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ATI mobility X1300/X1400 -only


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First of all , this is not a whole solution.Just a post for this gfx card owner to start their test and reply the result.


Now we have two inject kext : ATIinject.kext and Natit.kext.Both of them do the same thing.But the Natit.kext is still developing ,so maybe you should try it first.


QE/CI enabling:


To get QE/CI working, you need to change the device id list inside ATIRadeonX1000.kext:


<string>0x71c01002 0x41441002 0x4E481002</string>

add YOUR deviceid (get it from System Profiler / Graphics):


This would get you the QE/CI support, but also the mouse tearing.

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Thinkpad T60/Moblity X1400/Natit.kext


I try the natit.kext and need to modify the value under <key>default</key> ,change the Alopias to Caretta.

And it work like the ATIinject.kext.


What's the result:

When in the internal lcd ,it cause a black screen.

It work in the external display.When i choose to the vga+lcd display mode(show the pic on both screen), sometime it would cause the external CRT down, show a message"Frequency is out of range".

When the res is set to 1280*1024, it show 111k/104Hz.

When the res is set to 1024*768, it show 78K/97Hz.

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this might sound stupid but it had resolution change, rotate and both dvi working on 10.4.8 with 10.4.4 kernel no qe/ci. I recently reformatted and upgrade to the 8.8.1 kernel now i have qe/ci no resolution change. i installed the natit kext hoping it would fix this i get black screen and i edit it just as weichen said. maybe i did somehting wrong or forgot the dev id editing i dont know. but they are hope for x1300 pci-e card guys.

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edit boot.plist again now i have 1280x1024 full qe/ci minor mouse tearing overall i would say 95% of this set up work for notebook guys there was some guide that u need to put a pin into the vga behind the laptop to get the internal lcd to work this take some poking around to get the right combo in my belief i htink certain laptop need to plug a certain hole... so go give that a try..

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As i know, you have the X1300 pro card, rather than the mobility X1300.

Congratulation that you make it work.


I have tried the 3.6 and it worked the same as the ATIinject.kext or Natit.kext.I really wait for the solution of the internal display.

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I have a card x1300 512 mb kernel installs 3,6 Screen: Type: Compatible controller with VGA Bus: PCIe VRAM (total): 64 MB Manufacturer: ATI (0x1002) YOU GO of the device: 0x7146 YOU GO of revisin: 0x0000 Screens: CMC 19AW: Resolucin: 1440 900 xs @ 60 Hertz Depth: Color of 32 bits Core Image: Incompatible Main screen: S Duplicate: Deactivated In lnea: S Quartz Extreme: Incompatible this is the result if I follow east position of a guardian the possible on




Tipo: Controlador compatible con VGA

Bus: PCIe

VRAM (total): 64 MB

Fabricante: ATI (0x1002)

ID del dispositivo: 0x7146

ID de la revisión: 0x0000



Resolución: 1440 x 900 @ 60 Hz

Profundidad: Color de 32 bits

Core Image: Incompatible

Pantalla principal: Sí

Duplicado: Desactivado

En línea: Sí

Quartz Extreme: Incompatible


help me pleased

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Has anyone tried it with 10.4.9 kernel?


10.4.8 or 10.4.9 makes no difference...

I'm on 10.4.9 with QE/CI working, but only at 1024x768 on my Dell Inspiron 6400 with 1280x800...


I'm now waiting for months to get my whole screen filled, but there does not seem to come any solution :-(

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I think there will be no hope to see X1400 working properly. The only solution should be to write down a driver (even minimal as Callisto), but I have no experiences in driver programming :censored2:

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I hope that your method will work... It is a pity that the video driver is a problem... I know that this would sound funny, but maybe if we contact the omega driver developer and ask him to pull this up, who knows??? ;)

this is his emai omegadrivers@gmail.com found in google :)




new post:

I`ve send a message to omegadrivers so we will wait and see what will happen :pirate2:

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