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Tardis - Case fo the Kaby Lake

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My newest Hack is a Kaby Lake. Regarding Hackintoshes that's a bit ahead of it's time. So I decided to use a time machine for a case.
There are three well known time machines.
The Time Machine from the 60s film "Time Machine"
The DeLorean from "Back to the Future"
The Tardis from "Doctor Who"
The "Time Machine" is not really suited because of it's open frame
The DeLorean is not open framed, but it will have a lot of unused spaces, because they are just too small to cram some PC component in.
The Tardis on the other hand is a high box with a square footprint - just perfect.
The case was build keeping the best traditions of medieval artisan guilds firmly in mind using a CNC milling machine and a 3D printer. Materials are MDF, acrylic glas and resin, painted with spray paint and acrylic paint.
The computer is a i7-7700K at 5100MHz, a GTX980TI, 32GB of Memory and a total of 3TB SSD storage. Cooled by a Kraken X61. Mobo is a AsRock ITX.
Those components define the overall size which is 24,5 x 24,5 x 50 cm incl. lantern, but excluding the plinth. Size of the plinth is 27 x 27 x 2 cm.
At the moment there are no light effects. I'm considering adding those, but I might postpone it for a 2.0 version, which would have the cables routed through the bottom and would feature an "ordinary" back.


This Tardis isn_t bigger on the inside.

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Didn't take any photographs, while building it.


What I can offer is some kind of an explosion view. Note that some features like the vents are not shown, because they were created as 2D objects which do not show in the rendering.

Also some things are not explodes like the middle roof section.




When build you can take it easily appart. There are

The pyramid section including lantern.

The roof section including the Police Boxes.

A frame running around 3 sides, which slides up.

The 4 sides which are anchored in the plinth and connected at the top by some brackets.

The plinth.

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Since I am probably going to set up a kaby lake system soon, I am curious which mainboard model you used exactly? Did you run into problems with sound or anything else?

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that sound and light animation is just the icing on the cake. Totally awesome! Congrats on that great project

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