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[GALLERY] Official Completed Powermac G5 Mods

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Hi all! 


So this topic is intended to group all FINISHED Powermac G5 mods. It's easier and more pleasant to consult a topic full of pictures to get inspired and to bring some ideas to your work instead of searching between 20-30 topics... 


There are some criteria to respect: 


-No discussions, no comments. Go to the worklog for that.

-A link to the worklog if you have one.

-Maximum of 5-6 pictures to keep the topic clean.

-One more time, FINISHED mods only. 


Thanks a lot guys to contribute of creating a beautiful gallery of the best computer case of all time!

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I was really pleased by my first mod and enjoyed building it, but two things haven't been as good as I wanted them to be:

- air flow for the GPU
- dust in the system

Worklog of my first mod: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/285250-v3noms-g5-atx-mod/

The goals for this projects have been:

- almost inaudible cooling
- keep the components dust free
- two 3,5" HDDs + two 2,5" SSDs in the upper part
- 120mm fan in the back
- two 140mm fans in the front with simple detachable dust filters. Easy access after opening the G5 side panel
- no blocking of the airstream -> better GPU cooling -> quieter cooling (biggest issue of my first mod, maybe I should reactivate the water cooling)
- mod a PSU to fit inside the G5 PSU case

The worklog can be seen here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/288102-v3noms-2nd-g5-mod-dust-free/

The build in hardware:

- Asus P8Z77-M Pro
- i7 3770k @ 4,2 GHz
- 16GB DDR 3 RAM
- Prolimatech Black Series Megahalems cooler
- 2x 120mm Noiseblocker NB-eLoop Fan B12-P (CPU and backside fan)
- 2x 140mm Enermax Cluster (front)
- 1x 80mm Enermax Cluster (HDD fan)
- BlackCH front panel cable
- 2x 120 GB SSDs (OSX / Windows)
- 2TB WD green
- 3TB WD red
- Seasonic X-560 PSU
- 2x 140mm Silverstone fan filter
- EVGA 670 Signature 2 with Accelero Twin Turbo II

What I have done:

- PWM controlled fans from the CPU_FAN signal
- most cables hidden behind the motherboard
- changed the G5 HDD tray with a Lian Li EX-H22
- gutted the Seasonic PSU and put it in the G5 PSU
- installed the 120mm mATX Laserhive kit (MB tray and backpanel)
- lasered a front panel for the two 140mm fans with magnets inside to mount the filters
- mounted a air channel to decrease GPU temperature under load

G5 Hardware parts:

- Late 2004 G5 case
- G5 PSU case
- side panel (glass)


The build is working very quiet and the filters are preventing 99% of the dust to get into the system. The mATX Asus board has been a pain in the a**, but is working great now with a DSDT. GPU temperatures are below 70°C and the fans are working very quiet during gaming.
Currently bootable are Windows 8 and OSX 10.8.4.
The PSU fan is not working under light load and isn't noticeable is turning on.







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