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Hi have a long  install guide. I'm going to release a new version, and I'd like to know how do something that I can see sometimes: Split the topic in several - consecutive  posts , to make the reading easier. Even reserve some first posts to update the main topic. When I try to do it, the system merge automatically in one post. I understand that is a rule anti-spammers. But , however, I can see some threads where the author can do it.
How can do it?

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Yes, sure.

But to doing that you'll need wait around 5 min.


And if only you wanna post, you'll need lock the topic, and the people will be able just to read. After you doing what do you want, you can unlock it, then the others will can post on it.


A trick for you: copy your post elsewhere then move it to your new topic.


The user @fantomas has help me to get this knowledge. - Thanks buddy  ;)

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