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Haswell success - GA-Z87M-D3H - GTX 670

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— EDIT —

— updated for Mavericks, now using Clover UEFI bootloader —

— with two automated scripts for creating the usb —

— the first one can be used to create a bootable USB for real Macs as well —

— link1 link2 —

— if you have any feedback or suggestions to the script, please, help me. I am new to programming —





Sharing my reports on installing 10.9 on a Haswell machine.

System specs:
CPU: Intel Core i5-4570
M/B: Gigabyte GA-Z87M-D3H
GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 670


How I did it:


BIOS version:

F9 (http://www.gigabyte.us/products/product-page.aspx?pid=4486#bios)


BIOS settings (everything default except):

xHCI Hand-off - Enabled

EHCI Hand-off - Enabled

xHCI mode - Auto

Intel HD Graphics - Disabled


I followed this guide pretty closely: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/280756-guide-the-all-in-one-guide-to-vanilla-os-x-including-chameleon-dsdt-for-beginners/


1. I created USB Installer according to the guide mentioned above.


2. I skipped the NullCPUPowerManagement.kext completely.


3. After installation, I booted into USB installer again and opened Terminal and entered following command (replace "YourHDNameHere" with the name you gave your HD/SSD, e.g. OS\ X):

cp /mach_kernel /Volumes/"YourHDNameHere"/

4. I downloaded the 10.7 Ethernet driver from Realtek website (http://www.realtek.com.tw/downloads/downloadsView.aspx?Langid=1&PNid=13&PFid=5&Level=5&Conn=4&DownTypeID=3&GetDown=false) and installed it into /Volumes/EFI/EFI/CLOVER/kexts/10.9/


5. For enabling TRIM, I used the KernelAndKextPatches section of the Clover config.plist:

    <string>Enable TRIM</string>

6. For enabling GPU power management, i followed Riley Freeman's advice and replaced


from the NVIDIA web drivers.


Please, ask, if you have any questions.

The attached mach_kernel is extracted from 10.8.5 (build 12F33) Combo Update using The Unarchiver (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/the-unarchiver/id425424353).


I used the vanilla OS X Nvidia drivers with my EVGA GeForce GTX 670, which is natively supported.
The problem was the audio drivers. I will edit my original post. I can play any video I like now.

Yes!!! Congrats!

When you create a the USB, with the original Guide with Vanilla, Have you found the /System/Installation?

and the /System/Library/Extensions in the USB?


I can´t find it!


Maybe my 10.8.4 is corrupted...

Thank you!


Make sure you are using the BaseSystem.dmg hidden in the "Mac OS X Install ESD".

When you have mounted the InstallESD.dmg, you can mount the BaseSystem.dmg using the following command:

open /Volumes/Mac\ OS\ X\ Install\ ESD/BaseSystem.dmg

Then restore it in disk utility like this:


Vlade, have you tried Smbios? With CHamaleon Wizard?


I'm stuck with .com.apple.lanched


and nothing happens!


Any suggestion, more hacks around the world ;)

Did u stuck at the com.apple then still waiting for root device ?

I tried the SMBios 9,1.

But maybe the last time I tried I think I might forgot to add the SMBios. Hope this is the key to solve my problem.


-v ncpi=0x2000 -f -x GraphicsEnabler=Yes


Try these boot flags EXZACTLY. See if it boots. Testing install only no graphics audio ect... let us know


as far as I remember I tried the boot with those flag. And stop at DSMOS has arrived.

Maybe if you add pci=off to the boot flags?

I haven't tried it yet. I will try it. Thx you.

With bootflags I am stuck in com.apple.lanched

The only error I can see in the screen its AppleHDA.

I deleted the applehda and no errors.


Without bootflags i can se the grey screen and the wheel turning around, and around (Like Jhon Lennon´s song)


My instint said it´s de Kernel, I have read all the forum. We need a new one. I cross my fingers waiting for 10.8.5 for Haswell... come on Apple!

An authentic kext's component files are owned by root:wheel, with permissions nonwritable by group and other.

The first post has you copy FakeSMC but not set the permissions (EDIT: OP does repair permissions later on so that would fix this. Did you do that?), so the following might work:

chown -R root:wheel /Volumes/[target volume]/System/Library/Extensions/FakeSMC.kext
chmod -R 755 /Volumes/[target volume]/System/Library/Extensions/FakeSMC.kext
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