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  1. 68x

    OSXLatitude is down?

    Looks like they are updating their site:
  2. Just my opinion: To be fair, @alex.daoud faces the same redundant questions being asked on Gitter (mostly from newbies) and most of the questions are quite easy to understand from reading the documentation. It gets quite frustrating after a while. However, I also understand where you are coming from. I am pretty sure @alex.daoud is all for open-source community driven development. So why don't we all get along and get those pull-requests going shall we? Back to the native branch: A lot of the work on the native branch was *a lot* of guess work. I can provide more details on the multitouch protocol and the simulator. Feel free to PM here on InsanelyMac if you want to clarify on why certain parts of the code (i.e. magic constants) are set up that way.
  3. 68x

    ThunderBolt Drivers

    Just a quick question, did you find the need to change the TB3 authorisation settings in the BIOS? The setting I am referring is to usually to prevent rouge devices getting DMA via TB3 and the setting values are uusually "No Security" or "User Authorization". I am attempting to get TB3 working on my laptop, but has the limitation of not having the "No Security". Which causes TB3 to be detected as valid in System Profiler (TB3 drivers are not being loaded), but no devices show up (without hotswapping).
  4. I am having issues with getting a BCM94352z working on my Razer Blade Stealth (RBS) laptop with Kaby Lake. My issue when I have the Broadcom card installed is that my internal laptop screen goes black. I turn on my laptop, I see the Razer OEM logo, then black screen. I can get output on HDMI, but the internal screen remains black (with backlight turned on). The issue is sporadic since it works sometimes. If there was a wireless card whitelist, then my system should not work at all (i.e. HDMI should not work). I have taken this laptop to a local repair shop and they said there is no hardware issues with the laptop. I also tried the Dell and Lenovo variants of the Broadcom card, alongside a Lenovo AR9565 NGFF which all result in the above internal screen going black. I do not have the above issue with the Atheros Killer 1535 and Intel 8260 cards, so this leads to me believe that there is some kind of underlying issue. Does anyone with the RBS Kaby Lake have similar issues? If there is some kind of whitelist, is it possible to rebrand the bcm94352z?
  5. I tried doing that way before, the issue was that PMPatch increases the file size for a BIOS update. The max size that an UX32VD takes is 6MB, and anything larger will cause the update utility to deem it as "invalid/corrupt". The best way is to taker dump of your BIOS on Windows using fptw64, PMPatch, and reapply via fptw64.
  6. I already did it on a post few posts back ... What you want to do is extract your BIOS, use PMPAtch, and then re-apply the modded BIOS.
  7. Battery life for me is about 3-4 hours. I personally use DisableTurboBoost on battery kext (check OSXLatitude), although it increases battery life, it still isn't the 5-6 hours found on Windows. I highly recommend that you do BIOS modding on Windows.
  8. This patch fixes the Heartbleed bug with OpenSSL. Installed and no issues so far.
  9. If you are on clover, update to 2646 or newer. OsxAptioFix UEFI driver has fixes for sleep. You should have sleep working on Chameleon.
  10. You will need to instal OSX on a MBR partition (not recommended). For the Pthread support, disable XHCI support in the BIOS. Also, try to get Clover installed instead of Chameleon. You should also put your laptop specs in your signature.
  11. Which version of Clover are you using? Again, I should have asked you this earlier. Clover builds starting from 2620 have changes to OsxAptioFix which will help with sleep.
  12. My last suggestion, try the Sleep patch by Rehabman, https://github.com/RehabMan/Laptop-DSDT-Patch/blob/master/system/system_WAK2.txt . I am sorry but I have no idea what could be causing a reboot on wake ...
  13. Try doing FixShutdown DSDT patch and SuspendOverride. Let me know if they work or not.
  14. https://github.com/Ramalama2/UX301_DSDT/blob/master/4.%20GUIDE%20Files/Config.plist#L101 Enable that key, and let me know. It should fix the issue where your LED and fan stays on after going to "sleep".
  15. I was under the assumption *you cannot* without OsxAptio. I highly suggest you try the SLPI keys