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  1. From a hardware perspective the nvidia 1050(ti) is also the highest GPU upgrade officially recommended by HP in the tower / TWR model according the specsheets. The highest AMD RX that will work without using an additional / replacement PSU. To power the possible 6-pin connector at the RX560, is to get a mSATA to 6-pin converter cable (can be held pretty much at every local computer retailer costs a few bucks). But, according to a benchmark site like https://gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Nvidia-GTX-1050-Ti-vs-AMD-RX-560/3649vs3926 and/or https://www.videocardbenchmark.net/compare/GeForce-GTX-1050-Ti-vs-Radeon-RX-560/3595vs3708 that 'upgrade' from nvidia to AMD -- to be compatible with Mojave (at this time as put forward by @Donw35) -- does mean a considerable performance loss of roughly 25%. In short: 1050ti is indeed the better videocard in a triple boot environment where Windows gaming is important. A proper a wortwhile price/performance upgrade in most TWR scenario's -- for any OS where GPU performance matters -- would be to get a RX 570 with 8GB RAM. Usually cheaper than a RX 580 with 4GB. And the additional 4GB VRAM is more important for textures in Windows gaming than the 15% performance gain of RX580 (so I've been told), but does involve some hardware modding as explained in my prior post on page 3.
  2. Its good indeed with a SFF/USDT model, but things get GREAT with the TWR model. To compare price-wise: a entire HP 800 G1 rig with i7-4470, 8-16GB RAM, HDD costs as much as an i7-6700K CPU (without anything else). You can call me crazy, but I rather upgrade the DDR3 RAM to 32GB, setup a RAID0 SSD (or maybe get a new M.2 PCIe) and get an used RX 570-580 and still save money compared to a newer and only marginely faster build. IF only ... and I think I've just found a solution for my HP's 320W power limitation which might still make my 'ultimate hackintosh build on a tight budget'-dream come true! 1. PSU replacement (for which a conversion connector is required; as HP doesn't use BTX power connector standards). Please watch these vids: Time to order a "HP Elite 8100 8200 8300 PSU Adapter Pin Order Z220 Z230 ATX 24-pin to 6-pin AYA-24PF-6PM-HP" for less than $15 at Amazon or AliXpress. Prefer the DIY method (2nd video above); then a "4A XL6009E1 Adjustable DC-DC Step Up Boost" takes care of the required ATX's 5V to HPs 12V for the standby signal. UPDATE 17-NOV; there are other solutions too! 2. To power the RX GPU through a 2nd PSU, like paperclip mod on a left-over ATX PSU or the fanless DELL DA-2 external 220W PSU. RX570 under high load sometimes requires 220-240W. GPU biosmods for undervolting should take care of that problem (also for RX580 or the new RX590). Additional benefit of using a DA-2 is the HP case doesn't have to be modded with additional mounting holes to keep a replacement PSU in place. Neither get any PSU converters like in the prior option. Plus this option is also great for HP SFF users; only a PCIe riser is required. 3. with prior riser in mind and have a bigger hobby budget? Get a PCIe card with Thunderbolt and visit https://egpu.io for an overview of proper eGPU case examples. Got my mindset on door number 2 at the moment. And apologies for going slightly off-topic. Will share some benchmarks when all is finished; to make up for it Plus the bootpack too unless somebody else beats me to it.
  3. There seems to be a workaround for that explained in this 5 minute video: Spoiler alert: to get a SATA to 6-pin PCIe power converter for a couple of bucks. Currently am more concerned about how much more time & money I feel like putting into this spontaneous build that seemed like a viable budget Ryzentosh alternative. Might need to get a different PSU cause HP's 320W for the TWR model is not great when RX560-580 has a 60-180W power consumption and meant to add more internal SSD/HDDs. Technical realisation all very much possible, but might have purchased the wrong desktop computer for MacOS (to get 4K + phasing out my HP 2570P laptop for example). Going to weight some other hardware options 1st. Thanks so far for all the testing and guidance!
  4. Bummer Pertaining my Chrome issues in my troubleshoot above (the 'reveal hidden contents'-part); where I am able to get to 4K @ 60Hz (but with problems) in MacOS. There seems to be a workaround -- without disabling graphics acceleration -- by following these steps at a TM thread . Which begets the question why clover configurator still acts up after. Or is that because its based on the electron / chromium framework too? Switching SMBIOS sounds complicated. Is it? Too bad Windows is so prone to malware issues these days. Okay, time to give a Linux flavour a spin for a short term solution as 4K is important to me for more screen estate. @brookheather: which budget AMD GPU do you recommend for MacOS within the limits of HP 800 G1 Tower PSU specs? As the video cards I know about are no longer for sale in webshops.
  5. Simple question: is it possible to get 4K / UHD resolution in MacOS on the HD 4600 and if so how? My troubleshoot: Or is it easier to just get a PCIe GPU? And if so, which one (pertaining the PSU limits); GTX 1050 ?