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  1. VirusX

    HTTPS Support

    the solution is here. We just need an admin to give @Ramalama or @apianti the rights
  2. VirusX

    Very slow website.

    yup very slow here too
  3. VirusX

    An Old Fart Desperately Trying...

    You will need 1) the *.dmg image of macOS 2) find a way to get that image on a USB thumb drive (AFAIK there's a tool to do that from windows but I have never tried it myself. It is easier from a mac installation). 3) install Clover bootloader on that USB installer. You will at least "FakeSMC.kext" in the kexts folder. 4) boot from that USB installer and see how far you get. 5) post error messages here. If that's all too cryptic, do some more reading (what is Clover, what files do I need, etc) and watch some Youtube videos of people installing macOS with Clover on a hackintosh. good luck
  4. AHCI is of course needed. But that is standard for every mac OSX/ macOS installation since forever. I guess you skipped some tutorials before installing for the first time Glad that it works now though create a new partition on your windows hard drive, install macOS on that partition. Select your installation from the clover bootloader during boot. There are tons of tutorials in this forum and online. You are quicker by just searching than posting here and waiting for answers to basic questions...
  5. Where/how did you install that kext? Install/ copy that kext to your clover folder under kexts where your other kexts are. Then I assume the installer will recognize it too.
  6. why don't you start by providing more detail about your config. For example, put your hardware information in your signature. Is it a SATA hard drive? SSD? m2? etc.
  7. VirusX

    HTTPS Support

    okay, thanks for the feedback. Are there plans to build such a maintenance team in the near future? That could be their first big project. I'm sure there are some people in this forum that already have some knowledge in that area.
  8. isn't that a 200 series mainboard? Either one shouldn't be a problem. The 100 series probably needs a BIOS update to support kaby lake
  9. VirusX

    HTTPS Support

    Maybe the admin / admin-team could give a quick statement on that issue? Is money a problem?
  10. You're welcome. It sounds like you might have been able to solve the issue with Yosemite/Mavericks by getting rid of the bluetooth device kext (I assume you used some pre-configured installer that installed some bluetooth kext you didn't need) but that's water under the bridge. Your Nvidia is an older model - you should be able to resolve that issue I think. I personally never had Nvidia cards with macOS so I can't help you further. I sure the guys in the graphics section will be able to help. Good luck!
  11. A lot of people here in this forum were or are still running the i7 920. I had it until this spring and was running Sierra just fine. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/185097-guide-scripted-yosemitemavericks-install-on-gigabyte-mobos/ Regarding your graphics drivers you should just post in the Nvidia section of this forum
  12. VirusX

    AMD Polaris IDs on Sierra / High Sierra

    @hackaro: Thank you for your detailed guide. Great summary for starters. I think you forgot to add the mentioned "archive.zip" though @mork: that's a generous offer and I hope the coders will agree and find time to deal with the Radeons. @Pavo: that's also great news! I hope the public beta comes soon
  13. VirusX

    RX 480/580

  14. Maybe you have mixed up your EFI partitions? Make sure to use your SSD's EFI partition and install Clover and the kexts there. You can send maLd0n the details about your config as he requests http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/321872-guide-sierra-on-mobos-serie-200-kabylake-dsdt/and get your config and DSDT optimized by him