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  1. Hi. Which kext install utility for High Sierra are you using? I'm not sure if the classic apps works 100% in high sierra. I'm having troubles to install kexts. thanks
  2. PS. Amadeusex, I bet that you problem is related with your dsdt. Remind, the dsdt file is a translation of your BIOS into a file. If you change the bios version, you should extract and patch a new dsdt file. I had your problem when I update from an old bios version, years ago... different dsdt, different patches..etc I ask for dsdt files from different bios version, and some users sent them to me. As I could check. the differences between some version are slightly , for instance among 3.86 , 3,90, 3,91 . Maybe last updates , with lasts security updates, will be more different , and a new extract and patching way will be required. I don't plain update the bios. " If it works, don't touch anything".
  3. Hi guys!!! Again sorry for my absence. I have been insanely busy these months for more developing for our hackintosh machines. I didn't have any special answer to contribute in last pages of problems and issues in this thread, either. Just to say , After the release of the final update, I´m testing the update to high Sierra. and good news, everything is going well . I just left test PM, and I would say we can jump to High Sierra coming soon. The good news is the 95% of the Sierra´s guide is still working. Only update the version of kexts and apps is needed. If all is OK in my tests, I'll start to write the new guide next week, which will be a big copy / paste. Regards
  4. Sorry guys. I've been busy. I need time to read and answer last topics, because they are long and complicated. I hope to be free soon to answer.
  5. About warnings messages, all of them are covered in the guide. you can set appropriately clover to follow the advice of the warnings. To check the pm, you'll have to compare to the results of the other users. Check your own scores with and without PM to see the improve , and check clock freqs with hardware monitor to see the behavior. Anyway, "this is what it is". I mean, once you have the PM working, there is no more things to do (in my experience) . (and I have tried to do a lot, sure) No idea about your KP without more details. Keep in mind that the guide is for Z820. Maybe Z620 needs special settings. (Just in case, no need to say that you shouldn't use the dsdt patched included in the stuff folder. Extract your own bios tables and patch them)
  6. Guide updated . See the log to see the changes, including the fix for "No need to copy SSDT code to DSDT" error. btw, the guide was mess also after the update of the forums.
  7. Hi again!!! I've just discoverd that the first post of one of my tread (looong thread) has been recursively and massively truncated, messing the spoiler tag at the end of the post recursively . It could be easily fixed editing the tags (I can see the original post wit the editor, unfolding the spoiler tags) , but the editor still without the edit code button. Please, is there any chance to recover this button for the editor. The wygiwys editor sometimes is pretty poor.
  8. OK. Don't worry. I'll recover the original el capitan's guide with the instructions for the fix. Anyaway, with this example, I don´t know why sometimes ssdt names are extracted in way or in other way . So , I'll update the sierra guide to cover both cases. I have a lot of homeworks to update the guide. Be patience.
  9. mmmm ... 4441 is newer than version I use .... . Try this: extract your original bios tables: during boot, press F4 in clover's boot screen. Boot normally, and go to /efi/clover/acpi/origin folder. If the ssdt files are named as SSDT-1, SSDT-2 .... that is the reason of the error. The ssdt files should named as "SSDT-1-CpuDef" , etc (with a suffix). My supposition was that older clover versions read the names in the shorted way, but recent versions read the names appropriately. Maybe this supposition is wrong. If you are in the first case , you'll have to use the tip of paste the ssdt code into the dsdt. What is your bios version?
  10. I forgot it completely. Cpus non 26X0 , need an special fix into dsdt. I left empty this section because I think it should be more tested. I promise complete this section soon. Meanwhile, could you send me your original bios tables ? (boot with your clover-usb stick, press F4 in clover screen. shutdown, grab the usb stick, and in other computer, compress the /efi/clover/acpi/origin folder.
  11. oliveg, the "No ACPI Processor declarations found in DSDT" error has been covered in this guide and in the el capitan's guide. This error is because old clover versions don't read the ssdt tables with the appropriate name. You have two options... update your clover version, or maybe, not take risks , and use same version that I use for the guide. Or deal with this error and follow the tip to fix from el capitan's guide. But I've just discovered that with the update of insanelymac forums version, the guide has been truncated and deleted . In short, the tip is copy the content of the ssdt-1 into the dsdt and reboot. For further details, I'll try to recover the guide. Anyway I think the easier is just update your clover version.
  12. Oliveg, steps to install are in ssdtPRGen website and in the guide: delete any previous ssdtPRGen folder in your /user/library folder In terminal, execute: curl -o ~/Library/ssdtPRGen.zip https://codeload.github.com/Piker-Alpha/ssdtPRGen.sh/zip/Beta unzip -qu ~/Library/ssdtPRGen.zip -d ~/Library/ mv ~/Library/ssdtPRGen.sh-Beta ~/Library/ssdtPRGen rm ~/Library/ssdtPRGen.zip and then cd /Users/your-user/Library/ssdtPRGen chmod +x ~/ssdtPRGen.sh With this, you should have ssdtPRGen script appropriated installed and with the right permissions.
  13. no idea. I don't have any problem with shutdown , even in the early process, at first boot, without patches. Are you using your own dsdt patched, or you are using mine?
  14. Great.. it works!!! I think now it's much better. And with page index at the top again. I think it looks like perfect... thanks!!
  15. oh yes, of course. When I made the guide, I though and thought about how the guide could be show the process. I decided that is better that people understand the complete process, the nature of the fixes. The quick guides , drag and replace-style, tend to give misunderstandings. Understanding the complete process, maybe after follow the guide at least once, everybody can make it shorter. Almost in a single step, using the right version of config, dsdt, and kexts files after the first boot. That is because I included into the stuff, one final folder called FINAL STEP . (This doesn't include PM process). After installation, only replacing files, it can take only a few minutes to complete the guide.