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Crossover Mac Beta 3 is out

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Just saw this posted over at Codeweavers:




Hi Folks,


I'm happy to say that we've now made a public prerelease version

of CrossOver Mac 6.0 available for your testing pleasure. A summary

list of changes is available below.


At this point, we feel we're finally beginning to converge on a final 6.0.

We still have some major issues we hope to solve, mostly with

programs like Quicken 2007.


However, we hope this build brings a lot of joy, particularly in fixes

for service packs, Outlook 2003, Quicken versions prior to 2007,

and with some Half Life 2 fixes.


We're also hoping to confirm that we've made progress on non US locales,

particularly European and Japanese environments, which should now

be working reasonably well.


Major issues we will continue to work on are around Quicken 2007,

and just general polish and clean up of a variety of applications

(e.g. End Note and others).


I'm particularly interested in Outlook 2003 use in Exchange environments.

In all of our testing, this seems to be working pretty well. I'd really appreciate

test reports on your experiences with it.


At any rate, thanks for your interest and help. We'll be watching the beta

reports and forums more closely, please direct your feedback there.








* CrossOver Mac 6.0.0beta3 - 2006/11/08

CrossOver Mac specific changes:

Improved CD-handling: Now CrossOver should be able to detect and

interact with all removable volumes and dynamically assign

drive letters to then. The 'eject' button should work better as

well. All in all, multi-CD installs should work much better.

Rearranged the panels in the Bottle Manager; added a bottle

description field.

Changed the GUI feedback during the deletion of a bottle.

Fixed icons in the control-panel.

Improved locale support -- now the Windows locale should match

the OS X locale.

Fixed a few keymapping problems. Shift-arrow selection should

now work properly, and non-US keyboards may work better.

Added default association handling so that .pdfs and such are

passed to the system for opening.

Fixed an occasional crash in Half-Life.

Redesign of menu and Applications/CrossOver handling.

Menus should now vanish when applications are removed.

Added the first part of a User Guide.

Partial redesign of the Bottle Manager dialog


General CrossOver fixes and improvements:

Fixed network play in Half-Life 1.

Fixed a bug with window sizing in Quicken

Fixed problems with some Quicken versions that cause

windows to become non-responsive.

Fixed several issues with the connection between Outlook

and Exchange.

Office 2003 service packs can now be installed.

Slipstream editions of Office 2003 can now be installed.

Fixed popup menus in Photoshop

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