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Found 10 results

  1. Version V3


    The kernel posted here is build on the team effort at AMD Development Support for this kernel can be found here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/302075-amd-yosemite-kernel-testing-for-help-use-the-help-topic/page-84?p=2169025&do=findComment&comment=2169025 Built of the source xnu-2782.40.9 This would not be possible without the efforts of: • Andy Vandijck • Bronya • Tora Chi Yo • Sinetek • R:A:W:X86 • Voodoo Team modified by spakk Info: This kernel is compatible with clean Install OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 Build (14F1021) Edit: 25.10.2015 Version 10.10.5_SSEPlus_V3 Edit: 19.09.2015 Version 10.10.5_SSEPlus_V2 It is always better to install the new kernel on a freshly installed version (clean Install without changes to the system drivers !! ) If after booting, this error occurs: .... kernel invalid opcode 64 bit ..... then follow these instructions: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/302075-amd-yosemite-kernel-testing-for-help-use-the-help-topic/page-85?p=2169188&do=findComment&comment=2169188 Edit: 20.09.2015
  2. theconnactic

    AMD Kernel

    Version 10.7.x RC 13


    Kernel developed by Bronzovka (on InsanelyMac he uses the nickname "bronya") which includes the newest patches by Sinetek (the opcode emulator, tool that enables SSSE3 and SSE4.2 for CPUs that otherwise won't support it) and Andy Vandjick (the built-in decrypt tool), and Bronzovka's own original patches and newest fixes, always remembering that he's the developer who first came up with a working 10.7.x kernel for AMD machines. With this kernel, you'll be able to boot with either 64-bit kernel mode (x86_64) or 32-bit kernel mode (i386), and both modes will support 64-bit applications and processes, so no more replacing the Finder or patching XPCHelper to avoid crashes like in the old days. nVidia users must stick to i386, due to a bug in the patchset that will render the system unusable in 64-bit kernel mode. ATI users can try both modes, opting for the one which gives the more reliability. Boot with arch=x86_64 (or i386) and -nossse3bit (except for FX-series CPUs) flags for the best results. There's a version FX-series-specific kernel as an option. Both will work with all versions of Lion to date. Enjoy! Many thanks to Bronzovka and all people directly and indirectly involved in this development.
  3. theconnactic

