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How do I install a kext from Terminal?

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EDIT: I've managed to figure this out.


cd /Volumes/XXX/PATH TO FOLDER WHERE KEXT(S) ARE/    where XXX is the name of the volume in which the kexts are placed


cp -r XX.kext /volumes/XXX/System/Library/Extensions   WHERE XX is the name of the kext, and XXX is the name of your volume where the kexts need to be



NOTE: If your volume name contains any spaces use quotes 


EXAMPLE: /volumes/"Macintosh HD"/System/Library/Extensions



I've successfully installed iAtkos S3 V2 but, it boots to a blank screen, but I can hear the "Staying Alive" song so I know the installation is fine, but my graphics kext isn't installed, so, I have the kext file I need, but how can I install it without actually being into OS X? Can I do so through Terminal from the DVD? if so, what are the commands? The kext files is placed on my Windows partition.

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There is a tool for this at Tonym..  ((okay, sorry, I was not aware of the TM problem before)). With it you can install Kext files and run System Utilities on to another volume than your startvolume.


Well, I have tried the Terminal approach, but I am not used to Terminal and so could not make it work.

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I know this is a little late, but:


Boot her up and type " -v -f -F cpus=1 busratio=20 arch=i386" at the prompt. If it doesn't work, then come back and tell us, and I will go through my notes on this stuff and see what else we can do to freak out your computer for you. (Cheshire cat grin inserted here!)

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Hi there,

I get a kernel-panic after updating OSX 10.6 on an aspire one zg5. It's just a guessing..but maybe it's the intel graphics somehow. So I thought I might take this alternative driver from here and install it in terminal but I just don't know how.


The last lines of kernel-panic read:


PFM64 0xfffffff10000001, 0xf0000000

[ PCI configuration begin ]



(Not sure with the numbers of diggits though)


So I googled around ("crash PFM64") and found something about graphics.


I tried all possible kernel-commands:



-x -v



...but no success. Somebody please help.



Here is a screenshot:



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I just reinstalled everything. Didn't know updating is not possible in one step. My problem now: There are dozens of tutorials howto update from 10.6.3 to 10.6.7/8 but I need update from 10.6 to 10.6.3 first....

How can I do that?

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