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  1. Triple Monitors / Dual Video Cards?

  2. The "iPhone" Name Fiasco Begins...

    Fair enough. "Long" term, you mean? This is debatable, although I'd say pulling the company out of bankrupcy and increasing stock price 900% is decent. not sure why you say this, note he has a $1/year salary. Okay, clearly you've lost it here. If he has no business sense, how do you explain this: AAPL $6.90 01/24/03 AAPL $97.00 01/10/07
  3. Setting up a Biostar TForcep965 / Sapphire x1600

    easy, just upgrade to the deluxe BIOS. it works fine then, you'll have hte option to choose AHCI
  4. Need Help From A Math Wiz

    PV=nRT failing that, go read up on basic chemistry
  5. Parallels can boot Boot Camp installs!

    this has to be hackable/patchable.
  6. New Parallels Beta Build 3036 Released

    did you install parallels tools from bootcamp?
  7. New Parallels Beta Build 3036 Released

    anyone on a hackintosh get parallels to boot the same image in OS X and native?
  8. Quite a change of heart from the old days eh?? throwing down for $300 memory and $300 processors better get you a new PSU before that Ultra blows up
  9. New Parallels Beta Build 3036 Released

    can't boot FAT32, you can convert to NTFS, google
  10. has anyone gotten the "Boot from Bootcamp" feature running on this?
  11. New Parallels Beta Build 3036 Released

    it appears greyed out for me.
  12. cheap video card for QE/CI ?

    I have a AGP Asus 6200 for $30 shipped, but cannot gurarntee compatibility