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To apple or not to apple?


old IBM vs. new Apple  

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  1. 1. Is it worth it or not ?

    • No way! Keep the tank!
    • I cannot say.
    • Hmmm... yes but not very sure what...
    • Definetely the MBP
    • Get the sexy Black MB!
    • Get another lappie (Sony SZ, ASUS)

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I currently have this config on an IBM laptop:


Pentium M Banias 1.4Ghz, 1Mb L2 cache, 400MHz FSB - SSE2

512 Mb ram

15" 1024x768 LCD

Ati Radeon 7500

40Gb hdd

dvd rom

8 cell battery

Atheros wifi


It's very well supported by 10.4.7 -- everything works perfect except powermanagement & sleep.

I get QE with the ati gpu (CI is not supported by the hardware) and graphics are pretty fast. I can run with no problems iWork and iLife. MS Office works, though a little slow for my taste (rosetta on sse2). WiFi card is seen as Atheros.

I have my laptop for 2.5 great years. No problem AT ALL, though I am a difficult master for such a toy. It was with me high in the mountains, at the ocean, in my tent, surrounded by sand. It works perfectly. No dead pixels, battery life is excellent. I still get 3.5h of mp3 playback in windows with it!!! 2.5 years old battery, almost 300 cycle counts -- this is really an achievement! Windows is like lightning after-install, MacOS X is 99% supported, Linux works even with AIGLX. I love the keyboard and the trust I have in it. IBM really made the best computers. It's perfectly silent and cool also. I have no problem with sleeping with it open on my lap :blink: no noise, no extra heat.


But now I THINK the time has come to get a new notebook. I am still undecided from the black MB and the MBP. The question is -- does it wth it ?! Yes, MacOS will run 100%, but still Linux will be my primary OS (on a apple laptop it will be inside Parallels probably). I don't need CD/DVD writing, as I have a desktop to do that (too ba it doesnt do Heroes V). The only thing that I cannot do is play Heroes V on it. And I really want to do that, among others like: a faster MacOSX, faster AIGLX, lighter laptop (the IBM has 3.4Kg), bigger resolution.


I would probably get 500euros for it, and a MB is like 1200euros and 1500euros the MBP. But is the difference worth it ? (btw, Heroes V does work on GMA950 but it;s unsupported :spam: and relative slow -- like Aperture :D)


Other solutions include Sony SZ and Asus 7J-something. How good is Geforce go 7400? Or how worse is it than X1600? How about GO 7600 ?


Thanks a lot!


PS: I am reffering only to the next apple notebooks, with core 2 duo!

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I don't know what the exchange rate of Euros to American Dollars.... but I don't see how you're going to get 500 euros for a 2.5 year old computer.


I'd keep the computer as it works fine. Unless you have 1,500 just burning a hole in your pocket.


Heck you're lucky you're geting QE with your ATi Mobility Radeon 7500; us Mobility 9000 owners are so envious :-D.


I vote for keep it 'till it dies...


Edit: 500 Euros = 629.95 U.S. dollars provided by Google. I don't see how you're going to get that. Especially with a older Pentium M chip. Plus, as you said IBMs are great computers period. Why not just keep it?

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It may seem high the price, but I am not from US :spam: So I could find someone to sell it around that price (if not 500euros, fore sure at least 500$).


If I get the MBP, I have to sell it for the extra money. Besides, I really don;t have what to do with 2 laptops. So if I sell it now, I will get more money than 6 months from now for example (when santa rosa will come and core 2 duo is everywhere).

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If you use OS X, of course get a MBP/MB. But if your primary OS is linux, although it's still a good machine you are going to miss some of the things that integrate so well with OS X. There is absolutely no need to run linux inside Parallels, you know you can just install it natively like bootcamp Windows?

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If you run Linux as primary, then no, get a new NON mac. I mean get one from Dell or whoever that can run OSX nicely and go from there. I mean if you were head over heals into OSX and it was the main use, then I would say get a Macbook, but like said above you aren't going to get much from that laptop and seeing as it has done you so well, keep it.

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:thumbsdown_anim: OS X will be my primary OS :huh: But I will still be using Linux on a shared virtual machine (on a fat32 parition) between OS X and Windows (dual-boot w/ bootcamp). This is what I intend to do. With Linux I could then mount the HFS+ partition in windows and the ntfs partition (r/w) in mac os :)

99% i will get the new mac pro next month.

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Well.... today I ordered! I had a substiantial discount because I am ADC Student :dance_24:


Part Number: MA609ZP/A

Product Name: MacBook Pro, 15-inch, 2.16GHz


Thank you all for your votes!

And many thanks to this forum (for yet another converted mac user :blink:)

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