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  1. This has been going on for far too long! Please see here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/302641-guide-installing-os-x-108-1012-under-vmware-workstation-8-9-10-player-6-with-amd-host-cpu/
  2. Duran Keeley

    AMD High Sierra Kernel Release and Testing

    On cc 2018 does this do anything? "Photoshop Once Installed go to the Photoshop folder, Right click and Show Package Contents -> Required -> Plug-In's -> Extensions -> MMXCore.plugin. Trash this plugin"
  3. Duran Keeley

    AMD High Sierra Kernel Release and Testing

    Does it crash while opening the app?
  4. Duran Keeley

    AMD High Sierra Kernel Release and Testing

    Just open terminal and cd to your dir where xnu-builder is and run: sh ./xnu-builder.sh
  5. Duran Keeley

    AMD High Sierra Kernel Release and Testing

    There was a problem with versions but ignore the header msg, you want the firehose file that it builds Sorry I just installed High Sierra on my MacBook now & xcode to test. Anyway, there were a few sloppy coding in the previous builder, this will take you right to the end and build it now. xnu-builder-4570.1.46.zip
  6. Duran Keeley

    AMD High Sierra Kernel Release and Testing

    Will make a XNU builder for High Sierra later.... Shaneee will send a PM with a test I don't have macOS on my Macbook anymore.
  7. Duran Keeley

    AMD High Sierra Kernel Release and Testing

    Sorry all was out of range for a while: yes sources are posted on front page https://opensource.apple.com/
  8. Sadly not, it takes 2/3 months after release for the source of a new os and high Sierra hasn't been released out of beta yet
  9. Working here, maybe I was too quick on my post
  10. macOS source 10.12.5 & 10.15.6 are released.
  11. Again with the hostile talks... My first post about this was not enough it seems. The credits SO FAR Ryzen Kernel - Bronya Moderators (You have no idea the work going on in the background) Testers That covers everyone here! ^ without the testers and others on this forum there wouldn't be the need for the kernel, so yes everyone else.
  12. I have distanced myself as a moderator from AMD for a long time (Private chats about kernel builds I still help out if and when I can with other mods) but this Ryzen AMD release has become pretty toxic for the community. The reason why we have kernels further than 10.7 was actually because of the original Opemu coded by Sinetek and tweaks by AnV. Don't get me wrong bronya is smart and has helped out here often when times are hard but to class him as the ONLY one providing since 10.7 is wrong. I too have donated to bronya in the past but that was because I wanted to, NOT because that was the only way forward for development. Look I am not blaming anyone for the level of toxicity that has started to rise because EVERYONE has contributed in some way. Now if we can all stop flaming each other, or do I need to start locking this forum down a lot more and get warnings issued?