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    If you able to solve question ask by him, you are Brilliant &#33

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  1. Introduce yourself

    thank you
  2. Does mach_kernel have 32bit or 64bit? Can I try that mach_kernel on lion installer or mountain lion, or mavericks? Thx 4 reply
  3. Challenge to all developer

    This is 32bit kext, need to boot with arch=i386
  4. GMA 4500 MHD kext [for lion]

    Need to boot with: arch=i386
  5. Need help, what is this error?

    Where can I find it? What is that kext for?
  6. Hackintosh Vietnam - Ultimate AIO Tool

    Are this a bootloader for USB? So I can install this bootloader to USB?
  7. Hackintosh Vietnam - Ultimate AIO Tool

    I only have left 1 DVD, I don't want to fail and waste it TT so I ask somebody if it work.. If this can boot using USB/pendrive, I will sure try it
  8. Hackintosh Vietnam - Ultimate AIO Tool

    hello to anyone who download, is this tool great?
  9. Challenge to all developer

    hey guys, gma 4500mhd kext seem like not too famous but many people have that gpu just take a look at kext that i attach and please modify and tweak it so it work for all platform. After that tell us your good news, many thx gma 4500mhd resolution for lion.zip i think here is the info that you need, gma 4500mhd the resolution is : 1280x1024x32 method if still want hackintosh:
  10. Clover General discussion

    after get the log, that log file located at where?
  11. Clover General discussion

    glade to know that it's also for intel.. Slice you are GREAT!!!!
  12. AmdCPUMonitor and HWSensors 3.3.1

    Slice said this is also available for intel
  13. AmdCPUMonitor and HWSensors 3.3.1

    can you show me intel's hwsensor?
  14. AmdCPUMonitor and HWSensors 3.3.1

    i have 1 noob question, does this work for amd only? intel have any hope?
  15. Clover General discussion

    Thank you @Slice Is this the ori website? https://github.com/kozlek/HWSensors @Slice i have a noob question, Hwsensors are for amd only? mine is intel..