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  1. Hi there, Looking for a little help here. Just updated to high sierra 10.13.6 and now all i get is black screen after boot up.Have read much about it, and all i can find is that i need the intelfixup kext. however that kext its already part of whatevergreen and lilu, both of those kexts are already on my efi folder.Any ideas whats causing the black screen after upgrading from 10.13.2 to 10.13.6 ?sandy bridge ASUS N53SV i7 HD3000 intel graphics / GT540M Discrete graphics Thanks
  2. Mister3000

    HP 800 G1 High Sierra USB 3.0 stopped working !

    Install vooodohda for audio.
  3. OK, Im back with yet another issue. i was able install high sierra. then installed clover on the SSD and replaced the clover folder with the one from my usb stick installer. but now when trying to boot from SSD i get boot0af: error tried following the guides in the internet to fix this problem and i get operation not supported. any ideas ?
  4. Mister3000

    HP 800 G1 High Sierra USB 3.0 stopped working !

    Hi, thank you for your reply. these are my specs: Triple boot HP 800 g1 i7 4770 16 GB ram Nvidia GTX 1050ti running dual 1080p monitors 512 GB SSD High Sierra 10.13.2 512 GB SSD Windows 10/Linux 6 usb 2.0 port 4 usb 3.0 ports ( I have a USB hub/card reader attached to a usb 3.0 port that was working fine 3.0 speeds ant it provided me with 3 more usb 3.0 ports.) please also find attached results from the "run me" app. Thanks again Send me Elis-iMac.zip
  5. waoh !! and just like that Herve' has gotten through yet another jam. thanks a lot man, you have been helping me since my first hackingtosh my old Dell D630 I did as you said. went on to clover configurator and enable DualLink and also on SMBIOS choose MBP8,2 and now i got full 1080p picture. Thanks again man, you are genius !!
  6. Hello everyone, this is very strange. my HP 800 g1 usb 3.0 ports were working very well under High Sierra 10.13.2 Now i know there have been some updates but i have done any and yet today all of the sudden the usb 3.0 ports stopped working. the 2.0 ports still work. when i look at the summary under 3.0 ports it claims my keybard is plugged in, however its actually under a usb 2.0 port. any ideas ? also, is it ok to update to 10.13.6 from the app store ? Thanks in advance for your comments
  7. well, interesting that here is no NVIDIA support under Mojave. i think ill stay put on High Sierra. my machine is tripple boot and the 1050ti works very well under windows for gaming. thanks man !!
  8. hi guys, Im hoping some one can help me out of this jam. maybe this is an easy fix but im lost. I've been running yosemite for years on my asus N53SV but i figured its time to upgrade.. and since i was told mojave its too much trouble im fine with going to High Sierra. my issue is this: I created a usb boot and grabbed a clover folder from a website that claimed everything worked out of the box. i was able to boot in to the setup screen, however my image looks all distorted. im guessing it has something to do with the fact that i replaced the panel on my laptop from a 720P to a 1080p display. i was able to solve this same issue when i was on yosemite by using a patched DSDT but if i use that same old patch DSDT then i get issues/conflicts like my internal keyboard and trackpad not working. This are my specs: ASUS N53SV HD3000 1080p i7 2670qm 512 GB SSD 8GB Ram maybe someone can point me in the right direction.. Im attaching aa picture in case someone has seen this issue before. Thanks
  9. Hi there, after following different guides i was able to install high sierra into my 800 G1 SFF with Nvidia 1050ti. directly to my harddrive without using real mac. everything working great. except when computer wakes up from sleep most times it freezes. Now i would like to update to mojave so i can get the night time mode. (easy on the eyes). can i update from app store, or even just create a new usb installer and use my current efi folder from High sierra ? Thanks guys for your knowledge.
  10. thank you for your response.. I found that resolution was not the issue. Dropping to 40Hz its the only way to avoid the freezing on minimize. I guess i will buy a E6430 (Ivy Bridge) and sell my E6420 (Sandy Bridge).
  11. hello, Thank you for your reply. You were the only one to actually have an idea as to what the issue is. I suspected it was a OSX bug as someone i know has a real iMac and is experiencing same issue. As you suggested I changed my pixel clock and tried different settings. when i brought it down to 1600x900 @ 40Hz the widow doest freeze no more on minimize. but to me that seems like its excessive. going down to 40Hz from 60Hz. is there any other way to get this issue resolved ? what am I loosing on my screen to go down to such low pixel clock ? Is this something that reloading the OS could fix ? I Can't believe i'm the only one with a Dell Latitude with the 1600x900 resolution. is it a better option to just load Mavericks ? i have Mavericks running on my ASUS laptop and i really see no reason to keep EL Capitan. Thanks again for taking the time to respond.
  12. Hello All, I have a dell e6420 laptop which i have setup for triple boot. i just realized that i followed an old guide and thus it might be why I'm having freezes on minimize windows. specifically browser windows. this is what i did: install osx el capitan created 2 partitions fat installed windows installed ubuntu installed gptsync on ubuntu to keep all partitions sync'ed. went back to windows and made OSX partition active so that clover will boot. now everything works fine, but i have a very strange issue. when i hit minimize, the window freezes half way down and then it goes to the dock. sometimes it just hangs and i have to reboot. this issue is only on OSX. windows and linux don't exhibit this issue. i thought my issue was related to installing gptsync under linux, so i have removed it after reading other triple boot guides but the issue remains. it seems keeping the partitions in sync is no longer needed. Specs: Dell E6420 8GB RAM 525 GB Crucial SSD intel i7 2.8Ghz 1600x900 Display is there a log that i can attach to try and see where this issue is coming from ? thanks here is a picture:
  13. Mister3000

