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  1. Sactology's custom G5 backplate!

    It will replace all the mesh on the back!
  2. Hey guys! Last week I made a plate in solidworks and I just received the plate from the shop! It looks amazing! I will cut the back of my G5 this week but the configuration seams to be good. The pictures!
  3. Hi all! I received my mac mini two days ago and I installed 2 same exact SSDs with the OWC kit. These are Adata sx900 128gb SSDs. I made a raid 0 volume with 32kb stripe-unit. The read speed is +/- 800 mb/s but the problem is the write speed. I only got +/- 320 mb/s... Is anyone have an idea why I got these poor write performance? Thanks!
  4. Hi all! So this topic is intended to group all FINISHED Powermac G5 mods. It's easier and more pleasant to consult a topic full of pictures to get inspired and to bring some ideas to your work instead of searching between 20-30 topics... There are some criteria to respect: -No discussions, no comments. Go to the worklog for that. -A link to the worklog if you have one. -Maximum of 5-6 pictures to keep the topic clean. -One more time, FINISHED mods only. Thanks a lot guys to contribute of creating a beautiful gallery of the best computer case of all time!
  5. O yeah! Nice build! i love the color scheme!
  6. G5 to ATX Front I/O Cables

    Hey AlohaCab are they still available? I need one just PM me please! I'm from Quebec Canada.