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Found 35 results

  1. If you have a working Brightness Slider and you might be using Brightness slider or manual hotkeys to control brightness then this guide may help you to use your Native hotkeys of laptop. (All the Credits goes to @RehabMan For OS-X-ACPI-Debug Kext and DSDT Patches.) This step assumes that you are using RehabMan's VoodooPS2Controller or Acidanthera's PS2Controller Install the kext: https://github.com/RehabMan/OS-X-ACPI-Debug Open MaciASL and click on patch.(Add rehab man repo) Apply "Add DSDT Debug Methods" and "Instrument EC Queries" that are under Brightness Fix. Save the DSDT and restart Look in Syslog as you press the key corresponding to brightness to determine which _QXX methods handle the keys (UPDATE: From Sierra Apple changed logging process. So you won't find ACPIdebug result using syslog command. Instead use following command ) log show --last 5 | grep ACPIDebug 6. Then patch DSDT: into method label _Q1D replace_content begin // Brightness Down\n Notify(\_SB.PCI0.LPCB.PS2M, 0x0205)\n Notify(\_SB.PCI0.LPCB.PS2M, 0x0285)\n end; into method label _Q1C replace_content begin // Brightness Up\n Notify(\_SB.PCI0.LPCB.PS2M, 0x0206)\n Notify(\_SB.PCI0.LPCB.PS2M, 0x0286)\n end; Change the variable _Q1D/_Q1C as per the log. 7. Try compiling and check if it generates errors 8. If it does, then change the PS2M to PS2X according to the one found in your DSDT 9. Save and place the compiled DSDT. 10. Now you should see that you have your corresponding keys to change your brightness FOR more detail and Queries,Check Out original Post of @RehabMan Here; http://www.insanelym...18#entry1997112 Get Latest Version of OS-X-ACPI-Debug kext here: https://bitbucket.org/RehabMan/os-x-acpi-debug/downloads
  2. Gonzalox

    Samsung Q430-11 DSDT Help

    I'm a new to all this DSDT thing, I need help for editing my DSDT (I can use guides from here or others forums) to fix some malfunctions. I have the following problems: 1) Brightness controls don't show up anywhere. No action from the FN+Up/Down. 2) Sleep Function dont work, so I cant close the lid or use sleep to save some energy I've also Legacy USB enabled, internal LAN disabled. And tried these Sleepenabler but it just dont work, it gives me KP once. Please help me I dont know what to edit, I have downloaded DSDTSE. I am asking for help here because I saw another topic where a user had the same problem and he got his problems fixed with help from other user. I've the same Laptop so I think it must be kinda easy to fix this. You can check the topic here: http://www.insanelym...howtopic=257063 I think i could merge some things from the fixed DSDT to mine, but Im not really sure if this works that way. My DSDT with no changes http://www.mediafire...lbprppxwax5vruz After compilation i get this message (just the bottom) Compilation complete. 0 Errors, 2 Warnings, 36 Remarks, 10 Optimizations I am using Snow Leopard 10.6.7 btw, sorry if something is unreadable, english isnt my native language. My Specs are Samsung Q430-11 Core i5 450M 4GB DDR3 1333MHz RAM nVidia GeForce 310M
  3. Uryupinsk

    Lenovo G570 Brightness Control

    Hello, first I'm sorry about my english but I'm French. I successfully installed Lion 10.7.2 via iAtkos L2 with QE/CI working on a Lenovo G570 (Intel Core i3-2310m with HD 3000 Graphics) I can set brightness following this post : http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=236835&st=0 but I have a problem. The brightness steps aren't good : when the slider is on 0, screen goes black but if I put slider on 1 position, brightness is at 50/60%, which is too high. I think we can fix this with DSDT but I don't know how. There is my DSDT : http://www.mediafire.com/?9vkjbj8nw1qh73s Thanks for your replies.
  4. genben

    Add Brightness Keys to DSDT?