    Guide ASUS N53SM_Clover

    interesting.. i just noticed my bluetooth button is also grayed out. has any one found a way to correct this ? .. i notice that on my EFI\CLOVER\OEM\N53SV\KEXT\OTHER\ I have BTFirmwareUploader am wondering if thats the Bluetooth kext that the machine is using and causing my bluetooth issue. if i remove the kext or replace it, do i have to use disktools to fix permissions (or another tool) on the EFI partition, or can i just remove it and reboot ? thanks
  14. Mister3000

    Guide ASUS N53SM_Clover

    Ok, So after following this Guide (kinda) i have now been able to install Yosemite 10.10.2 and its running perfect on my machine. (well the battery percentage always shows at 0, but I'll fix that later.) here are the notes so that other people can use this guide. (thanks again to anerik70 for creating and posting the guide) First: This guide is for a N53SM model, however if you like me have a different model of the N53S series the guide still works but you need to make a change. On the Video: Configure Clover you see him renaming a folder to N53SM. you need to rename that folder to same model as your machine. Mine is N53SV so that's the name i used to rename it. otherwise clover won't find your DSDT and you will have a Kernel Panic. Second: in the video of Configure Clover for the USB installer you can see there are 7 kext used. these are not on the EFI folder he shared, but i have found them and i have attached them to this post for you to download. Third: if you have a 1080p screen or if you upgraded your 720p LCD panel to a 1080p like i did (very easy mod, just google it) then the machine will give you garbage on the screen when it boots up. you need to patch the DSDT file. i already done that for my machine and is also included on the files I'm sharing. replace the DSDT from his EFI folder and use the one i attached. Fourth: Copying his preconfigured EFI folder to my hard drive did not work for me. so i copied the one already created on the USB installer and that worked. 5th: sound did not work for me. so i downloaded Voodoo kext installer (google it) and that worked. now i got sound. ethernet and usb 3.0 did not work. download kext helper and install those kext. and last, the machine bios did not see the EFI partition to boot from the hard drive, so boot with usb installer select clover options and then choose "add boot options". next time you reboot you will be able to select Clover as a EFI boot option. ... Just my two cents. Clover and Kext files.zip
  15. Mister3000

    Guide ASUS N53SM_Clover

    Hello, Thanks to anerik70 for creating this install guide. one thing to be noted though is that the youtube video for: -Prepare USB for clover and -install clover to USB have the same link. i did find the right video on ANERIK70 list of uploaded videos on youtube so maybe he can fix the the link. otherwise here is the link for it: -Install clover to USB https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHx20DPyOFY also, in the video: -Configure Clover there are several files used to setup clover on the USB install stick, however i cant find those files anywhere. is there a chance that maybe you can post those files ? Thanks again ANERIK70 for taking the time to create the guide and share it with us.