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issues with mdi radeon hd6450


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Im having issues with this particular graphics card...I bought this card for my father as on my mackintosh it worked out of the box....On his however after installation and restart I make it past the apple logo then go straight to a white screen where it stays with no cursor....However if I boot into safe mode and remove amd6000controller.kext then restart I can get to the desktop with very laggy graphics that are horrible.........Ive tried copying amdcontroller6000.kext to the desktop,deleting it from S/L/E and reinstalling it-that actually worked one time but every icon in launchpad was red...After that one successful restart it immediately started freezing at the white screen again....I am a noob to the mackintosh world so if anyone could please help me with instructions on as to how to fix this I d greatly appreciate it so much ,,as I also have to fix the ethernet afterwards....thank you.....Another thing-I am using the dvi connection



 UPDATE: today I noticed that using "graphicsEnabler=no" was a hit and miss...Sometimes I would get to the desktop with no issues and have awesome graphics no lag whatsoever and no pink icons...Other times I would still get a blank white screen....A few times I used the bootflag "-s" then typed in "graphicsenabler=no" one of those times i noticed an error about cpu power management,also one of the times I froze at white screen


UPDATE:the card Im running is msi radeon hd6450 which has 2gigs of dedicated memory...I spent all night once again trying to make the graphics work then I noticed something-when I first install using hdmi I have perfect graphics and acceleration but right after the niresh permissions fixes go through my screen turns grey for a second and comes back-when it does my icons in Launchpad are pink and as well when I restart the system I get the white screen again...I googled this and there was something about the amd6000controller.kext having permission issues?how do I fix this as to when I repair permissions or nireshs permissions don't break my graphics?Ive been going 3 weeks on this graphics issue and once its fixed I have the joys of making internet work


UPDATE:I VE tried several things including khatphats  hd6450 kexts-nothing works...When I reboot I get a blank white screen...any ideas? I did fix the Ethernet by purchasing an Ethernet card to disable onboard.I know this graphics card works because ive managed to get to the desktop a couple times with awesome graphics......As Ive said I run this card in my intel machine and get great graphics on 10.9.1 ,but this same card in my dad s amd machine hits a white screen when i leave the amd6000controller.kext in.if i remove the kext I can boot to desktop but with crappy,laggy graphics-safari blinking and flashing not even worth using....a few times i have made it to the desktop with this card and his graphics were perfect but upon reboot white screen again

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