    I read around for some time on how to add Keyboard Keys of my HP Mini to the DSDT, so OS X can use them. Yet I only found 2 or 3 people saying that they were able to add the Brightness Keys, but I can't find any information or code snippet! I already have an fully working DSDT for my machine, but how to find out the Mapping and what code to add?
  5. I have an hp envy 15-j000 with hd4600 graphics.....when i wake up from powernap or display off..how do i keep my brightness the same as i left it instead of it going straight to max and brightness not working anymore? I use acpibrightness
  6. Hello everybody. I have installed Mavericks on my Asus Zenbook UX302la(listed in my signiture), and have almost everything working great except for the: Touhchscreen(I don't mind this not working) Wifi(I have a Mini pcie to usb adapter with usb wlan coming in the mail, so it will work) Brightness Controls in terms of backlit keyboard (Fn F3/F4) doesnt work, but the screen brightness controls (Fn F5 and F6) are semi working with a DSDT patch found here Currently I would like to solve the Brightness issue. The problem I am having is when I boot up my computer, the brightness appears to be dimmed and the brightness controls do not work. When I press the sleep button on the login screen and then wake the screen, the screen becomes brighter and the brightness controls work. I have checked the DSDT editor's debug option, but there are no warnings or errors, just optimizations. Then I thought, could there be an error of kexts? I deleted kexts that I thought might be causing the strange issue at the login, such as ACPIBrightness, but returned with nothing. Currently I am using Rehab's AICPM kext, which works with haswell. Is it possible to create a launchd script as a startup applicarion that will execute a sleep and then a wake command, so that I will be able to control the brightness on the screen. Please help me get the keyboard backlight and screen brightness working. Thanks!
  7. asdfjklsemicolon

    Backlight Control Sierra 10.12.5 AMD APU

    I have an HP Pavilion 15-p051us laptop that I have set up as a hackintosh. One of the last things I have not managed to get working is the backlight control. I have tried the ACPI Backlight (and Intel Backlight) method by rehabman (this has worked for some people by using Brightness by bergdesign) but it does not work for me. I have also tried the AppleBacklightInjector method mentioned here as well as patching my own by the method here. So far nothing has worked. I have not gotten a slider in the system preferences nor have I been able to change the brightness with the bergdesign app. I have used clover's PNLF fix only when the method says to do so (this was always the first thing I checked). I have attempted to create an IGPU device (yes on an AMD APU) by renaming _SB.PCI0.VGA to _SB.PCI0.IGPU and renaming the sub-device (LCD) to DD01. I also added methods in the IGPU device of my intel hackintosh but the brightness control still does not work with any method. I have attached the original DSDT (and SSDTs) as well as my modified DSDT (with IGPU, battery fix, and HPET fix). Is there any known way to control brightness on an AMD system or is there anything else I can try to make this work? Currently I can only use a semi-transparent overlay (brightness slider app in store) to "control" brightness. origin.zip patched.zip
  8. Dear all, I'm using HP 430 Notebook PC with detail : HD Graphic 3000 Intel Sandy Brigde - Core I5 So, I'm install hackintosh Sierra 10.12.5 with clover for legacy bios. Everything work well excerpt some hotkey or function key. Brightness slider are enable and work normally with AppleBrighnessInjector.kext My audio function key work well but the orther did not work. Anyone here can help me about this. Thanks. Sorry for my English. Remember from forum rules
  9. soumaxetuirk

    HP ProBook 4220s All fixed DSDT



    All thing fixed includes: 1.Patch Rehabman battery kext 2.Patch for brightness (with rehab man acpi backlight kext) 3.common fixes 4.keyboard patch for yosemite 5.AR 9285 wifi 6.All other small fixes
  10. gazzacbr

