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  1. Hi Lynx!! Glad to read you here. I see you handled yourself to boot and install HighSierra successfuly. Time after we were sharing info, I realized that your problem was caused probably by the ssdt problem of the non 26x0 models. But I couldn't test and research until and user helped me to test it. If I'm not wrong, you solved your problem using the fixed ssdt-1 file. Really glad to read it. About your problem, it's not related to "WindowServer triggered unnest of range"at all. It's the black screen issue and 6,1 smbios . It's described in the guide. The system is not to able to launch the graphical interface and end the boot process showing the logging window. I quote myself: and: What you can do: If you use DVI, change to hdmi, or Display Port , if they are available in your graphic card and they are compatible with your monitor. If you have two monitors , unplug one of them. Check and use lasts version of WhateverGreen.kext ...and , important, check what is the right version of Lilu.kext to work with WhateverGreen.kext. You don't have to re-install anything. Only change the kexts of clover folder, mounting the hd in other mac
  2. Hi guys , a lot of things to say... To @hugodlc and @amadeusex , first of all, thanks to hugodlc for the fix of the SSDT-1 for 26x7 or 26x3 . I've updated the guide just now, updating the file into the stuff folder (v5) by your fixed version. After several posts, I think the right is from here ... Is that correct? could your confirm that you can enable PM in dual configs,? It's just to clarify it in the guide and warn to users. To amadeussex.. I know that 2687w is a very very special model. I was just about to buy it in ebay (is the most high-power model of the E5 xeons) , but I was reading things about this cpu and I decided buy a more conventional model (my 2690). Be patience. So, do you have stable PM finally? And yes, there is something definitely obscure about some persistent settings after boot in other HDs and OSs. I had a weird problem in El Capitan's days: With El capitan running well , I tried with Yosemite (in other HD).. I had an stupid error about the ram's dimms modules. After discard continuing with Yosemite (many problems), and come back to El capitan.. the error message came up in El capitan too !!! . And I never could get rid of the message. I asked and asked if some setting could be storaged in EFI in anyhow.. or whatever... and nobody seemed to know anything. Hackintosh is sometimes paranormal . For the rest of PM questions, as I said many times, I'm not an expert, specially in PM, and I don't have any important to say. . Just to say.... forget turbo freqs to evaluate the PM. They are a complete scam on the part of Intel. I have linux, win also in my z820, I run tests. (prime95.. etc).. and I never saw the promised turbo freqs... never , under any circunstance.
  3. only ACHI. Sorry, I don't understand you. When exactly it happens?
  4. Be sure that you have plugged your internal sata drive to one of the two internal achi sata controller (grey connectors) and achi mode activated in bios
  5. Hi everybody again: !!! Again, as may other times, sorry for my absence this last weeks. No time for anything. Just to login and read the questions, but no time for answer appropriately. Some comments. For @glow9 , @z820ed ... I've just fixed the guide and added the note about "drop oem" option. Thanks for the report!!! For @glow9 and arkieboy72472 , about typo in ssdtprgen command example, keep in mind that the command was only an example of mine one. Anyway, sorry if it made some of you get in troubles with PM. Fixed to avoid further misunderstandings. Thanks also! @bgold04 , did you check AHCI mode in bios options?
  6. Hi, walter77. First, thansk for your report. I have a 180ti working. The only issue is the black screen problem with two monitors cause of the combo of DVI + any other port. The fix is not use dvi port. I bought a hdmi to dvi converter to use my dvi monitor. I have the card plugged into the second PCI slot (the first x16), and no problem. No idea about your problem. Have you checked that nvidia driver option is enable in clover?
  7. Great!! . Dsdt and ssdt for pm files are loaded automaticaly by clover. I don't need patch the ssdt-cpu-def, so , I haven´t experimented never with that clover's option. I only know what other users report. So, fantastic. I'll upadte the guide with the info. About cpu error, no idea. I would try to reassembly it into the socket. Or maybe , search some guide about how add a second cpu. Maybe some kind or bios reset would be needed. you can ask for help in hp forums.
  8. WTF . Hackintosh is always so insanely weird. I remember other user with a issue with their graphic card and the fix was change the slot where it was attached. That is because I recommended connect the graphic card to the first pci x16 slot (the second one counting from the cpu). Just curious: which slot use you for connect it?
  9. wow. I'm not an expert, it's hard to me say something. In some screens, I can read clearly the error related with the acpi legacy tables and the ssdt patched and also the boot is rejecting load the patched SSDT. But I don't know what's going on. I'll try to test with your clover files, to discard things. But I'm a bit lost Please, repeat again the F4 process, (checking again that you have set the "load legacy acpi tables" option is enabled and send me all files collected in in /clover/acpi/original.
  10. I can't see anything wrong... To post a kernelpanic log, the only way is just take a photo. If screen goes fast, sometimes is useful record video and extract the right frames. I would try with and without ssdt1 and see what happens. And could be important to know what exactly version of High Sierra are you using. I mean, the exactly security update is available to download now. I remember some issues among exactly version and lilu kext. Try to search in google how you could find out the installed version in a usb installation Just one more thing, use only usb2 front connector (the closer one to on/off button). And even maybe try with another usb stick.
  11. I can't see anything different in the ssdt cpudef. The ssdt patched should work. Did you check the bios options? Check the port used to attach the system HD also, and follow the advices of the guide. And post the whole clover folder you are using in your usb stick.
  12. Please: -check if you have activated “legacy ACPI cpu tables” in bios. Well , check all bios options. -If it doesn't work, and if you can reach first clover screen, extract your original acpi files with F4 (as I describe in the guide) and post your ssdt files. Maybe your cpu has specificall ssdt tables. I know that 2687w cpus are kind of "special" models.
  13. Hi Bilbo, thank you for putting together such a comprehensive guide.


