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  1. Any help? Much appreciated!
  2. Hi, so this is an issue I have put off for a while by just selecting the windows drive to boot. My Clover bootloader, UEFI, cannot load my Windows installations. Those are set to boot legacy, so I can understand that. But I cannot get legacy Clover working! When I install it to my drive and set that to boot, it just goes straight to the Windows installation. I think it has to do with the boot1 / 6 type error where it's just redirecting it to Windows, because that's all that happens. In Summation- UEFI Clover-can't boot Windows Legacy Clover-forwarded to another boot drive Something something active partition? Happy new year and thank you for your time, I appreciate any help!
  3. Hello, happy new year and I hope you're doing well! I upgraded to High Sierra despite my intentions not to, and I've encountered some general lag and slow speed with my CPU. Often, Logic Pro X will present a "System Overload" popup that I had only ever seen before when returning from sleep. Now it will frequently occur in between songs. I have an MSI Gaming 7 and a i5-4690K. Any help will be appreciated. I'm sure many of you are having issues similar if I am. Thank you for your time.
  4. HDMI 2.0 for 4k 60hz?

    @guzferreira that's the wrong adapter. Your GPU already has DisplayPort and HDMI. You want the opposite adapter to plug into your TV and give you HDMI out. Not sure how you used it with Windows, but I suppose you plugged that into your GPU and your TV has displayport out? In which case you don't need any adapter.
  5. HDMI 2.0 for 4k 60hz?

    Try finding a Sierra IOKit patch, and if it doesn't work, you'll need an adapter. You're using a TV I presume?
  6. Hi, I first started Hackintosh with a Yosemite installation. This was the second partition on an MBR drive with the first partition as NTFS w/o Windows. It worked fine despite what I've heard but it ran out of space so I cloned that partition to another drive. This was eventually pointless because it created a 160gb partition on a 500gb drive and I came to learn HFS cannot be resized if the table is MBR. Now, this clone, which I used for a long period of time, still boots fine. However, no bootloader recognizes the initial OSX partition. They both used to come up and work just fine however. Nowadays, I'm running macOS Sierra with a Clover EFI installation which doesn't recognize the first partition, nor does the chameleon from the second clone. I've tried installing Chameleon and Clover to that partition and booting from it, but no go. Thanks in advance.
  7. HDMI 2.0 for 4k 60hz?

    Well luckily, my purchased monitor had DisplayPort. So I used the cable and immediately Mac worked at 60hz 4k. Great! The freezing when going to full screen has become less but still occurs sometimes. Any help with that? Windows had a problem at first, for some reason running at 30hz but I updated the Nvidia drivers and it was all perfect. I can see this being a problem for a monitor which only has HDMI 2.0. In which case, you would NEED that IOKit patch to work. As for the freezing, I did some googling and I was already on iMac 12,2 and I now tried 14,1 because I have an LGA 1150 i5-4690K but it's about the same amount. Also freezes when plugging in a USB drive sometimes. TL;DR: DisplayPort fixes 60hz 4k with Mac. Still freezes when going full screen?
  8. HDMI 2.0 for 4k 60hz?

    ah so just the IOkit patch... "Enables HDMI2.0 on Nvidia Maxwell cards (Never tested this myself, for this you only need the IOKit patch not the Nvidia patch)" I purchased a DisplayPort cable now, but it would be fun to make it work over HDMI...just because we are those kinds of people hahaha. But I also was facing random freezes that I wasn't before. I think Mac doesn't really like HDMI.
  9. HDMI 2.0 for 4k 60hz?

    I know Mac doesn't support this because there are no Macs with HDMI 2.0. However, we are using an Nvidia driver, with an Nvidia card, so I'm sure there's a way we could get 60hz with 4k? If not, will using a displayport cable solve my problem? I hope so. Regardless, HDMI would be nice
  10. Why is vanilla a better option? I couldn't even get mouse and keyboard on my laptop working on the installer. I couldn't find the right kext for it to drop into the clover folder. I made this account just to say this lol...and that damn second quiz took me 3 tries. I just missed by one the first two times!!