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  1. no idea. I don't have any problem with shutdown , even in the early process, at first boot, without patches. Are you using your own dsdt patched, or you are using mine?
  2. Great.. it works!!! I think now it's much better. And with page index at the top again. I think it looks like perfect... thanks!!
  3. oh yes, of course. When I made the guide, I though and thought about how the guide could be show the process. I decided that is better that people understand the complete process, the nature of the fixes. The quick guides , drag and replace-style, tend to give misunderstandings. Understanding the complete process, maybe after follow the guide at least once, everybody can make it shorter. Almost in a single step, using the right version of config, dsdt, and kexts files after the first boot. That is because I included into the stuff, one final folder called FINAL STEP . (This doesn't include PM process). After installation, only replacing files, it can take only a few minutes to complete the guide.
  4. The GUI is , little by little, better, clearer, more modern, and , why not , nice. Just, I feel that the line spacing is maybe too much big, specially in the signature area, which now looks huge and disproportionate But my main suggest is ask eliminate the feature of show the inital post in every page of a thread, framed as "question" box. This is specially annoying in long-guides threads. And ask, if it is possible, return the show bbcode button in answer boxes. Because , copy - paste text in original bbcode is the only way to share long texts between editors and forums. Thanks, and thanks for the hard job.
  5. yeap.. 1.2.3 compiled has been released... great!! Surprising for me that codeccommander in not needed. thanks shamman, I'll update the guide.
  6. Sorry Antonio, but is your guide for 10.12 or 10.13 ? I find your guide and your clover folder a little confused.
  7. re-uploaded The new forum is a little unstable. It's an external link for the moment. Btw, I forget thank to all people who message me by pm, with suggestions and advices
  8. sure. I´m going to re-upload it right now.
  9. Well , after this week with the site down, let's go back with our bussiness.... Yessss .. good news . I was about to throw all away, and really sad thinking in my options , when reading some advice and some thing in HP forums, I decided do "jumper crisis" method: I thought that it's not useful in my case, but anyway, I tried, and... bingo... the motherboard resurrected miraculously. It seems that the guilty was my raid pci card (lsi 9260): When the motherboard died, I was changing the graphic card and to do that, I have to unplug the lsi card too. Somehow, the card blocked the motherboard. After do jumper crisis - method, and the resurrection , trying to plugin the card again, I get an obscure "PCI ERROR on slot 1" bios screen. So I decided throw the card to the garbage. Without it, the z820 boots normally. I passed all hardware test with the z820 utilities. More than 12 hours. The hardware seems ok. I bought a lsi card a few days ago. I'm still testing , just in case, but everything seems ok. It has been in a big scare btw, crisis recovery jumper is not described in any official documentation. Only the threat linked above and even in that thread there is no any official answer . HP is an absurd company.
  10. I was getting worried too. Refreshing every 20min last week. thanks for the hard job.
  11. Hi guys . I have a big problem. My z820, apparently is dead: No post, no video, fans in ultra - high speed after a few seconds.... I did a clear cmos. it didn't work. Does anyone know what can I do to check what is happening ? :(
  12. Again, That link will give you the link in apple store.
  13. Yo have the indirect link in my guide. That link will give you the link in apple store. When you reboot in clover, press F11 to reset nvram , in clover screen.
  14. The ssdt of rampage is an common ssdt by ssdtprgen: Store ("ssdtPRGen version....: 15.6 / Mac OS X 10.10.5 (14F27)", Debug) Store ("target processor.....: E5-2670", Debug) Store ("running processor....: Genuine Intel(R) CPU @ 2.60GHz", Debug) Store ("baseFrequency........: 1200", Debug) Store ("frequency............: 2600", Debug) Store ("busFrequency.........: 100", Debug) Store ("logicalCPUs..........: 16", Debug) Store ("maximum TDP..........: 115", Debug) Store ("packageLength........: 23", Debug) Store ("turboStates..........: 8", Debug) Store ("maxTurboFrequency....: 3400", Debug) Store ("machdep.xcpm.mode....: 0", Debug) Store ("number of ACPI scopes: 2", Debug) } So, something was wrong with your PM creation. Well, if it is good for you... ok. About the "Your computer was restarted..." pop up message I have to say that I had the same error in Mavericks, a long time ago. When I made a lot of experiments with clover, kernels.. olds methods.... . The error came up suddenly when I tested yosemite in other disk. The weird is when I back to the original disk... the window error continued ... and I never knew why. I reinstalled the so, clover, reset bios, even I did a clear cmos reset.... I get that error during one year. Only I get rid when I installed el capitan in a new disk. It has been the weirdest thing in my hackintosh-life. I think it has to be related with some obscure and maybe corrupted persistence setting I-don't-know-where.... nvram? bios? ... I don´t know. In fact, this error is reporting a log from one system that you don´t have.