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Should I Try Hackintosh Again

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Stupid thread I am making, but want to speak my mind. I went to Windows again to game on, stupid move. I have a hackintosh system, specs:


P4 2.2ghz

512 Ram bus ram

Intel Enhternet (works)

On board sound (works)


I got an X1600 that was working great. I just have to move my dvd burner over again, hard drives, and then the X1600 and I am "back". Hard pressed to get a Mac now, and I think I will get me an iMac next year with taxes, and other money (bonus next year) but now I am f***ing done with Windows gaming. BUT, i do need a dual boot solution so I can boot to windows to use two piece of hardware that a windows only. So I think I will put all my {censored} in my system, install XP and activate it, then I can use partition magic to get a partition for OSX. NOW, about dual boot, easiest way to do it? I read articles, but just wanted to know about experiences.


I feel as though I am coming full circle and I wish I never left. I know I can't get my dial up modem to work but I may just deal with that for a while. SO, opinions, tomatoes to throw? :D:) Just wondering. Right now, this is the ONLY solution I can have. I had Toast 7.1, VLC, and pretty much all I needed on it.

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:) i think the best way for dualboot it is get the Darwin file named "chain0"

with that in your hands things are almost done (asuming that you already install OSX)

in to the c: folder(or your windows partition) you place this chain0 file then you get the boot.ini

from windows its a hide file usually. you open it and then you will see something like this(type this from my head so....you know):

bootloader/default windowsxxxxxxxx



well at the bottom i mean a new line you add this depending on your OS x version for example:


C:\chain0="Apple Mac OSX 10.4.5"


restart of course (remember this is windows)


and so you will see at the starup of windows the option that it will look like this


windows xp professional

mac os 10.4.5






and i have no tomatos!

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Yeah, I found that and made the chain0 here at work and will take it home and use. I think I will blow through that tonight and try it out. I got all my OSX apps and the X1600 driver and everything burned and backed up, so it will be quick to get going again.


On the 10.4.8 kernal, I saw updates but is there a 10.4.6 SSE2 to 10.4.8 update yet or jas still working?

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Use the darwin booter, just set your os x partition active.

and then prress F8 and you can choose which os you want to boot off. You can also edit the com.apple.boot.plist file and make the OS chooser come up by default

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Ok here is how I got it:


Hard Drive 1: Windows XP

Hard Drive 2: OSX86


If I put the hard drives on the same cable, and try to use CHAIN0 no go. I found a boat loader, and when I chose OSX on the loader, it gives me HFS+ partition error. BUT when I put the OSX hard dive FIRST on the cable, using master/slave or cable select OSX boots. I assume OSX boots when it on master/end of the cable. Now, I am fine trying this setup, but when I try to get to XP, no go. This is so pissing me off, why can't I f'ing dual boot? GRRRR!! :blink: There has GOT to be a way to do this. I am trying to find out the darwin boat loader. Any suggestions/help? I am going to keep searching......

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What happens when you use the Acronis OS selector? You haven't mentioned it. Did you even try it?

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