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Two cores not working - a DELL problem?

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This guy, quoted from another trend, says that both cores are working on his Toshiba notebook. Is it possible that the problems we are seeing are Dell-specific?



My laptop running fine with dual cores... T2050 1.6GHz core duo. Fresh install of JaS 10.4.8 with Semthex kernal. I had never tried any other versions before... I just needed to connect to an external monitor to install. The LCD display would got blank during the install...but other than that - was easy...

Toshiba M115-S3094

10.4.8 JaS Semthex Kernal


1.6GHz Core Duo - 2 cores

Wifi - Dell TruMobile 1390 (Removed Intel PRO/wireless 3945 a/b/g (Mini PCI Express)

Realtek RTL8139 Ethernet (VEN: 10EC, DEV: 8136, DaemonES' Driver)

945GM at 1280x800 QE

Battery Indicator

Sort of working:

Realtek ALC862 Audio (VEN: 10EC, DEV: 0862, Audio) - System sounds work

No Sound from browser - ie: Quicktime movies on webpages

Not working

ENE Technology Inc. CB-712BF Cardbus/PCMCIA (VEN: 1524, DEV: 1412)

Integrated ENE Technology memory card reader

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I don't know if it's just Dell, but I'll vouch for the fact that one core simply will not light up on my T2400 Dell.


I've tried every version of every kernel out there and my m1210 is still running solo. Surely someone has both cores running on a Dell (esp a laptop)? What kernel/switches?

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i can also not run 2 cores on my dell 1505


tho i have no idea if its just a dell problem cuz ive seen other people with different laptops reporting the same e.



tho when not running in cpus=1 i can still boot osx its just very choppy and slow

when im only running one core it stills seems pretty fast, no big difference from when im in windows with both enabled


id be happy just to get my laptop to not go to sleep when i close the lid.

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I can confirm that this is not just a dell specific problem.

It is however a CPU specific problem, some Core Duo/Core 2 Duo models will work, others will not.


I have found this from the many hours I have recently spent in IRC :P


By the way guiyoforward, there is currently no kernel working with both cores on a T2050 CPU, I have the same CPU as you do :censored2:

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thanks macnub. I don't have my 1505 yet, but I ordered one with Core 2 Duo T7200 2ghz and 4mb cache. I wanted the machine to be future proof...


the thing that obsesses me with the two cores is not only perfection - I agree that the machine will be pretty fast with only one core, but I want to kiss XP goodbye and use only parallels, and for that I am sure having two cores should make a big difference...


There's some guy poking around smbios and the bios cpuid to avoid hanging the computer with the about this mac screen. Perhaps that is the way?

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