    Errors compiling SSDT - Asus G750JX

    Hi, I have extracted the DSDT and 8 (!) SSDTs from my Asus G750JX. I am preparing to try to patch them to add a brightness slider (not exactly sure how just yet). My laptop has a 3D 120hz screen and needs an EFI string as OS X doesnt see the lcd connected to the internal display port. (string kindly generated by AREOS http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/293967-solved-asus-rog-laptops-with-kepler-cards-not-detecting-dp-2-connected-lcd-display/page-1 ) I have cleared errors etc from the DSDT and 7 of the SSDTs. The 8th one (acpi_ssdt8.aml which contains graphics info) has this method _ROM screwed up: Method (_ROM, 2, Serialized) // _ROM: Read-Only Memory { If (RBUF (Add (Arg0, RBUF (Local0, ShiftLeft (Arg1, 0x03, Local1), Name (VBUF, Buffer (Arg1) {}), OperationRegion (VROM, SystemMemory, Local0, 0x1000), Field (VROM, ByteAcc, NoLock, Preserve) { ROMI, 32768 }), Store (ROMI, VBUF)), Return (VBUF), Else { Return (Buffer (One) { 0x00 }) })) {} } I have edited to this and it compiled it to SSDT-7.aml but when i re-open the new compiled file the error is still there???? Method (_ROM, 2, Serialized) // _ROM: Read-Only Memory { If (RBUF) { Add (Arg0, RBUF, Local0) ShiftLeft (Arg1, 0x03, Local1) Name (VBUF, Buffer (Arg1) {}) OperationRegion (VROM, SystemMemory, Local0, 0x1000) Field (VROM, ByteAcc, NoLock, Preserve) { ROMI, 32768 } Store (ROMI, VBUF) Return (VBUF) } Else { Return (Buffer (One) { 0x00 }) } } Can some kind person check this and tell me where I am going wrong? p.s. if you can add in the brightness patch at the same time that would be great thanks. gazzacbr Asus G750JX.zip
  11. Hi guys, on MacOSX with DSDT patched by macinsane B570 doesn't reach the minimum brightness. I'm trying to look deeper, hope someone would help. In Linux: xrandr --prop | grep BACKLIGHT BACKLIGHT: 16 (0x00000010) range: (0,976) sudo sh -c 'echo 16 > /sys/class/backlight/intel_backlight/brightness' Gives the minimum brightness. Hero DSDT: Scope (_SB) { Device (PNLF) { Name (_HID, EisaId ("APP0002")) Name (_CID, "backlight") Name (_UID, 0x0A) Name (_STA, 0x0B) } Maybe the problem is that macosx use 10 steps and actual driver has different granularity/lowest values?
  12. I did in my dsdt application of the RehabMan patch for brightness correction in AppleBacklight.kext but what happens and the brightness works but my internal screen of the laptop stays with the image with a transparent white background barely can see the image, but I do the shine and it works and it's just a problem in the image, I do not know why this happens, thanks. CLOVER.zip
  13. tempered

