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  1. Im currently in the middle of trying to sell my Titanium Powerbook on ebay and i thouhgt id post about it here in case anyone was interested in it http://cgi.ebay.com/15-TITANIUM-POWERBOOK-...1QQcmdZViewItem theres the link to the bidding (with pictures). starting bid 375$ its a good laptop for doing everyday kind of stuff like surfing the internet, email, chat, watching video and etc.... itll even run CS2 at a some what acceptable speed now that i put in more ram and a 5400rpm drive. Its in good condition and Ive also got the orginal box and cd's to go with it the specs are on the ebay page and in my signature so i wont waste space to list them again. Im selling this and later ill be selling my e1505 because im in the market for purchasing a new Macbook EDIT ----Item Sold----
  2. i just installed the newest sse3 kernel and the cpu throttler/speedstep package (without installing the universal kernel that came with the installer) on my core duo e1505, but im still not getting a succesfull sleep....should i be able to?
  3. So Macs are great?

    i own a Titanium powerbook (the only REAL mac i own) and personally ive only had one or two lock ups with the finder...i get the same itunes problem on my Hackintosh some times...not on the powerbook tho. and ive only had one app randomly quit on me...and that was garageband..when i was in the middle of a projewct and hadnt saved .....so my time with a real mac has been MUCH better than my windows experiences....which is why i like it. but considering ive only ever owned one mac i cant speak for much.
  4. OS X Alone?

    it is possible, i got a new Harddrive for my hackintosh laptop recently, i installed osx86 on it with no windows, used a partition magic boot disk to partition the drive first because the disk utility on my install dvd doesnt seem to partition right (JaS 10.4.6) i had planned on installing windows after...but, os x is just too good.
  5. Im selling a 60gb laptop harddrive for cheap (25$) on ebay right now so i though id post it here incase anybody was interested in buying... its a standard SATA 5400rpm harddrive, works fine, was in my hackintosh laptop for about 6 months untill i replaced it with a 160gb drive. EBAY LINK: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...s_promot_widget Starting bid on ebay is 25$, shipping 10$ to anywhere in the US (pics on ebay)
  6. Adobe Design Premium CS3 LEAKED!

    FINALLY finished the download..after 5 days (got my torrent from the demon) i installed it, applied the packaged patcher and now it works perfectly, and thats even on a hackintosh....and not for only 30 days ethier id say waiting 5 days on the torrent was worth gettting a working version of CS3 before the public release. praise the leakage
  7. make your os x partition in p-magic and format it as FAT32...insert your install dvd, boot from it then go to Utilities -> Disk Utility, youll see your HDD with your partitions listed under it, select your newly created FAT32 volume then go to the "Erase" tab. this is how you can format it to an HFS+ partition. once here, choose the Mac OS Extended (journaled) option and type in whatver name you want your partition to have and hit erase. now your partition is HFS+ this should work fine as long as the apps on your dvd are intact, works everytime with my .4.6 dvd. after youve done this, if you made your partiton only 15gb you can go back into p-magic, and format the rest of your space into a partition to install vista on...never done any of that before so...im geussing you can do that normally as for the other question, in p-magic an HFS partition will show up as Type AF...i have no idea what it is but im assuming it does that beacuse windows cant see mac formatted disk and thus niether can p-magic.
  8. I got my sigmatell 9200 working with thanks to the AppleHDA patcher and now im working on trying to get the speakers to mute when i plug some headphones in, sound will come out of the headphones fine BUT the speakers keep on going aswell and i dont belive i have a line in but thats not really as big of an issue for me since i have a usb line in/out device i would just like to have a fuly working sound out set up with out the clunky dongle ive been searching through all 70 some pages of the AppleHDA thread but havent found anything thus far so i figured id just ask in a new thread.
  9. What size?

    even if you dont have enough room...id go for the widescreen, after using a 19" wide monitor for a while i now feel that 4:3 monitors are simply ugly...i dont dig the "square-ness". but i geuss its all preference. although widescreens fee more spacey just because of the extra width, it allows you to spread things out a bit more.
  10. Adobe Design Premium CS3 LEAKED!

    cs3 looks nice...started downloading about 5 hours ago, only 3 days and 10hours left these torrents are sloooowww today but thats the price of piracy. but whats up with the crashing on hackintosh solution/problem stated above?
  11. alternate places to buy mac stuff?

    ebay good deals
  12. best way from 10.4.6 to 10.4.9

    then youll probably have to use the JaS 10.4.8 DVD to get to .4.8 (which i have not been able to download off BitTorrent because it always goes SOOO slow) but there might some other patching method for SSE2 that i dont know about. then seeing as the 10.4.9 updater from JaS says Intell SSE3 and i have no clue what would happen if you tried on an SSE2 machine youd be safer to check this thread, http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...c=45283&hl=
  13. best way from 10.4.6 to 10.4.9

    Hey i just upgraded from 10.4.6 to .4.9.... ive found when running .4.6 and trying to use the JaS .4.9 combo updater that it will fail so i updated to .4.8 using the apple combo update (intel) that can be downloaded from apple.com WITHOUT REBOOTING then used eGWan Intel SSE3 10.4.8 combo patcher..rebooted with -v, which led to another instant reboot, then it worked fine.....once i was up and running i installed the 10.4.9 update from JaS...clean and simple the whole process took only about 15minutes, bathroom break included. tho before doing any of this id make a backup of my install, because the first time i tried it, i accidently mounted the apple update DMG over y network from another computer then that computer went to sleep and the installer froze.....and everything was ruined. hope this was of some help.
  14. ive noticed that on my system, when i upgraded to 10.4.8 with the smethex kernel, that i tunes would not authorize (gave an unkown error, -50) and that it wanted authorization to preview songs from the music store, which is wierd. i upgraded again to 10.4.9 using the JaS combo update and installed the 10.4.4 loginwindow and the problem was still present i then did a fresh install of 10.4.6, everything in itunes was normal then tired upgrading to 10.4.8, this time using the Mifki No NX kenrel and...i still had the same issues. i havent tired updating fro .4.6 directly to .4.9 yet but i was just wondering if anyone else has had similar issues and if there were any solutions, havent found anything by searching the forums yet thanks PS: i also noticed that while 10.4.9 was install after updating from smethex kernel and .4.8 that it would not see my built-in ethernet...not sure if this is related to the itunes issue since i was on a wireless connection then and could access the internet fine.
  15. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    Okay, this is probably a dumb question but.... Im not exactly sure how to use this thing correctly, i have the patcher, its on my desktop i open it and i drag the Sigmatel9200.txt file that i got from the link on the first page of this thread, to the icon on my desktop, then nothing happens. am I doing everything right? because im unclear on what i should be dragging and where i should be dragging it to. and if i am doing it right...then shouldnt something happenn...my audio doesnt get fixed and i dont experience a kernel panic so uhh...i dont think it did anything help please? btw...i have a dell e1505, 10.4.8 with 8.8.1 kernel, sigmatel 9200