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  1. tnx my cpu graphic is not supported by mac Os I changed all GFX0 to IGPU SAT0 to SATA but dont know about DTGP? is this aml file of your system? I tought it is mine! put it in my usb stick! same error happened
  2. Hi, I want to install mac os high sierra, I have asrock h61m-u3s3, i5 3570 and 8600Gt graphic card i could not get to the installer and stuck at sound assertion, searching and helping other users led to graphic card and I have to disable it via ssdt, i read the related topics, but I could not find related words to graphics like below in my ssdt's: Dedicated GPU management: various names like GFX0, PEGP or DGFX, etc… I attached my dsl and aml files, can anybody help or give a hint to me? tnx dsl-aml.zip
  3. sorry for the delay! I did it and attach the efi folder tnx again EFI.zip
  4. I'm on desktop، I attach efi folder just a few posts ago
  5. tnx integerated gpu is disabled. I extracted dsdt and ssdt's and decompile them to dsl files but I can not find anything related to graphics card in ssdt's no gfx peg and... I attached the dsl and aml files, can you give hint to disable the graphics card from ssdt tnx a lot pat.zip
  6. tnx The error after that line is: sound assertion at line 1054 and same error with different line number I have two graphics card now gtx 550 ti 8600 gt I can use each of them that macos needs! thanks again EFI.zip
  7. tnx, I did this and booted with intel 2500 HD and got same error I also borrowed GTX 550 TI graphics card for any change! but I got sound assertion error I dont know what should I do
  8. tnx the problem is still ther dart=0 nv_disable=1 -v -f stuck at sound assertion lines... adding -x cause restart at the beginning of the boot process!
  9. here is video last line that flashes is sound assertion https://youtu.be/3fwhK3d5KZE
  10. the last lines I see below this is sound assertion and the lines disapears quickly
  11. hi, my specs are: ASRock h61m u3s3 8600gt! i5 3570 ivy bridge I tried different flags all of them stuck at first but this one goes until some point graphicsenabler=no -v -f and default clover flags it stuck at: service only ran for 0 seconds pushing respawn out by 10 seconds the time updates and some text flashes below this line quickly every couple of seconds
  12. JavadEd

    ALC 662 and bluetooth on Sierra 10.12

    this solved my audio problem
  13. hi, I have asrock h61m-u3s3 and I can not fix audio which is ALC 662. I tried several kext but they did not work. can any body help me? ---- I also have apple bluetooth keyboard that was working with a dongle on 10.8.5 but macOS does not detect any bluetooth device. thanks for your time
  14. hi, tanx for update during the boot action, it stucks at nullcpupowermanagment :: start how can I solve this? any specific flag? I've tested bunch of them, but didn't work!
  15. JavadEd

    10.8.5 On haswell and ...

    problem fixed! I don't know why haswell can't boot from gpt hard! I make mbr hard drive and instal boot loader on it.... it worked tnx all of you