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My UEFI Clover Cannot Boot My Windows Installation, and I can't boot a Legacy Clover

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Hi, so this is an issue I have put off for a while by just selecting the windows drive to boot.
My Clover bootloader, UEFI, cannot load my Windows installations. Those are set to boot legacy, so I can understand that. But I cannot get legacy Clover working! When I install it to my drive and set that to boot, it just goes straight to the Windows installation. I think it has to do with the boot1 / 6 type error where it's just redirecting it to Windows, because that's all that happens.


In Summation-


UEFI Clover-can't boot Windows

Legacy Clover-forwarded to another boot drive


Something something active partition?


Happy new year and thank you for your time, I appreciate any help!

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The answer is to convert your windows install to UEFI instead of booting legacy. Also depending on where and how you install the legacy clover it might not even had a chance to load because windows is either in the MBR to boot or the windows drive is selected to boot legacy before the other. Since you can have a legacy and UEFI boot option for each drive.


This should be the goods for you.

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