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  1. A Few Mods for Leopard's UI

    For any one who is using the recent-item stack, and setting it to "favorite items": is there any way to change or reset the content of this "favorite items" from some file on disk? maybe a folder with short cuts or some plist file hidden somewhere? I ask this because after some misbehavior of finder, my favorite items stack now has two copies of shortcut to Desktop, very perculiar. And changing the "places" in finder sidebar only removes everything else, except the desktop shortcuts. I've being trashing plist file of finder and dock and even cleaned cache with no effect. Incidentally, creating a recent stack in another user account gives the correct items (no duplicates), even though the desktop shortcut is always in stack whether or not it is in your finder sidebar. any one?
  2. Steve Jobs secretly best payed CEO?

    Secretly paid? Do you really think people's going to think 1 dollar is the only thing he gets because somebody said so? I don't know if Apple even states this themselves.
  3. http://diveintomark.org/archives/2007/05/02/silly-season Here are some insightful remarks. I myself am not that confident about all these calling of flash killer. There are way to many would-be-killers these days, whatever happened to all these "ipod killers"? any one? It's all looking great now that they are supporting Mac and Linux, but remember what did they do to windows media player on Mac? With their closed proprietary system what's stopping them from deprecating and eventually shut down silverlight for other platforms someday? p.s. it should be said that the author of that post works for google
  4. I've used Dragon Naturally Speak but not vista's speech recognition. Dragon is really good for dictation, I heard that Vista's dictation is slightly worse in this aspect. But if you are looking for voice-control interface, vista's build-in system is much more integrated, Dragon have some system commands but not as comprehensive as vista. So it really depends on what do you use this for. Plus adding the cost of time and potential headache of upgrading to Vista.
  5. It seems legit, as far as I can tell. Like many new switchers I find I still like brushed metal, and not a fan of the UNO grey smooth unified window at all. As long it's used properly, brushed metal brings contrast to the GUI.
  6. @robotskip: maybe link to those site where you copied from? I don't quite get all these talk of lie and deception. Though I do not question the need to doubt corporate PR talks, as these are essentially still in someway advertisement, I think in this case at least it's quite plausible that they didn't have enough people to work on Leopard. What are the major products from Apple in 2007 that we know so far? Apple TV, just released, iPhone in June (we hope), and Leopard for Mac (most likely new hardware). What do they have in common? They are all running a different version of OS X. Let's put it this way, that Apple's releasing new Macs with Leopard, while Leopard upgrade sells as bonus. Now what does this mean? Apple's working on 3 versions of OS X this year, a new version for Mac, a strip down media centre, and a "miniaturized" one for mobile devices. This is certainly more than what they've done in the past. Tiger only runs on Mac, Vista on PCs. Granted for Microsoft it's different because of all the testing that have to be done with hardware combinations, compound with that their own artificial division between 6 (or is it 8) versions of the same thing. But we don't see them shrinking Vista for cellphone, or put it on some new platform? Media centre is just now integrated, Tablet PC not much different from usual Laptop save for some new app/drivers. Let's see Microsoft porting Vista (or even just XP) to, say, their own windows mobile devices. What apple have in their hands is essentially just a simple stripped down version for Apple TV, but for iPhone they are porting to a new platform (and they just got intel Tiger out of the door last year) AND doing miniaturization. Of course it is entirely possible it's just a lie to cover up their incompetence, judging from their past records, this is the first delay in many years of OS X, I would give them the benefit of doubt.
  7. We all saw it coming, from Mac Rumors: http://www.macrumors.com/2007/04/12/mac-os...ard-seed-9a410/ "The most obvious visual change in the newest build is a shift away from "Brushed Metal" which Apple uses in many applications such as Safari and Finder." the screenshots are also here: http://flickr.com/photos/shrimpdesign/tags/leopard/ I know a lot of people hate brushed metal, but still: Rest in Peace, Brushed Metal, You will be missed.
  8. I think it's still too early to tell, no, I mean still too zune to tell For Apple to pull a real microsoft, I can't imagine what a mess Leopard have to be after the delay of a few month, and from their last release Tiger, I'm not that concerned. Disappointed I am, Hopefully the delay is worth it.
  9. People: Bass response =! audio quality, other wise your sub woofer really has the best audio quality AFAIK iPod's quality is not bad, i think the 1st gen shuffle has the best quality sound. Back to the topic: No, Apple is certainly not behind the flora of multi-format video/audio players. The fact is, for most consumer, Apple's target market, being able to play Divx/Xvid, Flac, Ogg or whatnot is not important. What's important is that they can operate their player with ease and manage their music without dealing with mess of file structure. iTunes + iPod system does this and continues to succeed, while other companies are improving their systems to catch up (Zune + Zune marketplace). People like you and me cares about open source lossless codecs, or being able to drag and drop, or watching Dvix video and not worry about dealing with complex UI and having to convert videos, we are in a niche market that Apple simply don't care about. I got an iAudio X5 to play Ogg/Flac a while ago, but ever since I started using an iPod nano, the X5's being sitting quietly in the drawer, occasionally used as a portable drive just 'cause it's a pain to use compare to iPod.
  10. great news, though AFAIK those screenshots were out a short while after MacWorld in January, nothing new.
  11. As far as I know spotlight doesn't reindex daily, you can force it to reindex by draging your drive to the do not index box in its preference, then drag it out. (easiest way to do it without any 3rd party apps) I did have spotlight search pane disappearing on me once or two, but a log-out/in always fixed it.
  12. Features being roughly equal, If you used both you should know that: OS X is easier to use than Vista, easier => better As a result it's a more enjoyable user experience than vista (if that is enjoyable at all)
  13. Exactly, my points says as much as yours, which is not a lot. No one is disputing that Apple is not guilty of bloat as much as Vista, and I hope you are NOT implying that Vista is Not a hog as much as OS X is. My only complain is that you are providing anecdotic points in a more general discussion, and basically diverged the discussion on GUI to performances, did I even mention anything about performance in my original post? Any one had spent some time on Vista's voice-recognition? It seems to become finally useful now.
  14. @Ramm: you are right, all this is at most speculations, it's just that I'd like to believe some speculations are less pointless than others . At least we can see how subtle details affect user's perception. Actually we don't need to consider Vista came out before OS X, because it already did, and it's called Windows 2000, with all the glory of Win95 era classic interface. @henchman: you want to talk about resource hog? Windows boot up in 40 seconds while OS X does it in 15 seconds on the same machine here. Does this prove anything to you? Anecdotes doesn't add much to the generalized discussion here. Your Mac crashes and your PC doesn't , I got a kernel panic in the last 6 month and my PC crashes weekly (though better now, old ones used to be daily), does this mean anything? What is your point? I think it is fair to say that Vista is following the natural trend of development in user interfaces, I wouldn't call it out for "copying" or "stealing" from Mac, not that it is wrong to copy; only in recently years it is Apple's design that is leading the trend, now Vista's transparency might change that a bit (though I'm not a fan of that).
  15. @Vertigo As much as I don't like their closed hardware+software economy, that analogy doesn't make a lot of sense x). @B12 I guess maybe the normal PC owners don't know a lot about Mac to begin with, if they know at all? On the other hand the normal Mac user either grow up with a Mac and rarely touched Windows, or they made a decision to "switch" to Mac from PC for they find Mac to be better in some ways. In that way normal Mac users know more about PC than normal PC users know about Mac, to even start a discussion. Of course, we all know Artie MacStrawman always argue against PC because Mac is Perfect and M$ is evil.