no sound and sound assertion can be found in Log file. Any suggestion what should i do ? tnx all
  3. Elan Touchpad Driver

    Your Welcome. :wink2: Did you tried "ApplePS2Controller.kext\Contents\Plugins\ApplePS2Mouse.kext" ? Elan drivers not works for my "Elan v5" on "ASUS N53SV" - only this kext "ApplePS2Controller.kext\Contents\Plugins\ApplePS2Mouse.kext" works up to three fingers tapping.
  4. Elan Touchpad Driver

    Here it is :wink2: :: http://www.mediafire.com/?fbq22xra59k2oa8
  5. Elan Touchpad Driver

    Hi. if you mean "Attached Files" download from mediafire :: my folder :: named to developers name :: http://www.mediafire.../?j4uyufbrhu0u2 or you can download files separately : http://www.mediafire...PS2Nub.kext.zip http://www.mediafire...7build.kext.zip http://www.mediafire...8build.kext.zip http://www.mediafire...roller.kext.zip http://www.mediafire...dbs/freebsd.zip Good luck my dear friend.
  6. Elan Touchpad Driver

    hi, what's about elan v5 ? for asus n53sv tnx,
  7. WiFi Bluetooth Combo card (or other solution)

    Hi. Hi. broadcom bluetooth works for me (vanilla) 10.7.x + 10.8.x atheros wifi doesn't work. need to patch in DSDT or Use Airport21 !
  8. MountainLion-10.8.x is not STABLE !

    Okay guys.. Help me please for CPU.. i7-2630QM now i use nullcpu.. and most of time it works fine. less kp. this is my patched AICPM v196 for 10.8 , i use 10.8.2 - but with KP , --> Kernel Extension BackTrace --> IOPCI.. , IOPlatformPlugin and so on .. dependency kexts.. SOLVED ! MY MISTAKE , SORRY. CAUSE SSDT.AML WHERE NOT IN THE PLACE ! THANX OF ALL :wink2:
  9. MountainLion-10.8.x is not STABLE !

    I use smbios 8.1 now , and no, i have not a correct cpu .. I have dsdt + ssdt for mine. with dsdt + ssdt should i enable p/c-state ?
  10. MountainLion-10.8.x is not STABLE !

    I used patched AICPM v 166 and 195 which was patched for i7-26xxQM series before , vs NullCPU.. but system was unstable. So i learned and used script to patch on my own. Patched AICPM v 196 but still freezes. I use MacBookPro 8.2 -> SMBios.plist TRIED 8.1 too. but still unstable !
  11. Hi guys. I installed ML and updated to 10.8.2 and using my own patched-fixed [AICPM , DSDT, and some kexts.] still OS X isn't stable. I always have to shutdown OS X because it freezes ! I wonder if I do some important thing , that's all gone and my files and Volumes maybe get damaged ! Can anyone help me please to fix this ? N: Only Lion 10.7.3 iAtkos was more stable. ! tnx .
  12. HDA Wizard - Simple tool for AppleHDA.kext

    What's about 269 ?