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  1. Another important topic is bios settings: These are my bios settings: Not sure 100% . With these settings, I have sleep in windows. Any comment is welcome. So, to test it, at least, set first this in Bios.
  2. still working on sleep... I tested the patches of pingyes screens. The "fixUSB" patch is the reason of KP. Testing with the rest of options, no way. BUT, I've discovered something (I suspected of this time ago). The reason for no sleep in my case, is my raid card, exactly, the driver SASMegaRAID (developed in this forum bay dukzcry) For those are testing, try to put in sleep mode, and then write this in terminal: pmset -g log | grep sleep | tail -n 1 in my case, the output is: System sleep preventers: SASMegaRAID and then , you'll see if you have an specific hardware which is preventing the sleep.
  3. @Pingyes, my first attemp with your settings to test SLEEP, gave me a KP. The patches "rename _DSM... " and "rename HECI...." don't make sense for me. The patches ticked in clover, either. Some of them are obsolete, or unnecessary after clean the dsdt, ... honestly I don't understand anything. Anyway, as I said, I get a KP. Could you elaborate a bit the reason of those patches? Are essential all of them?
  4. important Well, I did a test with ethernet. Indeed, with IntelMausiEthernet.kext, the second port doesn't work. It is shown as unplugged , but plugging the connector, it stills as disconnected. With AppleIntelE1000e.kext , everything works fine. I have just updated the guide. Thanks to pingyes for the report.
  5. I dont´t know.... Post you script to generate the ssdt witk Pikescript , and the output message.
  6. Talking about dsdt patching, Maldon suggested me to use this kext. I decide to include it thinking is a newer project. I have my second ethernet disabled, but I thought that is because I don't have any ethernet connector plugged in this port. I didn't realize that is because a failed driver. I'll check this. Thanks for the notice. What partition are you choosing after boot?
  7. OK. Just one question more. What graphic card do you have? I had a lot of problems with 1080ti and graphical boot installation from centos usb. Only text mode show up. I'm unable to install centos in text mode. I had to remove the 1080 and plug in again my quadro K5000 to boot with anaconda. I wonder if it is a generic issue with this 10x0 models (or TI models) what. I woudn't like repeat the same if I had to reinstall centos. As I told in Sierra´s thread, I almost broke the z820 (blessed recovery jumper tip).
  8. popped? sorry. I don't understand you. Did you mean that you eject physically the disk? There is a tip to include a centos entry in clover and keep always macos hd as boot disk.
  9. Ok. How did you get boot centos with clover?. I found the tip of copy efi folder from centos to clover folder. It works, but I wonder it there is a better tip.
  10. Interesting info, pyngeyes. What linux distro are you using? Vinsik, no. I used to don´t try it with any SO until last version is released. I'm not interested struggling with the system after minor update, security update, or nvidia driver, much less without nvidia driver . The reports of the users are enough for me to know things about mojave. Comparing Sierra guide and HighSierra guide (90% changes due to an improve of the guide by itself, 10% real changes due to differences between Sierra and High Sierra) . If someone is interesting in Mojave, I guess that this guide with an updated versions of some kexts will be enough. Maybe except PM, because the patches are specific for each version (I think)
  11. vinsik , the score in geekbench 3 of my 2630v2 was 2801 in singlecore and 33012 in multicore. In cinebench 2015 , cpu score: 1491 I don´t keep any test with geekbench 4. Keep in mind this and no compare scores between v3 and v4. The complete specs were 2630v2 dual cpu, 32 gb ram and quadro K5000 .
  12. ¿?¿?¿? .. . Yes sure. If you have your dsdt, ssdts, and kexts , is easier. . Install, reboot, install clover, reboot, install nvidia, reboot, copy files to efi folder, except ssdt of PM, reboot, and finally PM (with appleintleinfo already generated). You would keep the aicpm kext also patched but I recommend patch the original, just in case. In my tests I did it 10 min. I have this to plug in my systems SSD in the frontal panel. (win, linux, mac) . It allows extract them with one click. and this to plugin to my laptop in emergecy cases best invent ever.
  13. A graphic problem? really weird I Think there is no problem with security updates. If you are going to reinstall, as I said in the guide, the best moment is update just after install, after first boot, even before of install clover. Boot after install, configure the net control panel ,and donwnload and apply the update. Keep booting from the usb, and after boot , you'll be at the same point, ready to follow the guide. The only concern is keep sure that lillo.kext is compatible. Use last version, (maybe It has been updated since I wrote the guide) and try to find if it is compatible with last updates. And be sure that the watevergreen kext version is compatible with the lillu version. Check it out in the watevergreen site. I think that only using last versions is enough
  14. Wtf ... Really, any program can break a system. I use wacom driver also, and, not now, but I installed time ago fuse. I think it can be one permission and cache issue of s/l/e corrupted after install fuse or wacom dirvers. They install kexts . After that, the installers perform one script for fix permissions and rebuild cache and maybe something was wrong. Sometimes, I do it manually after install critical apps. As before, try to boot in single user mode or plug your hd system in other mac as secondary hd and follow the steps that I linked About wacom, I had a issue with wacom drivers also. (2 or 3 years ago). Boot frozen (no KP) after install. By chance, I found that waiting 4 or 5 min, system ended up booting. After search and see how it was a known issue even for real macs , the fix was uninstall the driver and install a previous version. The version I use now is 6.3.29-6. To use single user mode: (to be honest, this not worked for me with KP, but maybe it will work for you) In first clover screen , press space with your boot hd selectd. In options screen, activate single user mode option. Space again to exit and enter to boot. Wait until you see the prompt. Type mount - uw / and then sudo kextcache -i / and exit for reboot.