    Brightness Patch

    My hackintosh is currently running 10.6.8 on an HP 4530s, and I experience an issue where I can't fine tune the screen brightness after I first turn it on. In order to control screen brightness properly I need to sleep the display first, then wake it back on, and finally I can fine tune the brightness. I grew tired of needing to do that everytime I booted so I decided to find a work-around. Once I figured out a reliable method I went ahead and packaged it up for anyone who might also benefit from it! In no way do I guarantee this will work for everyone, but give it a shot if you have the brightness bug. The patch makes no permanent changes and does not require elevated access to install. It's all local to the user and does not make any system changes. It has a provided uninstaller just in case things go awry! The README in the .zip contains all information about the files that will be installed and what they do. The patch is a collective of two open source applications to control the screen and brightness via command line, and some bash scripting by me. It requires the Terminal to install for now... I don't know a thing about making a GUI Installer but if anyone can provide any tips, I would be greatful! Download the zip, use Terminal to install by navigating to the file and typing "./install.sh", then log out or reboot to enable the patch. - Adam brightness_fix.zip
  14. Hi, Recently with many search, I successfully install 10.10 under my T430s i7 3520m Ram 16GB Intel 535 256GB SSD Nvidia + Intel 4000 Video The only problem left is I can't adjust monitor's brightness, which is too bright, I can't read it for long time. Still no sound, but it's not a big problem to me, since I use this T430s as develop machine. I read much, I saw I need to patch my DSDT, but when I went to https://github.com/RehabMan/Laptop-DSDT-Patch , I really can't find the one relate to LCD brightness, also I saw I may need to install a kext to control brightness. I include my DSDT and SSDT, want to get help from you guys, really thanks for this forum, helps lots to build a Hackintosh! dsdt&ssdt.zip
  15. Hi to everybody. I'm new to the mac world and i managed to get OS 10.11 installed on my Acer 5742z (thanks to you all). I fixed the graphic problem with this guide , but i got stuck in the part to enable the screen brightness control. I edited and injected my dsdt.arl with success, i installed the ACPIBrightness.kext, and i get the brightness bar on the screen options too, but seems to not work. Even the fn+arrow isn't working at all. I tried to play with the hex values in the dsdt with no success, i can't even set my screen to the lowest value. I don't know where i am doing wrong and i would like to somebody to point me to the right direction. I attach you my edited dsdt (not the complied version) System DSDT.zip
  16. After many weeks of trying I finally managed to figure out how to make the display wake correctly. After adding a PNLF device I didn't have problems with the brightness, but after sleep it would stay black when not using additional kexts. The problem with these kexts was that after sleep I got maximum brightness and no way to modify it. The fix was adding 3 lines to the beginning of my _WAK method: Method (_WAK, 1, Serialized) { \_SB.PCI0.GFX0.DD02._DSS (0x04C4B401) //wake device Notify (\_SB.PCI0.GFX0.DD02, 0x86) //increase brightness \_SB.PCI0.GFX0.DD02._BCM (0x37) //set brightness to 55% My PNLF Device (PNLF) { Name (_HID, EisaId ("APP0002")) Name (_CID, "backlight") Name (_UID, 0x0A) Name (_STA, 0x0B) Method (_BCL, 0, NotSerialized) { Return (^^_SB.PCI0.GFX0.DD02._BCL ()) } Method (_BCM, 1, NotSerialized) { ^^_SB.PCI0.GFX0.DD02._BCM (Arg0) } Method (_BQC, 0, NotSerialized) { Return (^^_SB.PCI0.GFX0.DD02._BQC ()) } } Also I modified the DD02 device (LCD) to have a _DOS method and corrected the _BCL method. Method (_DOS, 1, NotSerialized) { VDOS (Arg0) } Method (_BCL, 0, Serialized) { Name (BUFF, Package (0x12) { 0x64, 0x37, 0x0A, 0x0F, 0x1E, 0x28, 0x37, 0x41, 0x50, 0x64, 0x64, 0x64, 0x64, 0x64, 0x64, 0x64, 0x64, 0x64 }) Store (BRTD, Index (BUFF, Zero)) Store (BRTB, Index (BUFF, One)) Store (BRT0, Index (BUFF, 0x02)) Store (BRT1, Index (BUFF, 0x03)) Store (BRT2, Index (BUFF, 0x04)) Store (BRT3, Index (BUFF, 0x05)) Store (BRT4, Index (BUFF, 0x06)) Store (BRT5, Index (BUFF, 0x07)) Store (BRT6, Index (BUFF, 0x08)) Store (BRT7, Index (BUFF, 0x09)) If (LAnd (LLess (OSYS, 0x07D6), HPSU)) { Store (BCLA, Index (BUFF, Zero)) Store (BCLD, Index (BUFF, One)) } Return (BUFF) } No additional kext are now needed to make brightness work. I hope this helps others as well. For me now there is only the sound after wake issue which I currently solve buy just reloading the AppleHDA kext. DSDT.zip All my kexts in one file: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B_4vW3Ql9PJCX01mWWdQOEJBX1k/edit?usp=sharing
