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  1. Vanilla AppleHDA from 10.9.2

  2. Thanks for the guide! It worked almost flawlessly. Extracting dmg’s didn’t work for me on the p7zip beta version 9.38.1, though the stable version 9.20 worked fine. It would be nice if you could add that to the OP.
  3. Haswell success - GA-Z87M-D3H - GTX 670

    I'm having the same problems as you, so I don't think I can help... I actually think the problems come from OS X 10.10, as I used essentially the same config for 10.9 with fully working sleep.
  4. Z87M-D3H reboot on wake

    Same behavior. Have tried many things with SSDT and Clover config edits. None have worked so far. Issue was not present in Mavericks. Maybe Apple is adding hackintosh-hostile code? There are some different methods on the Clover wiki that might be useful, though I don't understand much of it myself...
  5. cant boot into 10.9.4

    What if you boot only using the CPU GFX? Maybe the Titan is not the problem. If that does not work, try using only one monitor.
  6. I tried 3 things: Used your attached .plist. Computer wake (using only the mouse!) but no display. Used your attached .plist but removed the SMBIOS section entirely. Same as above. Used your attached .plist but changed SMBIOS to MacBookAir6,2. Same as above. I am really running out of ideas here.
  7. cant boot into 10.9.4

    What other components are you using? Sure they're also compatible? What happens if you run with only one card attached to the motherboard? And make sure to use the display adapter from the GPU, not the integrated CPU GFX.
  8. The beachball on boot is usually a sign that FakeSMC is not working properly, at least for me. Try downloading and extracting the binaries from here. (you only need FakeSMC.kext)
  9. cant boot into 10.9.4

    As far as I recall, SLI is not supported by OS X. You can alternatively use the two cards separately to power multiple displays.
  10. Replace file in BaseSystemBinaries.pkg

    I think the terminal commands pkgutil and pkgbuild should be useful to you. Have not fiddled around with them too much myself though, but hope it can be of help!
  11. I tried the config.plist with no improvement, sadly. When waking from sleep as a MacBookAir6,2 the computer rebooted, and from iMac14,2 the display did not wake up, but the computer made the usual wake noise. Do you know how I can learn more about this? Is it possible to do on-the-fly in Clover?
  12. SSDT sleep/wake – stuck in reboot loop

    Your online manual (assuming the problem is on the rig in your sig) has instructions on page 20 of chapter 2 (2-20). They include a tool that simplifies the process. And no problem!
  13. SSDT sleep/wake – stuck in reboot loop

    A CMOS reset is simpler than it seems, but very important to get it right. For me, i took a screwdriver and shorted two specific pins on the motherboard for about 10 seconds. Make sure to unplug everything before you do it! Some motherboards have a dedicated button that automates this. Your motherboard manual should contain additional info on how to do it.