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DSDT on asrock h61m-u3s3


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Hi I installed 10.9 and every thing is ok except dsdt and nullcpupowermanagement

I have Asrock h61m-u3s3 with G620 Cpu and 8600Gt GPU. 

I extract dsdt with editor and compile it. I get 3 errors and after fixing, one of them leaves. 

HID suffix Must be all in hex digits

and  i Can not remove ncpm.kext

I don't know if these are relative or not? 

Thanks :)

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take a good read here




good hack


I am a little confused!

should I have both dsdt and ssdt in my extra folder? and than remove null and patch AICPM?

If yes, I have chameleon, and try to generate ssdt with 

curl -o ssdtPRGen.sh https://raw.github.com/Piker-Alpha/RevoBoot/clang/i386/libsaio/acpi/Tools/ssdtPRGen.sh

chmod +x ssdtPRGen.sh



I got this error : Error: 'Max Turbo Frequency' must be in the range....

and because of I had chameleon I did not go for clover...

I thought, it may be a problem?!

thanks again

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