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  1. Cobra03

    Clover Boot Error

    I had this same error....It came after trying to inject WIFI card info for me....Tried to fix it many ways with no luck...I was however, able to boot the system by making a USB clover boot device with legacy settings(non-UEFI). So it seems to be UEFI related.
  2. I'll get back with you in the Am. Off to work for the night.........
  3. 08/11/2014 13:06:35.000 kernel[0]: XCPM: P-state table mismatch (error:0x12) 08/11/2014 13:06:35.000 kernel[0]: X86PlatformShim::sendPStates - pmCPUControl (SETPSTATETABLE) returned 0x12 08/11/2014 13:06:35.000 kernel[0]: X86PlatformShim::start - Failed to send PStates 08/11/2014 13:06:35.000 kernel[0]: X86PlatformShim::start - Failed to send stepper See here: ^ Your ssdt generated by pikes script is not configured correctly. 08/11/2014 13:06:35.000 kernel[0]: XCPM: registered 08/11/2014 13:06:35.000 kernel[0]: IOPPF: XCPM mode Here^:Good new is power management is registered correctly. BUG in process suhelperd[303]: over-released legacy external boost assertions (1 total, 1 external, 0 legacy-external). Here^: this happens on real Mac. Still a bug in 10.10 for now. Try setting RTC patch in clover and IRQ fix. But If it were me I would use real bios not "mod". As most of those are windows based changes,. Just a suggestion..... Windows will still Perform properly with those settings.... Edit: try changing -w 3 when generating ssdt. start at top 0,1,2. I think this may be you stepper issue.....
  4. Cobra03

    Clover: Yosemite Sleep/Hibernate – GA-Z87X-UD5

    Simple mod: Added: <key>AdClockId</key> <string>true</string> To: Devices/Usb Hope it works.... Ps also make sure no wake by Lan in "energy saver" or in Bios is set...
  5. Cobra03

    Z87M-D3H reboot on wake

    Did you add "inject_USb" and "adclockId" in clover? Note: AdClockId will not allow wake by Usb. but it will allow a deep sleep with wake by short push of power button. Per clover config wiki.
  6. You're using Pikes SSDDTPregen, In bios set :Turbo "Enable" and set turbo boost values by there actual numerical value not "Auto". Disable C6/C7 and C1E. Also Use -x 1 to generate SSDT by Pike. and set -xcpm in boot args. Give this a try....
  7. Cobra03

    Clover: Yosemite Sleep/Hibernate – GA-Z87X-UD5

    Try this: It should sleep with no wake by mouse or keyboard only Short press the power button. config.plist.zip
  8. Cobra03

    OS X compatible motherboard -> QUO

    Can you do me a favor? goto: Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.boot.plist And tell me what you have inside the .plist Thanks
  9. Cobra03

    OS X compatible motherboard -> QUO

    Do you use Kextutilty to repair permissions or install kext?
  10. Cobra03

    Clover General discussion

    Check out pjalm repos
  11. You can try 32mb 64mb or 96mb. But there is no real advantage to doing so. I've had it all the way up to 1024mb in bios and it has absolutely no effect on performance. But remember at some point of increasing memory you WILL get a Kernel Panic on boot. Best advice I can give is leave at 64mb.
  12. I'm glad it's working! I don't have much time this weekend to go into more details do to family commitments. But as far as Npci=0x2000 leave it there as I've found it is required on the vast majority of systems. Its also safe to leave systemid=10 you can play with this if you want. But my theory is if it ain't broke don't fix it...The graphics bugs may be related to the Nvidia card or Framebuffer. Hard to tell at this point. Is there a way to disable the Nvidia graphics from Bios?? If not search for Pini function on how to possibly disable graphics VIA DSDT. Also check the amount of memory allocated for HD4600 in bios try 32mb 64 mb and 96mb. Chances are if you go any higher you will get a Kernel panic. Note however this value has no real effect on graphics performance. It just sometimes helps to smooths things out. The logical thing to do at this point is to leave DSDT as is until either one of the above methods corrects the issues you still have or 10.8.5 GM comes out. Otherwise you may be chasing fixes that can only be fixed via update.
  13. Don't change the integrated memory. Leave it at 64mb. It has no effect and graphics performance. But will cause Kernel Panic if set wrong.
  14. Try this...... chameleonwizard-dsdt.zip
  15. Ok now we know its video related only. The error is there for me also but does not have an effect on the ability to boot. Now what you need to do is try different Frame buffer values until you find one that works. If you look in the DSDT under IgPU you see where I commented about the values. Change them there. Try these in there place: 0000160A 0000260A 00001204 00002604 0700260D Replace on at a time and reboot until you get one that works. Also I made a small change to your DSDT try this new one... Picasso no you can not make HD4600 work under 10.8.4. There are no driver support for this. Either update to 10.8.5(best) or at minimum extract drivers for IntelHD5000 + AppleintelAzulFramebuffer.kext (not so good). New1.zip