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Looks like they are updating their site:



After 4 months of preparation, we are currently upgrading our site from IPB v3.x (+WP) to an IPS v4.2.x only solution.

Projected downtime: max. 24hrs. ETA: 6th of April 2018.


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3 minutes ago, Hervé said:

Yup, as indicated on the Facebook page, we should be back on line tomorrow.

An Admin from OSXLatitude! Keep us up to date, please :lol:

as Herve mentions we are upgrading the site just need to finish up some server back end {censored}... we should hopefully be up by tomorrow if we don"t have any crazy incompatibilities come up. but we have been testing on another server for a bit so hopefully it goes smooth

thanks for noticing allen (thumbs up).

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25 minutes ago, nodarkthings said:

I thought: what a coincidence, the site dies just when I need it!

And for me too, I did a donation early today. And bang! Site it's off

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hahahahah... no nothing nefarious going on. just updating we also where on old ip-board as IM was. so the new site flow will be very similar. since it is what ip-board looks like now in the new versions.

migration is almost completed. We are currently waiting for all the content to be rebuild (an automatic process); to match the new URLs with SSL turned on too. At the current pace thats probably going to take another 6 hours. Then we do some final testing to make sure everything works as intended (including having old links resolve properly), and reopen the site again. In short: everything is going according to plan thus far and we are on schedule.

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