    I just bought a z820 with these specs:

    Dual Xeon E5-2687W v2

    64 GB DDR3 SDRAM

    Nvidia GTX 1060

    Bios v03.91


    I followed your High Sierra Guide and put your SSDT-1.aml for 26x7 or 26x3 users here: EFI/CLOVER/ACPI/patched


    Instantly get Kernel Panik trying to boot of this clover-usb-stick.

    Can you point me in the right direction where to go from here?

    1. bilbo


      As I wrote in the guide, there is no reason for private messages. Please, post your problem in the high sierra thread and we'll see how we could help you..

  14. I think it has been decision. Chameleon was too much invasive on S/L/E. And if you tried with it, I'm absolute sure that some kind of chameleon's fix was redundant and/or incompatible with nvidiafix kext. I'm glad everything is allright now. About audio panel control incongruency, it's normal!!! Macpeet , the author of the patch explained it here: I'll edit the guide to clarify it.
  15. Answer would be "don't use it". . But before of this. Have you tested it for a while after boot? Is it stable? Are you still having random KPs? Returnig to nvidiagraphicsfixup kext, both results don't make sense. Without this kext you would get a black screen. And there is no reason for the KP using it. So, my guess is that, probably, in your tests, you applied the fix manually. This could cause a conflict. Please,go to system/library/extension. Copy AppleGraphicsControl.kext to your desktop.Go to contents of this kext (righ click) >plugins>AppleGraphicsDevicePolicy.kext/Contents/ . Open Info.plist. Search line related to SMBIOS 6.1 to see if you have this one: <key>F60DEB81FF30ACF6 </key> <string>Config2</string> or this one <key>F60DEB81FF30ACF6 </key> <string>none</string> If you fixed manually and you have the second one, you can forget the nvidiakextfix kext and be happy. If you have the first maybe your version is incompatible .We can fix that using other version, or simply, change to the highsierra fix. Anyway, the smbios in your config.plist seems a bit messy. Begin to regenerate it with clover configurator and reboot. You should see in apple system profiler "macpro 6,1" Then, tell me the result of your AppleGraphicsControl.kext test and we will see how continue.