  17. Hello everyone, I have an Asus gl502vmk (i7 kabylake + GTX 1060 6 gb) laptop and I tried all the patches/kexts to get the brightness with fn keys/touchpad (I2C ELAN 1200 works with VooDoo I2C kext v1.0 but no gestures/preference pane)/Keyboard backlight to work but no success so far, any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance. [EDIT] (10/04/2018) Battery status now works, thanks to @RehabMan turned out to be incorrect SMBIOS (used iMac instead of Mbp) lol, but it drains crazy fast (~1.5 - 2 hours while on standby (all apps quited!), on windows 10 it lasts 4 - 5 hours, and on linux it lasts 6 ~ 7 hours!) And with VoodooI2C v2.0.1 + VoodooI2CHID kext and patched DSDT, the touchpad is now detected in the sys pref pane but still no input. Sound works with VoodooHDA v2.9.1, but the only issue is that the jack sense isn't working (the output device doesn't auto switch to headphone when connected) [EDIT 2] (11/04/2018) The system brightness now works thanks to @onejay09 but I have no brightness slider, and there are 4 extra brightness levels (brightness stops increasing after 12 levels) and the brightness keys are not mapped correctly, plus the brightness decreases when I plug in the ac adapter, then increases if I unplug it???, the brightness level isn't also saved after reboot. battery still drains crazy fast (~1.5 - 2 hours, even with brightness at 50%, so apparently it is a power management issue). and I also have shutdowns while in sleep mode (I tried darkwake=10 and darkwake-0 and darkwake=no) P.S. I have uploaded my new report files, thanks! Latest report files (11/04/2018): https://www95.zippyshare.com/v/AMOpP0AY/file.html
  18. Hello, It makes now one week I try to hackintosh my new Acer Aspire V5-571G. It is not fully working, but at least, it starts. I tried to disable Nvidia Optimus (so the GeForce GT620M) by patching DSDT but I don't really know if is has worked.. Please some of you can take a look at my DSDT? I am not really an expert and tried to do my best, but I'm not sure I did right, I would like to know where I'm wrong! I also had some sleep issues and I am not able to use brightness controls.. Thanks for your help!
  19. FOREWORD: Be warned this is a messy guide for advanced users. This guide will apply if you have first generation Intel graphics also known as GMA 5700MHD (PCI id 8086:0046) It is guaranteed to work on a HP G62 laptop (this laptop doesn't seem to use EC to manage brightness) It may also work on other laptops, with some experimenting! If it doesn't work, see the replies in this thread before asking for help. Update: make sure you read other posts in this thread, if your laptop is not a HP G62 laptop, especially post 68 from jerrywilborn which may help you http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/287133-guide-backlight-brightness-for-intel-80860046-1st-gen-hd-gma-5700mhd/page__st__60?do=findComment&comment=1903273 OBJECTIVES: This guide should help you enable: Brightness keys Brightness slider in preference panel Backlight will work on waking up from ACPI sleep (note: if you ONLY want to enable this fix, and no other fixes, then see post number #6 ) Screen dimming will work after a short period of inactivity Screen sleeping will work off after a longer period of inactivity Automatic screen dim when switching to battery power If you have applied my fixes from another thread, you will need to review them, as a lot has changed. PREREQUISITES: First you will need to install hotKoffy's ACPI BACKLIGHT kext (attached). (Note: Do not install the Generic Brightness kext -- if you have it , try and delete it) ---- GUIDE ---- Step1: Find out our graphics BAR0 register (sometimes known as BAR1 register because some people count from 1...) Mine is at 0xB0000004 so you will notice all my "magic numbers" starting with 0xB.... To find your BAR0/BAR1 address, you will have to look at your integrated graphics PCI configuration space. It will usually be the second device on PCI bus 0 (device 00:02:00) You have two options, Expert option: You can use the 64bit lspci driver from these forums and do it on your Mac. Easier option: you can find this info even easier using RW-Everything on windows, but you will have to boot from windows. Download the RW-everything app from Download | RWEverything , start it, go to PCI window, and select your Intel Graphics from the drop down, take note of the BAR1 number (screenshot below:) The screenshot above is from giofrida's system. Because his BAR0 starts with 0xC.. we will need to modify the OperationRegions below so that 0xB00048254 becomes 0xC00048254, and 0xB00048250 becomes 0xC0048250 etc. You will need to do this for your system. Step 2: --- ACTUAL PATCHES--- Open your DSDT.aml in a DSDT Editor (see other threads for how to use this. MODIFYING DSDT MAY SCREW UP YOUR COMPUTER SO BE SURE YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING.) The following needs to be placed just before the beginning of " Scope (_SB)" ( before the first occurence of this string in your DSDT). Make sure you change the magic numbers to comply with your BAR0. OperationRegion (BRIT, SystemMemory, 0xB0048254, 0x04) Field (BRIT, AnyAcc, Lock, Preserve) { LEVL, 32 } OperationRegion (BRI2, SystemMemory, 0xB0048250, 0x04) Field (BRI2, AnyAcc, Lock, Preserve) { LEV2, 32 } OperationRegion (BRI3, SystemMemory, 0xB00C8250, 0x04) Field (BRI3, AnyAcc, Lock, Preserve) { LEVW, 32 } OperationRegion (BRI4, SystemMemory, 0xB00C8254, 0x04) Field (BRI4, AnyAcc, Lock, Preserve) { LEVX, 32 } 2. Now, the following assumes your graphics module is called GFX0 and that the LCD is listed as the second sub-device of GFX0. To find your graphics module, you can try and look for the line "Name (_ADR, 0x00020000)". The LCD should be the second sub device, mine is called DD02. You can use IOREG to confirm the name of your graphics (eg. GFX0). You can use the following method to identify the LCD sub-device: simply, go to your GFX0 (or equivalent), and then under that device, identify the sub-device that has those methods (_BCM, _BCQ, _BCL). YOU NEED TO REMEMBER TO NAME THIS SUB- DEVICE by adding the following line: Name (_HID, EisaId ("LCD1234")) in my case it looks like this Device (DD02) { Name (_HID, EisaId ("LCD1234")) ... 3. Then, you will need to add a new device PNLF. Usually you will have to add this before the beginning of Scope _PR, or after all other devices. IF YOU ALREADY HAVE ANOTHER PNLF DEVICE, you will need to replace any other PNLF you may already have (delete it and then use my code instead). Device (PNLF) { Name (_HID, EisaId ("APP0002")) Name (_CID, "backlight") Name (_UID, 0x0A) Name (_STA, 0x0B) Method (_BCL, 0, NotSerialized) { Return (Package (0x13) { 0x64, 0x32, Zero, 0x06, 0x0C, 0x12, 0x18, 0x1E, 0x24, 0x2A, 0x30, 0x36, 0x3C, 0x42, 0x48, 0x4E, 0x54, 0x5A, 0x64 }) } Method (_BCM, 1, NotSerialized) { Store (0x80000000, LEV2) If (LGreaterEqual (Arg0, 0x64)) { Store (0x12FF, LEVL) } Else { If (LGreaterEqual (Arg0, 0x5A)) { Store (0x11FF, LEVL) } Else { If (LGreaterEqual (Arg0, 0x54)) { Store (0x103A, LEVL) } Else { If (LGreaterEqual (Arg0, 0x4E)) { Store (0x0EBB, LEVL) } Else { If (LGreaterEqual (Arg0, 0x48)) { Store (0x0B24, LEVL) } Else { If (LGreaterEqual (Arg0, 0x42)) { Store (0x0873, LEVL) } Else { If (LGreaterEqual (Arg0, 0x3C)) { Store (0x065B, LEVL) } Else { If (LGreaterEqual (Arg0, 0x36)) { Store (0x04C8, LEVL) } Else { If (LGreaterEqual (Arg0, 0x30)) { Store (0x0396, LEVL) } Else { If (LGreaterEqual (Arg0, 0x2A)) { Store (0x02B0, LEVL) } Else { If (LGreaterEqual (Arg0, 0x24)) { Store (0x0266, LEVL) } Else { If (LGreaterEqual (Arg0, 0x1E)) { Store (0x0218, LEVL) } Else { If (LGreaterEqual (Arg0, 0x18)) { Store (0x01D1, LEVL) } Else { If (LGreaterEqual (Arg0, 0x12)) { Store (0x0191, LEVL) } Else { If (LGreaterEqual (Arg0, 0x0C)) { Store (0x0161, LEVL) } Else { If (LGreaterEqual (Arg0, 0x06)) { Store (0x0132, LEVL) } Else { If (LGreaterEqual (Arg0, Zero)) { Store (0x82, LEVL) } Else { Store (0x11FF, LEVL) } } } } } } } } } } } } } } } } } } Method (_BQC, 0, NotSerialized) { Return (^^PCI0.GFX0.DD02._BQC ()) } Method (_DOS, 1, NotSerialized) { ^^PCI0.GFX0._DOS (Arg0) } } In the code snippet above, you may have to change whenever it says "PCI0.GFX0..." to your equivalent, eg. say "_SB.PCI0.VGA0" or something. Provided, the KEXTs were installed, this will enable your brightness slider, and it should work without problems incrementing/decrementing brightness in 17 discrete brightness steps (16 + zero state), and this is the number of steps needed to enable the brightness keys, so they will work now! The final step is to enable Backlight after wake-up. The 1st gen HD graphics uses two special registers to achieve this, and the following will fix it for you: Search your DSDT for the method _WAK Add two lines to the beginning, so that it looks like this: Method (_WAK, 1, Serialized) { Store (0x80000000, LEVW) Store (0x13121312, LEVX) ... Voila! Happy to help you with your DSDT's if you have any problems! Report if it's worked! ACPIBacklight.kext.zip
  20. yushi90

