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  1. Sinetek


    Hi folks; Can we please consider moving to using (exclusive) HTTPS?? It's been years now since Let's Encrypt has been available and it's time to start using it (free). Consider that everybody's passwords are traveling through the net in clear text when you're using this site.. -- Sinetek
  2. Howdy folks. This means that your pid 1 (the init process, which becomes launchd) has quit, probably because of a seg fault. I'll answer questions but I'm afraid I don't have the resources to go into a restoration of the OPEMU to modernize it.. -- Sinetek
  3. There's something strange going on with 10.13 for sure, I've had this "no cache" problem appear many a times so far..
  4. This worked for me, thanks for saving my system! I had to do something like "kextcache -u /Volumes/root" though.
  5. Hey guys, how goes. I'm trying to install High Sierra on an external USB here, and it doesn't seem to work. I've got the installer going, that completes fine to an external USB on APFS. Then there's an initial reboot, at that time you need to boot the partition to continue the installation. That seems to reboot quickly. I boot again to continue the installation, then that completes successfully in ~15 minutes. But then when I try to boot the installed system, I get errors at the Clover level, in the apfs.efi layer: fs_read_stream:12997: failed to lookup pos 0 in obj 18 can't read cache.. read error 0x7 fs_get_inode_with_hint:7825: failed to load inode 764087 ret 22. Anybody has an idea?
  6. I'm highly jealous of your advanced SD technology there I never thought this project would become what it is now. I'm having a ton of problems with the BSD driver and after writing to the original authors it seems like the best course of action now is to base off the Linux driver. Unfortunately I'm nowhere near a release yet, still working on writing that. I'm slowly starting to become an expert on the SD subsystem, lol
  7. Ca c'est un lecteur USB, je peux rien faire avec ca.
  8. Yeah the next release will likely fix that.. Everything is done EXCEPT for the sleep support which I still can't get working. The chip seems to be utterly confused coming back from sleep even though i'm restoring register state and all.. -- Sinetek
  9. Hi folks, I know it's been a while. After doing some more study I realized what went wrong while writing my driver. Now I found a way to make power management (Machine sleep) a reality. Stay tuned! And thanks so much for the folks who pushed me to not give up on this!
  10. Sinetek

    NVMe native support in 10.13 :)

    Send me the zipped kext! By the way, what about Plextor M8Pe? My Sierra install committed harakiri, so I might try High Sierra now.
  11. Sinetek

    Create a new kext that uses boot args

    Instead of doing that you could use the sysctl interfaces to set an integer in your driver.
  12. ah good catch, I should probably relax those values. the signature validation error is not something that should matter on a hackintosh, you should have the SIP disabled and the OS will load the kext (but still whine that I'm too lazy to get a signature) No. That might be taken care of by quinielascom's driver, however.
  13. that's for Linux. I can't do much until the openbsd or netbsd driver is updated to support your chip.
  14. Thanks for the kind words, I appreciate it since it takes a lot of energy to make it happen, and I've been busy with an NVME driver. I love open source and every driver we release for hackintoshes are a step in this direction, perhaps. Insanelymac has a good community though from what I see. I'll see what I can do for your chip. Maybe I can take some of the extra support that has been added in NetBSD and include them, since I'm using a base of OpenBSD for the driver and SDMMC core. Apple's OS itself has no conception of SD cards since they use exclusively USB abstraction chips to do that work. And here's the sources: https://github.com/sinetek/Sinetek-rtsx It's a bit messy and not in the state I would like it to be, but that's nothing unfixable