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  1. snackole

    Apple Heart Surgery

    More pics
  2. snackole

    From Linux to OSX

    I remember compiling Open Office using gnome on my old emachine desktop. It took like 12 hours but it was very gratifying when it finished with no errors.
  3. snackole

    Apple Heart Surgery

    Keep the pics coming. Looks great
  4. snackole

    G5 Case Mod(EP45-UD3P) OSX Lion 10.7.3

    There is a clip on the under side of the three locks. Pry them lightly with a small screwdriver and they will come right off.
  5. snackole

    [SOLVED] OS X 10.7.4 broke my Realtek RTL8168C Ethernet

    It's the stock kext with the official realtek kext plugin.
  6. snackole

    [SOLVED] OS X 10.7.4 broke my Realtek RTL8168C Ethernet

    Try this without Lnx2Mac's kext. IONetworkingFamily.kext.zip
  7. Yes it is just the smaller version. Sleep works perfectly but bluetooth stops working after waking up. Do a google search and you will find a great guide plus installer that makes it really easy to set everything up.
  8. I got the 4430s with an i5-2430 and just love it.
  9. snackole

    Magic mouse with multiple OSs

    For windows 7 you can install the bootcamp drivers on your windows hard drive not sure about linux distros.
  10. snackole

    ION2 Kext?

    Did you rebuild the kext cache after removing natit.kext?
  11. snackole

    ION2 Kext?

    Are you sure you installed a newer version of chameleon?
  12. snackole

    ION2 Kext?

    Did you install FakeSMC.kext ?
  13. snackole

    No QE/CI with Integrated and Discrete Cards

    Check this thread http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=261782
  14. snackole

    Which half mini pici-e to take ?

    This one will work. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Dell-DW1515-802-11-a-b-g-n-Half-Mini-Wifi-Card-AR5BXB92-/220775607056?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3367406b10#ht_3899wt_1180