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  1. dreadkopp

    HP Elitebook 8470p - the better MacBookPro

    updated for mojave
  2. dreadkopp

    Problem with internal screen on intel hd 4000

    That image looks mega weird. Acceleration works though? Check with maybe http://resxtreme.com/if color depth is set to corret level
  3. dreadkopp

    Problem with internal screen on intel hd 4000

    see this config: https://github.com/dreadkopp/8470p_10.13.xthis on is mine for the elitebook. see that platform-id is set in dsdt. lvds framebuffer patch is the first patch in the kextpatches in the config.plist
  4. dreadkopp

    Problem with internal screen on intel hd 4000

    with device i meant the whole notebook but anyways i run the hd4000 in my elitebook 8470p just fine with platform id of 0x01660003 + lvds Capriframebuffer patch mbp9,2 smbios
  5. dreadkopp

    Problem with internal screen on intel hd 4000

    which device is this ? which platform-id and smbios do you use ?
  6. dreadkopp

    Elitebook 8470p / HD4000 Fixing DP kills Audio

    Fixed it. It was Clovers fault. Used 4259. Update to 4330 fixed the sound problem. Now pretty much everything works, still waiting for Wificard though. -> http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/330391-hp-elitebook-8470p-high-sierra-the-better-macbookpro/
  7. Just wanted to leave this here since i finally finished this machine. UPDATE: MOJAVE READY: Since informations where a bit hard to find and i encountered a bunch of problems + rehabmans HP Probook scripts leave you with a mess i thought i share my Clover folder with you guys. I came from a MacBookPro9,1 which sadly had a broken GMUX so i needed a replacement. This Elitebook is pretty great with 1600x900 14'' Screen it's basically somewhere between mbp9,1 and mbp9,2 High Res. CPU is upgradable as well as Ram. This config is for the HD4000 version, not the one with the AMD Mobile card. You don't want that since the AMD actually isn't much faster than the HD4000 but eats much more power. With the 55Wh Battery i get roughly 3 hours out of this machine. It's basically the better mbp9,1 for ~200€ You might need to switch the Intel Centurio Wifi for a supported HP Branded Broadcom. HP Broadcom BCM943224HMS workd fine. -> https://github.com/dreadkopp/8470p_10.1x.x FanControl not 100% done but should be okay + I haven'T found a way to make the pointing knob thingy usable yet. Everything else should work fine. SSDT.aml generated for i5 3320m. If you run another CPU you want to replace that one. The slightly faster CPU (100 Mhz base Clock / 200 Mhz Turbo) in the elitebook in comparison with a real mbp9,2 but runnin 10.13.0 : and another screen just for fun :
  8. dreadkopp


    don't thanks me, i just found that awesome kext in the vast dessert of the internet and thought it might help someone as well
  9. dreadkopp

    Elitebook 8470p / HD4000 Fixing DP kills Audio

    Hey Al i used your DSDT while dumping all of my ssdts besides the cpu-powermanagement as well as all clover-on-the-fly dsdt patches, set 0x01660004 platform id manually in clover + inject intel. However i end up with the exact same result: using the kextpatch for lvds disables audio, disabling the kext patch gives me audio but i loose internal monitor. HS 10.13 Cheers
  10. dreadkopp


    Version 1.0


    Enables you to use USB Tethering from Android phones. (iPhones as well? dunno, cannot test) This might be helpful if: - you want to use mobile Internet on your hackintosh and don't want to open a wifi hotspot (battery, security, whatever reasons) - you got no / unsupported wifi and want to use your phone as a wifi-dongle. Usage: simply inject the kext with Clover, attach Phone, and enable USB tethering on the phone. For usage as Wifi-Dongle better switch off mobile DAta as well, not too sure about how Android handles the priorities when both Wifi and Mobile Data are enabled. Original Installer: http://joshuawise.com/horndis Git: https://github.com/jwise/horndis
  11. dreadkopp

    Elitebook 8470p / HD4000 Fixing DP kills Audio

    Dankeschön @al6042 UPDATE: by setting the 0x01660003 platform-id in the SSDT-IGPU_HIRES.aml and stripping the kext patches by the first one (HD4000 Scramble) it works... Using the first Kext Patch i will get a KP + Reboot. However sound device is gone now. I was getting sound to work with lilu + applealc + layout 12. I can reproduce this by en-/disabling the kext patch for lvds connector. so i can have: sound but no internal display OR no sound and DP Display + internal Display working. Weird, i know. but if anyone has a solution to this please help Currently using Voodoohda but sound is bad ... :/
  12. Hey guys. So far I got everything to work on this little machine. Except the Displayport. I never had a Intel IGP before so I am a bit lost. I will attach my Clover folder, would be great if someone could have a look. I used mostly patches found here: https://github.com/RehabMan/HP-ProBook-4x30s-DSDT-Patchsince I couldn't get the IGP to work properly at all without it. (inject intel + platform id 0x01660009 / 0x0166000A just gave me 4MB Vram and graphical glitches) config : CLOVER.zip Thanks in advance
  13. dreadkopp

    BIOS sees 16GB, but OSX only 12GB (RAM)

    congrats. You should consider adding 2 more 4gb sticks though for tripple channel
  14. Solved it by using macpro macpro 5,1 smbios and emulating 8 Westmere single core CPUs Gesendet von meinem LG-D855 mit Tapatalk