    DSDT: Last Steps! Help!

    Hi Guys, I'm close to finishing my Laptop DSDT by means of Rehabmans Laptop Patches. in the attached screenshot you can see what still bothers me. I was looking for a brightness fix an read through rehabmans guides an articles. Thank your very much yushi90 Sorry, I posted this on the wrong place!! Could a moderator move it for me?
  21. Howdy all. Ive been researching for a long time and no one seems to have this problem with their t60. I have the PNLF device code in my dsdt but there is still no brightness slider. I even removed non-vanilla radeonhd.kext framebuffer, Silencer suggested it could be related to video driver/framebuffer but still no brightness slider in system preferences. at this point im stuck reading over the same threads and can find nothing new to try. I also tried the genericbrightness.kext method and still that brightness slider is nowhere to be found. i have a x1400 device id 7145. por favor help a brother out. this is the last step for my hackintosh to be complete dsdt_t60.rtf
  22. gazzacbr

    Asus G750JX 3D screen brightness

    Hi, I want to add a brightness slider to my Mavericks install on my Asus G750JX (only thing missing from my hack) QE/CI working, sleep works from apple menu only, not from lid close or power button. A problem could be I need an EDID string in org.chameleon.Boot.plist in order for mavericks to see my laptop screen connected to an internal display port. Also, I can only boot with this string and nvidia web drivers. Card is Nvidia GTX770M and screen is 3D 120Hz, therefore needs the IDP connector. There is a brightness patch which adds a PNLF device but adding to DSDT did nothing. Is this because my laptop screen is seen as external? Can any one help me to solve this? DSDT with PNLF inserted and boots from Extra folder, SSDT-4 and ioreg attached. thanks in advance. garys asus mac hack.zip
  23. TheRacerMaster

    HP Pavilion dv7 4087cl - compiler errors

    Hello members of InsanelyMac, I've been trying for a while now to try to edit my DSDT to fix certain issues in OS X on my laptop, such as properly recognizing the graphics card and other patches, but I always get compile errors. I'm not really sure how to fix these errors. Can someone simply fix the errors in my DSDT (I think I can do the graphics patching)? Here is my unedited DSDT extracted in Windows using DSDT Editor. - RM
  24. Hello, could someone lend me a hand with this problem please? I got fully working Asus G750JH (T4053H), but brightness. I have spent plenty of time with this, unfortunately without any success.. This laptop doesn't have Intel graphics, just only GTX780m. I'm on 10.9.4. now, working with latest NVIDIA Web drivers (8.27.26 (334.01.02f02)) and CUDA driver (6.0.54). I attached my DSDT, IO reg and clover's config.plist + some screenshots. I think, I've tried everything.. I hope it will be just some trifle. Thanks. ASUS G750JH Brightness.zip
  25. I want to get native brightness on my Asus TP300LA. I applied Brightness fix (+ Haswell, since Intel HD 4400 graphics), as well as rename PCI0.GFX0 to PCI0.IGPU to the DSDT & relevand SSDTs (Happens to be SSDT2 & SSDT7). I tried without the rename patch, with still no luck. I also tried installing ACPIBacklight from VietnamTool, and it loads when I rebuild cache, however still no luck. Inside settings, while the screen's name correctly displays "Built-in Display"; the icon for the screen is not a Macbook screen, but rather a regular monitor screen, like this: So I'm currently stuck with shades. I'd like to get native brightness working for better power management.