    AMD Kernel

    Version 10.8.x


    This is the result of months of development in this topic: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/top...esting-on-amd/. The kernel, which i'm posting here as amd_kernel, was built by Andy Vandjick, but that wouldn't be possible without the amazing work by Sinetek (who made the first SSSE3 emulator ever, enabling non FX-series CPUs to run OSX in 64-bit kernel mode), R:A:W:x86, Bronzovka (who made Lion on AMD possible) and the Voodoo Team. Many thanks to them all! The correct boot flags to run the kernel are amd_kernel arch=x86_64. FX-series users must also add the correct busratio. The kernel is not working properly with nVidia graphics (and some ATI ones), so their users must also either add -x (safe mode) boot flag or disable GeforceGA.plugin and GLDriver.bundle in System/Library/Extensions. This kernel will also work with 64-bit Intel CPUs that are not capable of running the vanilla kernel. Good luck to all and please post feedback. The sources are also included for anyone wanting to build the kernel from the sources, or help improve it - there's still a lot of work to do.
  4. We made history here! Now Mountain Lion works on AMD Machines. The support is still limited to Phenom and FX-Series CPUs, but soon we'll have fixes for other CPU models ALL CPUS, but nVidia GPUs won't boot without either safe boot (-x) or disabling GeforceGA.plugin and GeforceGLDriver.bundle (thus no QE/CI - hopefully a fix will come soon). amd_kernel.zip -----> latest kernel: credits to Andy Vandjick! (Pag 74, post #1468) This kext is obligatory: you must install it before starting your machine: http://cl.ly/0o3s0d2c001A -----> AnVsCoreCrypto! No more need for any patched kext. Thanks to all that developed, tested, commented, helped to spread the news, to all who believed in what was deemed impossible. Success was our reward, and i'm very proud of it. Happy new year! EDIT: We have an IRC room for talking about development of a Mountain Lion working kernel for AMD and other unsupported CPUs. Join us! Server chat.osx86.hu, room #LegacyKernel Well, i suppose we're lucky for Apple's early release of its Mountain Lion kernel as open source. Thanks to this, a patched Atom kernel is already done, although it doesn't work on my little Atom netbook. Hopefuly, an AMD patched kernel will be around soon but, as everybody should know, this one will be a troublesome build. The AMD kernel for the now superseded Mac OSX Lion is very limited, to be kind. In most AMD machines, basic functionalities doen't even run, like - yes, believe it! - the Finder. It could be quite useless, but it's not, thanks to many alternatives and workarounds to be found at the community. The problem for AMD is that any patched kernel since Lion is strictly i386. To have access to 64 bit apps in an AMD Lion install, it's necessary a Buldozer CPU, since it has support for a key instruction set in OSX Lion, the ssse3 (please, don't confuse it with sse3). All other AMD processors should run strict 32-bit, forbidding crucial apps like the newer xcodes. A solution for this would be a sss3 emulator. Anyone willing or able to write? (silence) As i already knew. But even when some good-willing and capable-minded individual(s) do write the emulator, there's another issue: maybe Lion would be good to go with AMD, but Mountain Lion needs a 64-bit-only legacy kernel. And 64-bit legacy kernels equals instant reboots in AMD rigs in Lion, even on ssse3-capable Buldozer machines. You can try it for yourself, with a 64-bit patch of RAW x86 (boot with arch=x64_86): http://osx86.co/f100...687/page23.html The question: is it really needed to figure out why these problems plague Lion running on AMD to make AMD work under Mountain Lion? Or the behavior of 64-bit patches would be completely different in ML? Anyway, it seems obvious to me that a sss3 emulator is crucial, since the vast majority of AMD systems are non-Buldozer. So, there's an anxious waiting at AMD realm, to finally get an early update of AMD systems, to be shoulder to shoulder with Intel users.
  5. So the source has just been released. https://opensource.apple.com/release/os-x-1010/ With this release I want to do things a bit different: Topic ONLY for releases of kernels, this will make it easier to find kernels in the forum. Topic ONLY for the testing of a kernel, when a release of a kernel gets posted on the other topic inform this topic of the release and post findings here. I am also thinking of posting a topic on the building of each kernel release listing the: Dependancies Kernel Version Post the diffs for each release. Let me know if that would be something the testers would be keen on having.
  6. So the source has just been released. https://opensource.apple.com/release/os-x-1010/ With this release I want to do things a bit different: Topic ONLY for releases of kernels (this topic), this will make it easier to find kernels in the forum. Topic ONLY for the testing of a kernel, when a release of a kernel gets posted on this topic inform the other topic of the release and post findings at %5BAMD%5D Yosemite Kernel Testing. I am also thinking of posting a topic on the building of each kernel release listing the: Dependancies Kernel Version Post the diffs for each release. Let me know if that would be something the testers would be keen on having.
  7. theconnactic

    AMD - Geekbench scores

    Because there's no better way to measure our degree of success than seeing what the numbers say. Well, maybe not: real life user experience cannot be reduced to numbers only, but surely they matter. Post here your results. Let's show our fellow Intel hackintoshers how good an AMD machine can be! This one is not mine, but from Gilles:
  8. The topic title is self explanatory: let's post here descriptions of our problems and possible solutions. Try to describe using the most details you can, posting complete specs, kernel, boot flags, pics and videos. P.S.: ATI users also have been experiencing some issues, yet they actually have an usable system. Since it's not the case with nVidia users, let's keep this particular thread about nVidia-specific problems with Mountain Lion and Lion 64-bit legacy kernels. Thank you.
  9. I was wondering, is it okay to install certain software through software update if you're running on 10.6.8 legacy kernel instead of a vanilla kernel? Or will it break my system? I'm running a snow leopard system on my Dell OptiPlex GX520 with 4 gigs of ram, and a 2.8 GHz Pentium 4HT Here's my software update window. install.tiff Which software is safe to install?
  10. Big update! We are provided with an AMD kernel for 10.7.3! Link: http://www.osx86.net/view/2584-mach_kernel_10.7.3_amd.html There seem to be some issues using the finder since it's designed to only work in 64-bit mode in Lion. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey guys, I wanted to open a topic to discuss the progress on an AMD kernel for Lion. The guy that was responsible for previous legacy kernels for Snow Leopard, nawcom, is also looking into a kernel for Lion.