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I have seen enough people out here who just need help with OSX86, but are either too lazy to read the forums or just cant find the info, which may be ovbious for some OSX86 users.


I was thinking of something along the lines of the Premium Package at www.motomodders.com


They have package for 5$, which gets you for a month

-Motomodder theme

-Betas and Testing

-Premium Live Techsupport


Now many of us here, would be glad to help out n00bs through a chat session. The cash can be used for the forum, or for whatever. I think, this can be pretty cool. The site as well as n00bs and the experts would benefit.


Whadda ya think??

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Well, it's a good idea, but this site isn't really about making money, and we get enough from ads to cover our expenses.


Also, a lot of people (myself included) get annoyed with websites and forums that do anything they can to make a buck. Like those annoying little mouseover textual ads? Rest assured, this site will never have those. ;)


It's a good idea, UC, and thanks for bringing it up. I'm just not sure it fits the ethos of our site. What does everyone else think?

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i don't think that we would really need to make people pay to get more help with osx. i'm happy to help anyone that needs it and that i know how to help. and there are already so many ways for people to get help: you have posting on the forum, IRC, PMs. email, and IMing. and in my opinion, if you are too lazy to look for help, then obviously you don't care enough to deserve help. and again, there are so many ways for people to get help already, maybe they just aren't aware of them?


Mash, thanks for the assurance on those mouseover ads, those are really annoying.

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yeah, I think we should help everyone in need without making them pay...

Maybe we can create some kind of "Help Squad", made of people with good experience in OSX86...



Voiced IRC users? :P

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I was thinkin more in line of a live chat through the forum. A user gets instant feedback, doesnt have to wait for replys and also can help others with problems through the live chat.


MASH: Thanks for putting as few ads as possible


BTW I am NOT {censored} :D

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there's no need of a premium help desk. hey... if peops are too lazy to write a word and press search.. it's better they give up. those ones wanting the meal ready asap.. are just annoying


plus there is an irc channel for hopeless cases.. we couldn't want more than that


my 2 cents

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