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[AMD] Yosemite Kernel Release (for help use the Help Topic)

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New version with optimised OpenSSL decrypter and Bronzovka cpuid fix.

Test please, should work now fine :D

For use of core crypto decrypter use -nodecryptor in combination with AppleDecrypt-3.1.0.

If used within kernel itself, always panic so only option is that way ;)



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hello Duran ,


the kernel Bronya 10.10 rc7 + pthread.kext for unofficial supported updating of 10.10.2/3/4 is good ;) 


and 10.10.5  :thumbsup_anim: (beta public 1)

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hi Guys! It took a while, had some problems with Xcode, now the kernel is patched for amd, based 10.10.2 (xnu-2782.10.72). I used the patch of Tora Chi Yo Rev.8 (with SSSEPlus).


have fun with it!


amd_kernel 10.10.2.png

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@Spakk, strange my MBPr compiles fine with 118.1


Anyway thank you, updated the script now :)


Downloads the dependancies:

  • dtrace-147
  • AvailabilityVersions-9
  • xnu-2782.1.97 (Kernel Source)

@Spakk, strange my MBPr compiles fine with 118.1


Anyway thank you, updated the script now :)


Used this to make sure it was all installed but can't compile AMD or Vanilla kernel.


Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 15.00.48.png

which Xcode version do you use?

then use the AMD FIX by our friend Tora Chi Yo, see here

I think that should work with Xcode6.4. I created the kernel with Xcode6.1. with Xcode7 it did not work.

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27 August 2015 - y2k4u - 10103R1



27 August 2015 - Bronya - kernel_10.10.3_rc1

P.S, in to bootloader has Bronya added pseudo code "disable c1e" if in bios enabled c1e! - this now works sound without squeaks !

TEST sound with this boot_c1e_amd ! This version 2715 ! this is only beta, created by Bronya ! )

more details on kernel and boot files see here:



01 Sept. 2015 - spakk - xnu-2782.20.48_SSEPlus_V2 (10.10.3)


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