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  1. Hi! . Again, I have been busy these days. I have almost ready some update for he guide. But, before, I'd like test the new SSDT-UIAC-ALL for manage the usb2 ports, specially usb3 ports. This ssdt is not related to usb3, but I had some issue with them, making some mistake during the edition. Weird. For the rest of ports, all should works fine. So download and test it. Specially, jack.avenger . It will be usefull if the new ports make work the internal ports rightly. SSDT-UIAC-ALL_new_for_test.zip
  2. Black screen problem. Maybe a connector problem. Are you using two monitors? connectors? There a know issue with two monitors, and dvi + any other connector (I had this problem). About sata connector, I think we talked about it in el capitan or in Sierra's thread. But you are right, I missed that part in this guide. I'll fix.
  3. Glad to hear that everything is working. About AppleHPET , I don't know exactly what this kext does. It's always related to audio, but sometimes I've read something about usb. So, be sure that your usb ports are working after apply that fix. I enabled the HPET patch in clover because I had random KP a few seconds after boot without this option (from el Capitan. In my opinion is weird that a native kext needs to be deleted. Anyway, if the tip works for your card and more people use this tip... ok. Only one advice: Don't delete the kext entirely from your system. Keep a (compressed) copy , to revert your system, just in case. Btw, finally, is working your soundcard? Great !!! Thank you Jack!!!! . I'll include this in the ssdt-uiac to test it. I've been testing with different edits of this ssdt, and it needs test it carefully, because I've had some issue with usb3 ports.
  4. That is the warning about what I talked throughout the guide Easy to fix: (from the guide) ... and add the argument -mode custom to the script. You should get rid of the error. If you read some error on the output , post your script syntax and the output. Like Jack says, the output doesn't seem coherent with the cpu model.
  5. LOL! ... HP14 !! .... I'm not a prophet, sure Ok, perfect, thanks
  6. Thank for the translation, Rockey . Interensting as general knowledgement. I followed the guide of rehabman to do the port discovering. It's long and elaborated gide, but , It can be followed just in a few and easy steps. When I thought in your comment, I realized of my mistake. I don't have any device attached (card reader, usb extra hub...) to any of those internal usb2 devices, so I miss them in my test. I repeated the test , and I tried to use the frontal usb2 internal connector (the yellow one), but it's not the same pines. So , I can't connect anything. The frontal USB2 is connected to yellow connector. That is "HP23" We would need find out the lab of the next blue connectors. I've taken a look to your z420/620 ssdt and your comments in Sierra's thread. HP23 seems to be common. If they are the same in Z820, my guess is they could be HP22 , HP26, and one more , (24? 25?). What is the label of your extra internal port added to z820's ssdt ? If they were commons, we could build a common ssdt for 820, z620 and 420. 4 specific rear connectors for z820 4 specific rear connectors for 620 and 420 4 front connectors , common for all of them total= 12 , less than 15. Btw, for your z620, taking a look to the ssdt, I saw an important difference. The rear ports are HP11 to HP14. In z820, they are from HP15, to HP18. I think that is because you lost "internal" (maybe did you mean "rear" ?) usb ports of your Z620. (PS: I.m working in update the guide wit all our last extra-info)
  7. OK. If you can translate any interesting info, you're welcome.
  8. Ah, OK. For any reason? . You didn´t need it? Anyway, SSDT-UIAC-ALL, is only for USB2 ports. It´s not for non intel usb 3 controller. USB 3 ports is managed by mXHCD.Kext. Weird error.
  9. well , I was talking about z820 bios .But I can include dsdt from z620 of course. Send me the originals too. About SSDT-UIAC-ALL , it needs a "physical" test , plugin and un-pluging one usb device to every usb port . So, I'd need a Z620 at home . Tomorrow I can give you a detailed "how-to" .. but I'll need make an effort to remember how I did it Only with High Sierra?. ssdt-uic-all works in Sierra? I have to test it, But I think I don´t have problems with usb ports in High Sierra
  10. Thank you jack . Indeed, 3.92 was for fix meltdown/spectre, as I know, with a bit of few performance . As you, I'm not interested. Don´t play with bios upgrades only for that. It´s only to complete the patched dsdt. If someone is interested , can post their bios when it´s needed. It's enough with your current system. I'm stay in 3.90 because the soft which I work needs certain certification, and this is the last bios certified. It would work in 3.91, but I prefer avoid problems. Anyway, our dear Z820 are outdated , and the developed for them are stopped and last bios updates are irrelevant (in my opinion). So, I'm not worry about this. Btw, this soft is not working in High Sierra (graphic problem). I have to stay in Sierra by the moment.
  11. Hi. I would like complete the info, and the files patched included in the guide. Does anyone have 3.92 bios? I would like collect original dsdt and ssdt files of this bios versions. If anyone could send them to me, I'd appreciate. (with F4-clover - tip) Thanks.
  12. 32000 vs 35000 is not too much in geekbench 3. And yes, It could be because of memory modules, indeed. Your whole ram will work so fast like the slower module. 1333 vs 1600 can give you the difference, but , anyway, it´s a slight difference.
  13. Well, it seems , it's all right ... . Don´t forget disable AppleIntelInfo.kext typing "sudo kextunload AppleIntelinfo.kext" after your tests. I assume that you can see differents freqs in your regular use... from 12 to 33 with some higher peaks... right? You can do more extensive test with geekbench (check my folder) to see more detailed graphs. Btw, HWSensors always shows info in single-cpu mode. But you have 2 cpus working, of course. That's a great news for the owners of the 26x7 users. This has been always the main issue reported for the users of z820. I'll add the info to the guide (and the right credits).
  14. Amadeussex, I've take a look to your config.plist. Some patches have payed my attention. "make disable \_SB.SCK0 _STA to XSTA" . I think that you saw this thread . If I'm not wrong, we are lucky with our bios , because the legacy option of our bios, load the acpi cpu tables exactly in the way that this patch does. I mean, those patches are useless for us. Also, those patch are for DSDT. People from that thread have the cpu tables in their dsdt. Our dsdt don't have it. Well , not if we don't copy manually the code to the dsdt. And your dsdt doesn't have it. So basically your are not patching nothing. But , I'm not sure 100%. I would like to confirm it . Could you tell me how are you using these patches and if they work or not?