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Problem with internal screen on intel hd 4000

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I did in my dsdt application of the RehabMan patch for brightness correction in AppleBacklight.kext but what happens and the brightness works but my internal screen of the laptop stays with the image with a transparent white background barely can see the image, but I do the shine and it works and it's just a problem in the image, I do not know why this happens, thanks.


with device i meant the whole notebook but anyways :P


i run the hd4000 in my elitebook 8470p just fine with platform id of 0x01660003 + lvds Capriframebuffer patch


what is the patch that lvds for Capriframebuffer patch how can I do and that I have patch on clover but for hdmi audio so am I missing this one?

see this config: https://github.com/dreadkopp/8470p_10.13.xthis on is mine for the elitebook.



see that platform-id is set in dsdt.


lvds framebuffer patch is the first patch in the kextpatches in the config.plist



I tried anyway on the internal screen of the same problem I will show a photo of the problem in hdmi works perfectly I do not know if my clover at configuration level is the most correct if they can adjust my config to the most correct because I am using This is taken from the internet because I do not understand much of it.


That image looks mega weird.


Acceleration works though?


Check with maybe http://resxtreme.com/if color depth is set to corret level


yes I have full acceleration on the external monitor by hdmi the image of the perfect on the internal monitor and that is so I do not understand, one thing I had acpibacklight.kext installed and until today it started on external monitor well today and that when I turned on the computer it was so removed acpibacklight.kext and I'm using native applebacklight.kext I do not know why it worked and today it was like this


Look, I saw that your clover config is configured and you do not use DSDT, you can have a look at my eyes and configure my config in the correct way for the operation. I've already been told that many things are activated that you can not do do that ?

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