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Oh yeah, the ever-frustrating brightness, is it not? ._.


So I tried a BUNCH of topics to solve my issue - here are the links to each:

In Topic: [Guide] Backlight + Brightness for Intel 8086:0046 (1st gen HD) (GMA 5700MHD)

In Topic: ACPI Backlight Driver

In Topic: ACPIBrightness level Fix problem


...result? Zero.


My PNLF device exists, and works, and changes brightness...without a kext. BUT. It stays incredibly dark. Only when my screen wakes,  from sleep, it suddenly decides to work again...errrrm, yeah? >.>


So, in the second link, I just recently posted my DSDT, though I realized I have a duplicate of the _DSM method...I might reupload my DSDT at some point and put a link into my signature. Whatever.


Anybody who can give me a working solution would be a hero in my eyes.


Im not too dumb to work with scripts and learned to understand my DSDT. But I am still new on that one.



Regards, Ingwie

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